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Halloween 2013

Are You getting ready for Halloween Twenty Thirteen? Halloween is a favorite holiday for some.

Did You know? Halloween is a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry!

Imagine the combined commercial interests/(monies) of all popular holidays; staggering figures for sure.

I had relatives who lived in Salem, Massachusetts and that's one town that goes all out. Celebrating all month long and then some. "Much of the city's cultural identity is reflective of its role as the location of the...
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LOVE: a 4 Letter Word Mothers (Should) Use!

Oh, it's okay baby, don't cry! (Mother, Mom, Mommy), Mama IS here for You because I LOVE You!

This beautiful word is expressed not only on our lips throughout the day to our kids, but in our daily deeds as we assist our young ones growing to maturity. Maturity doesn't involve just physical growth, but emotional, mental and spiritual growth as well. As mothers, our choices affect our kids in complicated ways. (Ways we...
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Green Tea Therapy TV with Joan Winifred

THANK YOU for accepting my invitation!:) Tea for Two-me and You!

How is Your day going?? Would You like a cup of tea? Green, White, Black, Oolong, Herbal? Sweetened? Unsweetened?

Oh, You may prefer coffee. SORRY, not me, i'm a tea drinker. (Though, i do like coffee-flavored ice cream, go figure.)

I enjoy Green Tea with lemon and honey or black cherry/berry tea for me. I brew tea 't read...
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Injury Prevention Important!

It is an OUTRAGE! Safety measures, injury prevention and using some smarts could save so many young/innocent am i talking about: Dummy parents who refuse to respect water and life! Here in 've heard so many super-sad-stories of beautiful-fragile-life drowning because of a lapse in supervision, etc...Just overheard another incident/tragedy and i'm ANGRY.

Okay, not out-of-control VERY upset by stupidity and senselessness. (Thus--the inspiration for this post.) Yeah, we make mistakes as parents, (and...
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Full of Fluff!

M is for ?...mmmMonday. M is for March. M is for Mars.

M is for Marshmallows!:)

Do you like marshmallows? Just "realizing" while writing this post:

I pronounce and spell marshmallow as marsh-mellow!

Though, others have remarked on my spelling skills, i feel, my accent messes up my spelling going to worry about it--just going to "mellow" out. -lol:)

I have an odd/thick when tired and/or upset. What i term "New England" accent because...
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Peace at the Beach!

All work and no-play makes any partner, care-giver, friend,
dull!:( Wellness must include some play-time, too. Recreation in just the right amount is just what the doctor ordered.

Ahh, peace at the beach!:) Spontaneity is  Do you enjoy nature? Do you spend enough time outdoors?! It will do you some good!

i'm an "awake accepter"...of the importance of daily exercise! Just like variety is good for a healthy, nutritious diet. Same with it up keeps it fun,...
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Art Fun

Hoping this artwork sample brings a smile to your day!:) Art therapy is a good, healthy stress-reliever and stress-manager. The kids had been asking to do some painting (with me) for a while. So, this mama decided to enjoy some "relaxing" (whatever that means:)--art time with my (usually they do a lot of art stuff with Daddy!)

What fun!...What a mess!:)

A week later and i'm still finding "traces" of colorful, acrylic paint in odd places. You cannot...
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