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Random Miscellania about…Nothing?

's a cold morning for us Floridians. Where's my cup of tea? (Where are my socks?!) Why do I constantly misplace my tea and never finish a hot cup?! Oh, there it tea. "Hey Kid, (L-P) can you please nuke it for Thanks honey bunny!"

My breakfast: brain or body? Body a couple bites of yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Real healthy, eh? (oh, and a couple bites of a wheat English muffin.) Slept...
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1414 aka aka January 4, 2014.

(For related context, Please check out post:1313)

It's Hammer joanie's got one!...and you/u can't touch this! -lol:)

(Well, that's what the Wiggles & MC tell me anyway.) What do You tell me? What do Scientists, Leaders in their Field(s) and/or Religionists, Doctors, etc. tell me? The truth?? (the jury may still be out?)

It's time to hammer some truth. To hammer, "zax" or ... beat, forge, shape,...
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My Gratitude List 13-24

Peace Psychcentral & Beyond!

Partners in Wellness have lots for which to be Grateful!


Today is December 24th and here's my Gratitude List:13-24: (For related context check out: My Gratitude List 1-12)

Special THANKS to my Son, L-P, for helping me video the evening of the 23rd. THANKS to Hubby, Chato Stewart, Mental Health Humor for...
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So What, So What, So WHAT!

SO: How many times have you said that before? 10,ooo times?!

(and how many times has it proved true? IF ever?)

A thinker of human why should I listen to YOU??

Can You cause a cloud to rain?

Can You quiet the wind with a shhh or hush of your lips?

"Is it by your understanding that the falcon soars, spreading its wings to the south?"

"Or is it at your order that an eagle flies upward and builds...
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Obvious Truth!

Weather affects us. DUH! An Obvious Truth.

"If you live in a country like Sweden, with five, six months of snow, and the sun disappears totally for like two months, that would be reflected in the work of artists," he said. "It's definitely in the Swedish folk music, you can hear it in the Russian folk songs, you can hear in the music from Jean Sibelius or Edvard Grieg from Norway, you can see...
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Halloween 2013

Are You getting ready for Halloween Twenty Thirteen? Halloween is a favorite holiday for some.

Did You know? Halloween is a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry!

Imagine the combined commercial interests/(monies) of all popular holidays; staggering figures for sure.

I had relatives who lived in Salem, Massachusetts and that's one town that goes all out. Celebrating all month long and then some. "Much of the city's cultural identity is reflective of its role as the location of the...
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International Literacy Day: What are You Reading Today?

International Literacy Day is (officially) September 8th, 2013.

However, don't You think: EVERY DAY should be International Literacy Day?!

Especially as Partners in Wellness, we want to be literate and up-to-date on various mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health topics contributing to wellness.  What are You reading today?!...Other than my blog;)

Is it good for You?! Is it good for Your mind/body/heart/soul?

I'm reading/flipping through...
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Geek Speak: Say WHAT?

Geek speak can be a conundrum. Geek speak or oblique can make it challenging for some relationships to thrive (, Doctors and Patients, Caregivers and Care-Receivers, Parents and Children, Teachers and Students, Partners and Friends, Me-Tarzan, You-Jane or joan -lol and So-called Leaders and So-called Followers, etc.)

In case You need to know, i have nothing whatsoever against geeks (aka Super-Smart and/or Experts in their given field)...i use this term "geek" endearingly!..i've known (appreciated, liked very...
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Joan Winifred

Walking Without Crutches

Is it necessary for You to walk with crutches?!

I broke my leg You say. OKAY--You need crutches. I sprained my ankle You say. OKAY--You "temporarily" need crutches. Notice the commonality: injury, accident, measure of health missing requires crutches.

However, as soon as You are WELL enough, You shed the crutches, right?! Does it make sense to continue to walk with crutches long after an injury has healed? IF You read my post back...
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