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Partners Practicing Peace: Learning War No More

All of us would be SAFE and feel safer IF we could all learn to get along. Simple to say, difficult to practice, eh?!;)

As Partners (in a broader sense) aka caretakers of our beautiful planet earth and all the breathing-fragile-life upon it, can we learn war no more?!

THANKS for reading this blog. Your choice of reading tells me: You probably value wellness and/or partnerships. Or You have...
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Greetings! BBFL: Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life!

Today is April 4, 2014 aka passes it was:

So, How is Your Time passing now: evaluation is illumination!
"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~

ee cummings
lol :)
"How about: the most wasted of all days is one without compassion...
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Partners Communicating: Tactfully

“I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.” Johannes Kepler

Kepler's got a point, eh?!  He had a few. "Galileo, Kepler, and Newton proved that matter is governed by rational laws."
Scientifically speaking, we use incorrect terms when we refer to “sunrise” and “sunset.” But in everyday speech, these words are both acceptable and accurate, when we keep in mind our terrestrial perspective. ~excerpted...
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Partners Communicating: Commendation and Counsel Compassionately

Communication is essential for life.

Our eyes communicate information, our ears, our nose, our mouth. All senses communicate simultaneously.

Communication is a learning process aka giving and receiving process.

A smile :) or a frown :(  can communicate much to the world/fragile-life around us. When we frown, do we get a frown back? When we smile, do we get a smile back?
Positive Communication Giving is Positive Communication Receiving!
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Where are My Reasons for Happiness?

Greetings Beautiful-Breathing-Fagile-Life reading my blog at this moment in time!

Hoping All is Well with You and Yours!

It's Sunday, March 2, 2014 and where are my Reasons for Happiness??

Where have they gone?? Far, far away??

NO! WAY!;)

For those who follow my blog series: Reasons for Happiness , 200 Reasons For Happiness which began back on August 8,...
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A Fun Friday?

Fun, Fun, just wanna have it. Okay! boys, too. Yeah, my kinda fun and your kinda need some defining, eh??

Usually fun is something very challenging and being pushed to my

, for example, to finish a project and/or having a last second a to be exact! Or fun IS hours of deep study, meditation--when I'm wrapping my brain around some topic of intrigue/puzzle/enigma.

May be, I'm reframing stress as FUN: May be ?...
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I just…don’t know!

I 't know!

's OKAY!

I won't act, 'll just


my mind.

Other thoughts and worries will fill the space I don't know


I won't forget YOU


"You" know.

Trust is

my MUST.


how can I understand


and will.

It's not an either/or



NOW and then and

why? not?

Don't look! behind

look ahead



to thinking and

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Sick of Numbers?

I'm sick of numbers (hopefully momentarily)!

I sorta have this love, like, dislike and hate (strong dislike) emotional entanglement with numbers. An attraction, distraction, fascination and aggravation of mind-wrapping relationship with math.

I prefer words. I love words more. Numbers I tolerate. Numbers I like less.

I love facts. Sometimes, brain just jumps to the solution/answer and doesn't want to bother with calculations, estimations or projections. (Statistics are alright.)

I live in a world of try to take...
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Agape Autopsy


Dirty, muddy, grassy feet: shoeless running to glass.

Clean hands surgically tear inside precious organs: my brain, my heart, my kidneys, my lungs, my muscles, my meat true-blue-blood is all splattered bright-wine-red on this (blog/elsewhere/grass) and

dripping wet and fresh for any Irises that see.


My inner essence--naked and and still: searching for peace (**** * precise *******) .

To be seen "as is"..."what it is"...a glorification? or a humiliation? or a...
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