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So What, So What, So WHAT!

SO: How many times have you said that before? 10,ooo times?!

(and how many times has it proved true? IF ever?)

A thinker of human why should I listen to YOU??

Can You cause a cloud to rain?

Can You quiet the wind with a shhh or hush of your lips?

"Is it by your understanding that the falcon soars, spreading its wings to the south?"

"Or is it at your order that an eagle flies upward and builds...
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Joan Winifred

Ecosystems of Breathing-Fragile-Life: Getting Squirrelly!

How resilient is your brain? Are You a squirrel brain? Ever experience brain freeze?! :) (May be, you need a hat??)

Recently read a fun article on two topics of interests: animals and brains.

Please check in & check it out:

A dozen arctic ground squirrels appear to have set a record —when their body temperature dropped to degrees Fahrenheit (°C)! At that temperature, we would expect their brains to freeze.
Every two or...
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A little Music–Transform Your Mind

Being exercise/diet frequently spending a good portion of their time on their bodies. Some care a lot about: size, shape, health.

Why can't people minds?...change your eating habits--change/transform your mind. People sculpt their not mold/sculpt your brain?? Some go to great lengths to protect their health, their life. Why not protect your brain/mind?! What are you choosing to feed your mind? Junk food?! i hope NOT.
Eat Well. Live...
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Love, Flowers & Chocolates

February 14th. What does that date mean to you? A day of love, flowers, chocolates and cupid??
“Cupid (Lat cupido, desire, love). The Roman god of love, identified with the Greek Eros. He is usually represented as a beautiful winged boy, blindfolded, and carrying a bow and arrows.” ~Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

The World Book Encyclopedia: “Valentine’s Day comes on the feast day of two different Christian martyrs named Valentine. But the customs connected with the...
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Mmm, mmm GOOD–a Cup of Comfort Soup!

Hungry? Of course! We all are. Some are learning to cope with excruciating hunger pangs! Some are sadly in a state of starvation; self-inflicted or other.

Are you experiencing a famine? I'm not talking just hunger for sustenance for the body (though that is critical to life, too). This is hunger for the soul, the mind, the heart. This is hunger for answers to deeper questions like Why?? Why are...
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Sovereignty Soup: A World Kitchen

Sovereignty 's cookin' and serving it up! Do you like soup? Chicken or Italian wedding soup or vegetable soup or soup du jour? How about stone soup? Soup a comfort food. You don't have to be homeless to enjoy a slurp.

Some are homeless in the sense of not fitting in--lacking "home" or feeling "less" a place to lay their head or retreat in times of trouble. Please know,...
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