6 thoughts on “Women deserve DIGNITY not discrimination!

  • September 10, 2012 at 11:53 am

    I am a woman in Canada being shamelessly discriminated against through gang-stalking. I am single, have a career job, own a home, and am a targeted individual of psychological terrorism. A new low for humanity.

  • September 12, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    This article made me cry. I’m a woman and I can identify with every single word of it from beginning to end. I’m no longer religious but when I was my husband laughed at me for believing in ‘rubbish’. When I became the victim of marital rape my husband suddenly decided religion could be useful after all and he told me that if I divorced him I was ‘going against’ my religion. He accused me of having an over-imaginitive mind, of being too pretty, of being too clever. He certainly knew how to use religion as an emotional blackmail tool when the need arose.

    I’m not anti men either, I have two sons and four grandsons – but I am definitely anti b*ll***t where the emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual abuse of women is concerned.

    The sad thing is that the lack of respect for women, the derision, the abuse has become so commonplace, that most abusive men don’t even recognise they’re doing it. The see nothing wrong with their actions. The other sad thing is that many women don’t even realise they’re being abused because they’re so used to being joked about, put down and derided – all done ‘in jest’ and we shouldn’t be so ‘over-sensitive’ and take it all to heart should we? No, we should laugh at the same old jokes about women but never dare to make the same kind of joke about a man. Yes, we’re to live our lives with heads bowed, voices silent, ever compliant and submissive. I don’t think so!

    What many men/husbands need to take on board is that we’ve heard the ‘joke’ before, many times, we don’t think it’s funny, we don’t think men are funny. What many sons need to take on board is that ‘mother’ grew you in her womb and gave birth to you – and no, we don’t want gratitude for that, but yes we do want the SINCERE respect we deserve. We don’t need to hear you joining in with the big boys ‘jokes’ as you get older just so you feel you fit into the male herd. Because like them, you’ll need to EARN your Mother’s respect for YOU, once you’ve crossed a line, and it won’t be easy.

  • September 13, 2012 at 1:37 am

    In your article you asked if anyone was willing to share what she may have learned. I had to submit my email address to post this. If you would like to contact me I would be more than happy to talk with you. My story is about attempting to work on a male dominated profession in SC – sports related. I can tell you if a coach or league administrator, HS or Recreation, doesn’t want you working one of their games, you will not be working any games (Rec league) at all.T.S.O, MA

  • September 14, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    Miss Joan, I just read your article and it touched my heart. Yes, I am a male but I agree with your point of view. I recently went to Las Vegas for the first time and I cannot believe how low society has put women, as sexual objects, it is so wrong. Women walk about like nothing, like if nothing happened. I have had she-friends that discriminate women themselves. I dont understand how it hurts me but not them. I have an older brother and he is a “player” or smoothtalker, that makes me so angry. Women are played and messed with and it does hurt me. According to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, if you repeat statements like “I have skills and talents” for three weeks and more everytime you feel bad about yourself, your positive self talk will replace your negative self talk- I associate this with music LYRICS. When people listen to hip hop music and repeat the disgusting disrespectfull lyrics against women, they start to learn to discriminate, in essence, music, particularly rap music, teaches men to play women, to see them as sex objects, to disrespect them, etc, even TV shows like family guy. Absolute Freedom of expression is not always good. Freedom is interpretation, we live in a free country, but it is not absolute, that is why there are laws that prohibit people from doing bad things, so should freedom of expression be-it should not be absolute and the LAW should prohibit discrimination in music and in all media types. AT the Same Time WOMEN ARE AT FAULT BECAUSE WOMEN TEACH MEN HOW TO TREAT THEM. Why dont mothers teach there own sons to respect women? So if women dont stand up for themselves against discrimination, they are teaching men that it is okay to disrespect them and that they like it. I actually do believe that SOME (not all) women like to be disrespected, because I have seen it myself, that they choose guys that make them in absolute submissiveness over a sweet guy. And some women put themselves very low, so some women ARE choosing to be this way. It bothers me alot.

    MISS JOAN, would you, apart from writing blogs that will only reach a small number of people, ever be an activist, or something, and group up with women (it is also fundamental to include men) who share the same purpose and get involved or something and unite women across the country to put a stop to dicrimination in the media, films, music, society, videogames, Internet, etc? Also, to create programs to teach men to treat women with dignity starting at a small age (or any age)? I dont know if such classes or programs exist. THIS is pure wishfull thinking, meaning that I wish this (standing up for women) would happen, I just happen to express it to you, although I know it will not come true. Also, I believe that women should not be having sex before marriage. Let me explain. A lot of men tell women they love them, they use them, then they drop them and then replace them, or the woman gets pregnant and the guy leaves. I do not want to offend women. I learned a true but offensive phrase “why get the cow if the milk is for free?” In other words, if women are having sex when dating, some men wont marry them, because they are getting what they want. They are also teaching men not to take them seriously. I believe in this, that in order to see if a guy is truely in love with a girl, to have him wait until marriage. That is the only way, because she will find out if he was really interested in her or not. It will also protect the woman from unwanted pregnancy, STD’s, and give dignity to her, that there is so much more that she can offer than sex. There is so much to say, but unfortunately, expression is kept hid and dreams dont come true, so why continue?

    • September 15, 2012 at 10:16 am

      I agree with the majority of what you say but I don’t agree that ‘women are at fault because women teach men how to treat them’. I am very sorry but that is a huge cop-out on men’s part and it’s typical of the ‘blame the victim’ mentality that a lot of men portray.The truth is that men teach themselves. There are men who will perceive any trait ‘weakness’ in another, be it physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or spiritual as an opportunity to EXPLOIT AND OVERPOWER.Women SHOULD NOT HAVE TO TEACH MEN ANYTHING AT ALL. Men learn their attitudes and behaviours from their FATHERS and no matter what a woman ‘teaches’ them in terms of the respect she expects from them, it’s their MALE ROLE MODELS EXAMPLE they will follow when all is said and done, it’s their male role models they will identify with. If the adult male of the family is of the opinion that women are emotionally weak and easily exploited and abused, the other males will quickly pick up on that.My own mother in law was regularly derided by her husband until she became a shadow figure to be seen in the kitchen with her mouth kept firmly closed. Not only did her SONS join in with their father, but so did her DAUGHTERS. She remained a silent, downtrodden figure, the mother who gave birth to SEVEN children and yet not one of them respected her. They saw her silence as weakness but I saw it as something entirely different. It was her strength and it was how she showed them she had no intention of stooping to their level.I found my husband began treating me the same way after a few years of marriage. I was expected to listen but not to speak, to have no opinions and to let the ‘men’ of the house be dominant. He was totally unaware of his pattern of behaviour. And my sons followed suit. I became the ‘shrew’ if I opened my mouth to protest because they did not want to know of my opinions because they felt they always knew best. The fact that I was the main wage earner, the home manager, the full time worker and lots of other things … basically got up my husband’s nose and he turned the marriage into a game whereby he had to somehow get the better of me one way or another, and his way was to turn my sons against me.So I walked out on the three of them. And they still don’t know why. Because they’re too full of themselves to stop and think.

  • September 16, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    I believe its a little bit of everything. Both ‘Male Role Model’ and the Reactions of treatment. I believe school is the best way to start to teach young people how we should treat eachother. Im glad you (Anonymous) responded. You just brought up some things that remind me of me. I am also unaware of my pattern of behaviour and sometimes I still don’t know why. I really wish I could change. But sometimes I feel like my behaviours are uncontrollable; it overtakes; habbit; pattern. It is unacceptable. Im going to take that into consideration and think twice because I really dont want to be this way. I feel really bad. Just as much as you let me know of my actions, so should you let them know of there actions, because thats the only way to change, I and everyone else cant change until we acknowledge it. Well, you can try family therapy with a therapist, I dont know, maybe that can work. The Jehovah’s Witnesses gave me information on how to have better qualities. I may not be religious but Ive been looking at some of there things. Like this one, here: http://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/wp20120901/the-odds-against-women/http://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/questions/should-we-live-together/They also gave me the book “The Secret of Family Happiness”, a brochure “The Origin of Life–Five Questions Worth Asking” and “The Pathway to Peace and Happiness”. I may not be religious but I think some of there publications are good.Im from California, U.S. nice to meet you. Thank you Anonymous I hope it goes better for you 🙂


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