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Greetings! BBFL: Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life!

Today is April 4, 2014 aka passes it was:

So, How is Your Time passing now: evaluation is illumination!
"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~

ee cummings
lol :)
"How about: the most wasted of all days is one without compassion...
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Don’t Judge this Blog by its Title!

I have roughly/approximately 75+ drafts in limbo*...waiting to be published, deleted, or edited. I , that would be a FUN game!

You like games, right??

How about I randomly list some blog titles and You, Dear Reader:)...can choose which one(s) You like. Then, according to Your preferences/responses, I will tweak/work the "specified" draft-post(s) and publish.

Mind You: some of the draft titles were just "quick" brain bubbles/ideas/thoughts. (Some needing popping.)

IF You choose NOT to...
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Where are My Reasons for Happiness?

Greetings Beautiful-Breathing-Fagile-Life reading my blog at this moment in time!

Hoping All is Well with You and Yours!

It's Sunday, March 2, 2014 and where are my Reasons for Happiness??

Where have they gone?? Far, far away??

NO! WAY!;)

For those who follow my blog series: Reasons for Happiness , 200 Reasons For Happiness which began back on August 8,...
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A Fun Friday?

Fun, Fun, just wanna have it. Okay! boys, too. Yeah, my kinda fun and your kinda need some defining, eh??

Usually fun is something very challenging and being pushed to my

, for example, to finish a project and/or having a last second a to be exact! Or fun IS hours of deep study, meditation--when I'm wrapping my brain around some topic of intrigue/puzzle/enigma.

May be, I'm reframing stress as FUN: May be ?...
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Parenting in Wellness (Part 1)

Being a Partner in Wellness is no easy task. Being a Parent in Wellness is no easy task!

(For related context, please read: LOVE: a 4 Letter Word Mothers (Should) Use!)

Any TRULY WORTHWHILE COMPASSIONATE Endeavor is no easy task!:)

Let me preface this post by openly acknowledging: I highly value Education. I highly value Literacy. I highly value Teachers....
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The Game of Life

HELLO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O...any body out there?????

Greetings. Fellow-Breathing-Fragile-Life. Hope all is WELL!

Life. Love. Living. Dieing. Is it all just a game??!

Somebody out there has got to be not just me. Correct??..I can't cry all the time.

Life:It's more than an intellectual exercise for some of us. (It's a compassionate one.)

I'm giggling to myself. I'm finding the funny in...
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Swimming the Ocean of Emotion

How do you find contentment in despair?

How do you stay afloat in an ocean of emotion?

How do you find relief when you cannot spell it? or define it?

How do you think clearly when your head is aching-throbbing-with-unbearable-pain?

Letting temporary, fleeting feelings, deceptive emotion(s) rule thought(s) and action(s)/choice(s) is unstable, dangerous living!  Stability is found in logic. Stability is found in self-control.
Emotions: Positive or negative are Contagious!
Some of us are very sick with them, in...
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Effective Communication: ‘Liar, Liar Pants on Fire’ ?

Happy Saturday to YOU!

(This is my second attempt to write this post. My first attempt was erased/not saved due to a techno/human : Uggh!

My early morning work is 't practice make better?? Will this post be different/better? can wonder: a 1 hit wonder?)

This past week I spent some time with some friends. Different friends of mine on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. It was just what I needed (time with close friends here in Florida).

Doesn't everybody...
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So What, So What, So WHAT!

SO: How many times have you said that before? 10,ooo times?!

(and how many times has it proved true? IF ever?)

A thinker of human why should I listen to YOU??

Can You cause a cloud to rain?

Can You quiet the wind with a shhh or hush of your lips?

"Is it by your understanding that the falcon soars, spreading its wings to the south?"

"Or is it at your order that an eagle flies upward and builds...
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Honoring the Duty of Compassion

"Uh-Huh! Oh-Yeah! I'm off the hook! Oh YEAH! Oh YEAH!"

"Uh-Huh! Oh-yeah! I'm off the hook, Oh YEAH, Oh YEAH!"

Explanation: a little victory song by juror #722. Good thing You can't see my goofy dance! -lol

What a relief: big SIGH! Yes, I was summoned for jury duty. Ended up being on standby all week and today, I'm off the hook (for now).

Honestly, I wanted to honor the summons, but hopefully not have to report! Last night...
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