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Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

Hungry Anyone?

Not that hungry, eh?? Good, You've eaten already!:)

The starving and malnourished and famished aren't too picky, you know. (They cannot afford to be.)
"A 200-page report, released at a news conference at the agency's Rome headquarters, says 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diets with insects, which are high in protein and minerals, and have environmental benefits."

"Insects are "extremely efficient" in converting feed into edible meat, the agency said.  On average, they...
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Peace at the Beach!

All work and no-play makes any partner, care-giver, friend,
dull!:( Wellness must include some play-time, too. Recreation in just the right amount is just what the doctor ordered.

Ahh, peace at the beach!:) Spontaneity is  Do you enjoy nature? Do you spend enough time outdoors?! It will do you some good!

i'm an "awake accepter"...of the importance of daily exercise! Just like variety is good for a healthy, nutritious diet. Same with it up keeps it fun,...
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Go to the…Source!

A thinking, intelligent person (namely You!:) realizes "source" is important for accuracy!

If information, knowledge and wisdom = "just any" knowledge or "just any" information = Truth?! (We all have all kinds of internet-information at our it all reliable?!) How do you "measure" accuracy? All of a "measure" of power/control over our knowledge/truth can take us where we want to go.

Map truth! Patiently stitch it together!:)

"Accurate" information, knowledge = Truth. Accurate Knowledge is "highly"...
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Boyle, Sagan: Scientific and Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency Part 3

Listen! It's beautiful! Don't You want to hear? Share?...You to know.

Do You tolerate people with a different point of view?! (Well, as long as i "remain" right or come off "correct!" "may" feel deep down!:)

F~l~e~x~i~b~i~l~i~t~y is a sign of physical health as well as emotional, 'll throw in spiritual health, too. Our range of muscle motion is indicative of our wellness. When it comes...
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Mmm, mmm GOOD–a Cup of Comfort Soup!

Hungry? Of course! We all are. Some are learning to cope with excruciating hunger pangs! Some are sadly in a state of starvation; self-inflicted or other.

Are you experiencing a famine? I'm not talking just hunger for sustenance for the body (though that is critical to life, too). This is hunger for the soul, the mind, the heart. This is hunger for answers to deeper questions like Why?? Why are...
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Sovereignty Soup: A World Kitchen

Sovereignty 's cookin' and serving it up! Do you like soup? Chicken or Italian wedding soup or vegetable soup or soup du jour? How about stone soup? Soup a comfort food. You don't have to be homeless to enjoy a slurp.

Some are homeless in the sense of not fitting in--lacking "home" or feeling "less" a place to lay their head or retreat in times of trouble. Please know,...
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