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Don’t Judge this Blog by its Title!

I have roughly/approximately 75+ drafts in limbo*...waiting to be published, deleted, or edited. I , that would be a FUN game!

You like games, right??

How about I randomly list some blog titles and You, Dear Reader:)...can choose which one(s) You like. Then, according to Your preferences/responses, I will tweak/work the "specified" draft-post(s) and publish.

Mind You: some of the draft titles were just "quick" brain bubbles/ideas/thoughts. (Some needing popping.)

IF You choose NOT to...
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Shedding Thick Skin


When grass is tall, you cannot easily spot a snake. Time to cut some grass?? Short grass protective.

I don't particularly like snakes, I respect All fragile life. Snakes fall in that realm of existence.

I'm careful to avoid them, though. Are You? I've learned over time to appreciate certain things about snakes. (Doesn't make them my preference, however.)

Over the years, by exposure, I've shed my phobia. Can You blame me for not liking them so much...
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Swimming the Ocean of Emotion

How do you find contentment in despair?

How do you stay afloat in an ocean of emotion?

How do you find relief when you cannot spell it? or define it?

How do you think clearly when your head is aching-throbbing-with-unbearable-pain?

Letting temporary, fleeting feelings, deceptive emotion(s) rule thought(s) and action(s)/choice(s) is unstable, dangerous living!  Stability is found in logic. Stability is found in self-control.
Emotions: Positive or negative are Contagious!
Some of us are very sick with them, in...
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A little Music–Transform Your Mind

Being exercise/diet frequently spending a good portion of their time on their bodies. Some care a lot about: size, shape, health.

Why can't people minds?...change your eating habits--change/transform your mind. People sculpt their not mold/sculpt your brain?? Some go to great lengths to protect their health, their life. Why not protect your brain/mind?! What are you choosing to feed your mind? Junk food?! i hope NOT.
Eat Well. Live...
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Boyle, Sagan: Scientific and Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency Part 3

Listen! It's beautiful! Don't You want to hear? Share?...You to know.

Do You tolerate people with a different point of view?! (Well, as long as i "remain" right or come off "correct!" "may" feel deep down!:)

F~l~e~x~i~b~i~l~i~t~y is a sign of physical health as well as emotional, 'll throw in spiritual health, too. Our range of muscle motion is indicative of our wellness. When it comes...
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Peakaboo — Eye See You!

Peak-a-boo! Eye See You! "May You Be Well and also Your household Be Well and All that You Have Be Well!" :)

Every baby loves the game (and some adults, too!:) an early game of early, morning trust and early, morning (new) relationship mother and child, etc. The game/fun never gets old! Whether you're hiding behind a pair of binoculars, a telescope or computer "early"/encrypted form of...
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