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coping tools

a day with-OUT

A day with-OUT


a day with-out


a day with-out


my last chance,

my last straw

2 draw


NOPE!!!...actually, gnaw.

and Y

i want to shed all the tears?! wouldn't hear them;                             any                                                                       way

do you even care?

you won't give them to me!!

how cruel (it feels to a sensitive/loving heart) with a capital

too unfair

to the fair

player plays







a soothing

harp; tight


when i am gone (forever out of sight and no translation...
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Don’t Judge this Blog by its Title!

I have roughly/approximately 75+ drafts in limbo*...waiting to be published, deleted, or edited. I , that would be a FUN game!

You like games, right??

How about I randomly list some blog titles and You, Dear Reader:)...can choose which one(s) You like. Then, according to Your preferences/responses, I will tweak/work the "specified" draft-post(s) and publish.

Mind You: some of the draft titles were just "quick" brain bubbles/ideas/thoughts. (Some needing popping.)

IF You choose NOT to...
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I just…don’t know!

I 't know!

's OKAY!

I won't act, 'll just


my mind.

Other thoughts and worries will fill the space I don't know


I won't forget YOU


"You" know.

Trust is

my MUST.


how can I understand


and will.

It's not an either/or



NOW and then and

why? not?

Don't look! behind

look ahead



to thinking and

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Catching the Buzz

What's the buzz?
the bees?
(No, the stings.)

What's the fuss?
the mees?
(uh-huh, the rings, the chains!)

What's the cares?
the yous?
(spellin' it use?)

What's the fairs?
the fuse?

Accept the TRUTH

What's the cuts?
the temps?
(thinkin' they're permanent, eh?)

What's the guts?
the makers?
(NOT the fakers, that's for sure!)

Not the dreamers?
the live-rrrs or the !

Run, run,...
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Less is Strength

Less is strength. More is weakness.

WHAT???!!!! are you talking about girl (unnamed mind) behind the boney fingers typing this text?!

Oh, wouldn't you like to know. (insert wink now)

Let me think. How to explain in less

Well, words are all I have to work with for now.

Well, words are all You have to read with for now.

(Hey, we all gotta work with what we obvious truth.) My mind may need more words to find understanding/clarity/explanation/peace....
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coping tools

168 Reasons for Happiness!

Hi Psych Central & Beyond!:) You know the deal. You know what day this is??

It's the day you: WAKE UP!

It's the day You get out of your comfy bed and toss your comfy pillow.

Toss what's keeping you down.

It's the day for shedding some sticky skin. (It's a day to get fresh skin.)

Don't worry, shedding some tears is good for you.

It's time to sweat! It's a day of NO REGRET! It's a day for...
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Shedding Thick Skin


When grass is tall, you cannot easily spot a snake. Time to cut some grass?? Short grass protective.

I don't particularly like snakes, I respect All fragile life. Snakes fall in that realm of existence.

I'm careful to avoid them, though. Are You? I've learned over time to appreciate certain things about snakes. (Doesn't make them my preference, however.)

Over the years, by exposure, I've shed my phobia. Can You blame me for not liking them so much...
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My Gratitude List 13-24

Peace Psychcentral & Beyond!

Partners in Wellness have lots for which to be Grateful!


Today is December 24th and here's my Gratitude List:13-24: (For related context check out: My Gratitude List 1-12)

Special THANKS to my Son, L-P, for helping me video the evening of the 23rd. THANKS to Hubby, Chato Stewart, Mental Health Humor for...
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coping tools

144 Reasons For Happiness!

144! I'm liking that number: a LOT! Counting and wondering IF I'll make it to 3 zeros?!

I started this Happiness List as a coping tool in the aftermath of a not-so-happy (August) 7th day.

Thankfully, off the top of my head, I can't recall "any" specifics which had me sooo upset and why I was shedding sooo many tears that distant day. It is a "forgotten" mystery the precursor to:

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