One thought on “Corruption Perception Index: How do You Rank?

  • September 24, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    “When in doubt, Do the Right Thing anyway!” Your mentor is right. Please look up theParadoxical commandments by Kent M. Keith (c) 1968, renewed 2001.Are you honest in your dealings? Now-a-days, I think I am. I have no reason not to be.Or do you take a kickback now and then? No, no real kickback. I do charge a dollar per trip around town-(2 miles) and a small fee for longer rides. I only get something back if they decide to give me one (apple fritters work well).Are you a victim of corruption? I think so. I live in subsidized housing run by the county. Rules are very erratic and sympathy for our situation is non-existent, so there are favorites and red-tape and over all stupidity.Or are you a perpetrator of corruption? I should hope not.Do you follow the crowd? I was brought up to think for myself. (Unless it was Dad talking.) We were pretty well trained to suspect those things that ‘everyone’ was into. Okay, so I got a pet rock and I did go to see the first (#4) Star Wars movie. But I distinctly remember, even though my horses meant everything to me, and I was trying to be a decent horseman, when the Urban Cowboy craze peaked, I really had some doubts. Many of those ‘cowboys’ were the rear of the horse, which in real life, I doubt if they could recognize.(It’s the end that kicks.) Most people describe me first as independent. I’ve had to be.I have no problem being alone but I don’t like crowds. But I’ve observed that after the most intelligent person arrives, his IQ gets divided by the total number of people present. An exception is at Mental Health Conferences.I used to promise to go to some party or whatever but I’d often back out. Now at least I’m honest about not wanting to go.I have been very lucky with many outstanding people in my life, mainly my mother and father.What bothers me now is that my word, my name means nothing. Certificates and tons of paper is considered truthful. HA.


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