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R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Gimme Some Baby!

Have You heard this Italian Proverb?
"One Should Learn to Sail in All Winds."
What does that mean to You??

1 quality that can help us all sail well in any given situation or circumstance (or with any given person in any circumstance) is Respect.

How do You describe/define Respect? How do You demonstrate Respect? What do You Respect? Whom or What deserves Respect in Your life?...
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Injury Prevention Important!

It is an OUTRAGE! Safety measures, injury prevention and using some smarts could save so many young/innocent am i talking about: Dummy parents who refuse to respect water and life! Here in 've heard so many super-sad-stories of beautiful-fragile-life drowning because of a lapse in supervision, etc...Just overheard another incident/tragedy and i'm ANGRY.

Okay, not out-of-control VERY upset by stupidity and senselessness. (Thus--the inspiration for this post.) Yeah, we make mistakes as parents, (and...
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Listen UP: a lamentation.

Listen UP: Terror and tears. Listen UP: Timing and fears. Listen UP: Worrying and cares. It's a dirge. It's a a nation!:(

Listen UP: Choice and choosing. Listen UP: Helping? or boozing?...can't drown this pain?...better refrain. Listen UP: Violence and UP: Justice and love prevail?...better avail. Listen UP: Stupid? and Smart? should Listen UP: Stop! and , no revenge, no a compassion nation.

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What’s Holding Your mind? What’s Holding Your heart?

What is holding your mind? What is holding your heart? Love? Fear? Accurate Knowledge? Superstition? Impartiality? Partiality? Nationalism? Universal Hospitality?

Sadly, we live in a divided world, country(s), region(s), neighborhood(s). A world/globe divided by mind-made/man-made/fear-made/prejudice-made borders, boundaries, divisions, differences, discriminations and fears.

Are you personally able to promote peace by embracing the concept of an International Brotherhood of Breathing-Fragile-Life encompassing our globe? Of course, how can one embrace an International Brotherhood if one...
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Plat-“O”…didn’t know!

As Caregiver, Partner, Friend, BFL (Breathing-Fragile-Life inhabiting this earth:)--Death is a difficult topic. All of us have lost a dear, loved one in death.

SORRY for your loss!:(

Your pain is my pain, truly! Hope You are coping in a positive manner and are finding the comfort you deserve!

I don't fear my death. I'm not "controlled" or "exploited" by that fear. (May be, by another i will not confess here.) I choose to...
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