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Self-Care Quiz & Tips to Making Time During The Holidays

In the United States we just celebrated Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving can be a time of thoughtful assessment of what you are grateful for in your life.  Or it can be a chaotic time of trying to force relationships and cram in too many things into too little time and be a bit crazy making.  It is just the start of the holidays for many and we will spend the next few months trying to live and do what we always do while also packing in parties and dinners and shopping and so much more.  I would like to extend an invitation to you to try something different if you are one of the ones who finds yourself in the hurried frenzy of the season.

I invite you to make time for you.  Time is one of those things that we all have the exact same amount of, right?  In theory it is the same for all beings.  We get 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 52 weeks in a year.  Why is that some people seem to do and get so much more done than others?  Why are some of us able to “do what we have to” and still have time to do self-care? 

When I talk to others about their biggest block to self-care it usually comes down to time.  Like when you know you need self-care but feel guilty taking any time away from your family.  Like when you feel like you need to care of everyone and everything else and have no time left over for yourself?  I hear the story of how you are taking care of everyone else in the house and not asking for help and sometimes not even knowing you need to ask for help, or how!

We have probably all had a course or had a part of a class focus on time management at some point in our lives but have you ever really taken the time to focus on time management?  It doesn’t seem all that sexy to analyze what you do with your time.  In fact, I have some people resist this with all they have and even state “but I don’t want to know how much time I have wasted watching TV (or insert another mindless time sucking activity of your choice here).  However, if you do not allow yourself to see how you are using (spending) your time you will never be able to make choices that are more in alignment with what you desire. 

I promise that this does not have to be painful.  In fact it can be enlightening and can literally give you your time back.  And what, you may ask, will I do with all that time?  Take care of you of course.

I invite you to take the self-care time quiz now. After taking the quiz you will get immediate feedback and instantly get tips on how to find more time for you.  You will get a bonus time analysis and time tracker spreadsheet to use for that time analysis.  Have fun and please come back and tell me what you find out about yourself and your use of time!

Self-Care Quiz & Tips to Making Time During The Holidays

Jamie L. Summers Stacks, LPC, LADAC

I am an LPC in the state of Arkansas and a member of an awesome group practice. My self-care biz (REAL SELF-CARE) is online at and focuses on making self-care more accessible to helping professionals. I am currently president of the National Association of Counselors in Private Practice and am working to create a valuable member benefit. I invite you to hop over and visit me at both!

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