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Stop Taking a Power Trip will “Ya?”

shutterstock_120528928“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”~Lord Acton 1887

The Hebrew word ko′ach is translated “power”; gevu·rah′, “mightiness”; and ʽoz, “strength.” The Greek dy′na·mis is translated both “power” and “powerful works,” as the context makes appropriate.




Hmmmmmm…why no??? when You know and I both know, deep down, You should being saying “YES!”

YES! is the just/agape/non-selfish/non-biased/non-prejudicial answer in this case.

Tomorrow, I turn 45. And 1 thing I know or have learned/observed about myself these past 44 years of “privilege” aka living/breathing is how:

much I strongly dislike aka HATE hearing NO!! (In certain circumstances, let me “try” to explain)…

and how MUCH (will remain nameless)…love telling me: NO.

And usually, I do not readily take NO for an answer. I stubbornly attempt to overcome every objection. But how can any of us stand up/prevail alone and outnumbered against envy, pride and/or prejudice?! I don’t see it as a matter of me just wanting/needing to get/have my way. (Okay, sometimes I do want to get my way. Hey, so do you. 😉 Yeah, I realize I can be pushy and persuasive (within logic and reason) to circumvent any unjust no for a just yes! I tenaciously hold on and don’t give up my quest for a just Yes.

Sadly, no matter how persuasive or tenacious or logical or emotional or in the correct one may be…some (knowingly or unknowingly) abuse their power by wielding their “no!” inappropriately or unfairly! Have You had this happen to You? (Of course You have. We all have.)

Some No’s coming out of the blue and from concealed places (i.e. from those respected and trusted places in this life)…have crushed me…rather, I should say/write: the naïve me!

Good thing for a huge supply of superglue (the spiritual kind that mends hearts) and/or a die hard/positive attitude. Hey, how does that saying go? “what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger.” Sing it Kelly!-lol:)

No! can be such an obstacle to justice, education, happiness, food, fulfillment, communication, conversation, treatment, health care, etc. at times.  Sadly, some in places of power wield their no’s unjustly and insolently out of prejudice, selfishness, vengeance, jealousy, envy and greed for power, money and/or fear or other reason(s).

Do some choose to use No as a way of expressing how they really/inwardly feel about you? Do some abuse their no out of fear and ignorance?

Have you ever experienced a situation ? when a person in your life has the power over you to do the right/just/loving thing that would really help you out…and they know and you know…the just and appropriate/agape thing to do is say: YES! and yet, they withhold that from you on purpose?…and basically, throw you under the bus for self-preservation and/or for whatever reason they deem worth more than your need for a yes? Another opportunity for practicing forgiveness. Why do I need so much practice? -lol:)

I know, we all are at different places of growth …learning how to wield our yes’s and no’s appropriately and without hurting ourselves or others in the process isn’t easy. I have so much to yet learn…

NO is a powerful word and so is YES! However, I attempt (try to think before I speak) to wield my No’s very carefully and judiciously. If I can help someone out, accommodate, be inconvenienced and/or work a little harder in order to give a YES to some fragile life:) in need…I do!:)

It’s like you’re traveling the speed limit…(enjoying the peaceful ride)…and out of nowhere is an abrupt stop sign!…causing you to unexpectedly slam on the brakes and screech to a halt…Dangerous driving/swerving or is it accident/harm causing?

Some conversation stoppers and compassion stoppers…aka unfair, unjust No’s…upset me! 🙁

Some use “No” when they really mean: I don’t care or give a hoot about You or your problem or your project, or anybody else other than myself, etc. Some no’s seem like short-sighted selfishness on the scale of compassion. (I’m hurting a little aka coping…not meaning to judge anyone’s no’s.)

Guess, I need to work on accepting NO! It’s just sad how no can be misused along with yes. Abuses of the power of No and Yes leave a lot of us like this:

“I was hungry and you formed a committee to investigate my hunger. I was  homeless and you filed a report on my plight. I was sick and you held a  seminar on the situation of the underprivileged. You investigated all aspects of my plight and yet I am still hungry, homeless and sick.”—Author unknown.

It’s pouring down buckets on some here in the so-called Sunshine State and elsewhere…on all of us in one way or another! Are we willing to share and help IF we have an umbrella? YES?

I was reading an article in our local Charlotte Sun about the Mental Health Crisis here in Florida:

1 out of every 2 children and 2 out every 5 adults–in Florida living in poverty do not receive the mental health services they need.

It is estimated 778,000 adults and 140,000 youths living in Florida have serious mental illnesses–such as Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia

Florida ranks 49th in the country for per-capita spending on mental health care, and 35th in substance abuse care. ~According to the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors.

It’s horrifying that care so desperately needed for the poor, the sick in some cases: is disappearing. “On-going, comprehensive treatment for the mentally ill becomes more difficult to deliver.”

Good thing for open hearts and minds who volunteer their time and expertise to reach out to those in need!! THANK God! for those who do let their just “Yes” mean “yes” ! And for places such as Psych Central et al that contribute to wellness for all!:)

THANKS for letting Your YES mean yes aka following through on what you say you will do…wielding your personal power justly/fairly!

Let’s Shine Together, eh? eh? eh?

Yes?…Friend(s)? oh, yeah/okay!:)

I LOVE this ancient piece of wisdom: and the practical benefits/blessings it can bring to All Fragile-Life on this planet:

“Do not hold back good from those to whom it is owing, when it happens to be in the power of your hand to do it.” (Proverbs 3:27)


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Stop Taking a Power Trip will “Ya?”

Joan Winifred

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