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2 Keys to Happier Relationships & Partnerships

 Love and Respect. Two keys to happier relationships and partnerships. Women want to be loved. Men want to be respected. Simple. Ya right? 🙂

That is how we are wired, or created, if you will. If you want to be loved, are you lovable? If you want respect, are you respectable? We cannot control how someone else acts or feels. We may influence, motivate, encourage, lead, push or pull them in the direction we would like them to go, but ultimately, they have to go there themselves. And to go there they have to want to.

Do you want to go there; move toward more love and more respect in your life?  I do! Do you?

Lead by example: What example am I personally setting in my life? Work? Friendships? Family? Partnerships? Care-giving? Am I loving? Kind? Helpful? Forgiving? Am I respectful?

Upon self-examination, I must take responsibility for my words, my actions and the effects, as well as reactions these may be producing in the lives of those around me. Positive effects or negative effects? It’s not always everyone else’s fault…it may be mine!

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2 Keys to Happier Relationships & Partnerships

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  1. The best relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. I have found that there are things I can trust about my spouse and things I can not trust. Being honest with myself about this has helped me cope. Accepting someone as they are has been a learning curve for me. However it is a form of freedom for myself to accept , then let go and let God. If I am working on my own short comings I am focusing my attention where it can make a possitive change. As I overcome a negative habit or character defect I try to replace it with a posative character trait. I am again embracing a freedom.

  2. Thanks for the post, but regarding the first part, “Women want to be loved. Men want to be respected. Simple. That is how we are wired, or created, if you will,” Please don’t contribute to this divisive and gender-essentialist line of thinking, which is not true. Humans in general want to be loved and respected… those are not gender-specific preferences.

    • i am a man and i want both from my wife and others

      • @dfbarr THANKS for taking the time to read my post and comment!! “Humans” usually “want” what they don’t have & may envy those who have what they want. HOPING ALL HUMANS (Male & Female) GET what they NEED!!:)

  3. Hi Tori:)THANKS for reading my post and taking the time to comment!! Here’s a “simple” illustration to explain my pov (Point of View)…Cats and dogs are pets. Each need and deserve food and water. Cats and dogs both have “specific” nutritional needs in order to live and thrive. You feed cats “cat” food. You feed dogs “dog” food. You give them both food and water. Cats respond and act one way. Dogs respond and act another way. Readily acknowledging/respecting our pets different needs enables us to better care for them. Men and women are humans. Both need and deserve love and respect. However, women have a “specific” need to know/feel loved and cherished. Honestly, i don’t know any woman who wouldn’t like to hear(and often)those 3 special words: “I RESPECT YOU”??…usually, they prefer “I LOVE YOU!”:) Men have a specific need to know they are deeply respected and esteemed especially by their partner. Perhaps, acknowledging/respecting our different, specific needs will help us better care for one another?! Give both Men and Women–All Humans Love and Respect to Live and Thrive!!:)

  4. Hi Kimberly:)THANKS for reading my post and taking the time to comment!! Yes, respect, honesty, trust are very important. We are all a work in progress…Keep up the good work, Your Focus and Positive Attitude is Encouraging and Motivating!!:)

  5. My dog loves me and respects me. Love hurts especially when you can’t break free from the “one you love”. Is it respect? Is it lack of emotion? I’m babbling but thank you for posting. I have insight on how things “should be” in a “perfect” world. Unfortunately its easier on paper than in real life.

    • Hi Soti:) THANKS for reading my post and taking the time to comment!! YES, it’s much easier on paper than in real life. Love is a beautiful thing (gift)…and like all things we must learn to take care of it. When we exhibit love in a wise way that is just, it’s a powerful force for good!! Respecting that force is important. Learning how/when to wield or how/when to yield is a fine line. Some of us cross lines may be we shouldn’t…and unfortunately, others get hurt. Life is a journey with many unforeseen, unexpected events that certainly test the depth of our love and our respect for one another. Hoping i pass my tests and Hoping You pass yours!!:)


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