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Random Miscellania about…Nothing?

shutterstock_77804425BRRRR…it’s a cold morning for us Floridians. Where’s my cup of tea? (Where are my socks?!) Why do I constantly misplace my tea and never finish a hot cup?! Oh, there it is…my tea. “Hey Kid, (L-P) can you please nuke it for me… Thanks honey bunny!”

My breakfast: brain or body? Body a couple bites of yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Real healthy, eh? (oh, and a couple bites of a wheat English muffin.) Slept in late past eight. Hey, I don’t need to leave the house early today… A Saturday morning luxury: ignoring my alarm clock now and again. Fed Smudge, the kitty-cat, his meow mix. (He likes it crunchy outside and meaty inside.)

I’m with You Smudgey…. liking my brain food the same way. 🙂

Who needs an alarm clock anyway when you have 4 kids?? Up and active, loud and fully AWAKE! (They fed themselves what they wanted…. body food that is.) It’s spring break and they don’t have to think about school for a week. YEAH, right… however, homeschooling will continue as always…out of the institutional/conventional classroom…for a while. (Lots of spontaneous learning takes place when experiencing freedom from confinement to a desk!)

Chores await me. Beach Boys playing…”God only knows what I’d be without you?” and Crow: “If it makes you happy, why the hey are you so sad?”… Deep questions for a Saturday morning, huh?

Socks…I don’t think about or wear often…but this tile floor is cold for dancing…socks are great for s-l-i-d–i-n-g.

Slip sliding away…what was the purpose of this blog?! My brain is dilating along with my eyes. The sunshine is warm and I’m basking in front of my sliding glass doors…heart beating fast from exercise.

Random miscellania…organizing and managing…NOTHING.

Honestly, my description of “nothing” is really a something!;) Will I let this miscellania take a toll on me? How are you managing your misc.?

 Aqueous humor is a clear fluid that nourishes the lens, the iris, and the inside of the cornea. It is not the same as tears, which bathe the outside of the eye.

 Trebecular meshwork drains the fluid.

If the meshwork is blocked or clogged, pressure increases inside the eye.

If pressure increases, the delicate nerve fibers at the back of the eye get damaged, causing glaucoma or reduced vision.

Glaucoma could steal up to 90 percent of your vision in one eye without your being aware of it. How is that possible? All of us have a naturally occurring blind spot at the back of each eye. This spot on the retina, where your nerve fibers join together to form the optic nerve, is devoid of light-sensing cells. You are unaware of this blind spot, however, because your brain has the ability to “paint in” the missing bits of the picture. Ironically, it is the brain’s ability to do this that makes glaucoma so insidious.

Dr. Ivan Goldberg, a leading Australian Ophthalmologist, explains: “If your mother or father has it, your risk of getting glaucoma goes up three to five times. And if you have a brother or a sister with glaucoma, then your risk of getting it goes up between five and seven times.”~Glaucoma the Thief of Sight

A tonometer, a device to check fluid pressure in the eye and/or visual-field testing can indicate/detect glaucoma. (My grandmother had glaucoma and my aunt does. My Dad has eye issues. I’ve had cornea problems and almost went blind in one eye back in ’06. I could have glaucoma and not even know it.)

My blind spots could kill me…prematurely. (It’s the week-end joanie give the dramatics a rest…okay!:)

I’m mostly concerned about mental blindness and what I’ll term: mental glaucoma. And the results of these on humanity, our families, our globe and our wild-life, etc.

 William James in his Principles of Psychology (1981, Vol. 1, p. 59) states: “A most interesting effect of cortical disorder is mental blindness. This consists not so much in insensibility to optical impressions, as in inability to understand them. Psychologically it is interpretable as loss of associations between optical sensations and what they signify; and any interruption of the paths between the optic centres and the centres for other ideas ought to bring it about.”

Iw.wer’ and ty.phlos’ are the Hebrew and Greek words for “blind” used both literally and figuratively. None of us would want to go blind!  Are we overly concerned about our physical wellness and health that we may be going blind mentally or spiritually?! And what negative affects do mental and spiritual blindness have on our compassion choices/wellness??

Here’s some more Saturday brain food: Ancient wise thoughts…Insight on Scriptures

Miscarriage of justice through judicial corruption was symbolized by blindness, and many are the exhortations in the law against bribery, gifts, or prejudice, as such things can blind a judge and prevent the impartial administration of justice.

“The bribe blinds clear-sighted men.” (Exodus 23:8) “The bribe blinds the eyes of wise ones.” (Deuteronomy 16:19) A judge, no matter how upright and discerning, may be consciously or even unconsciously affected by a gift from those involved in the case. “You must not treat the lowly with partiality, and you must not prefer the person of a great one.” (Leviticus 19:15) So, for sentimentality or for popularity with the crowd, a judge was not to render his verdict against the rich merely because they were rich. (Exodus 23:2, 3)

As bfl (BreathingFragileLife) Partners, Friends, Family of humans inhabiting our beautiful planet earth: How is our eyesight? Are we blind to the sufferings: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually of each other?!  What are our blind spots and how will we treat any mental, physical or spiritual blindness or glaucoma?! How can blind spots endanger and/or harm?

  • Are our eyes generous or envious?
  • Are our eyes haughty or humble?
  • Are our eyes prejudiced or unbiased?
  • Are our eyes kind or scheming?

A’yin = eye in Hebrew and O.phthal.mos’ = eye in Greek


Do we have “hungry eyes”? And for what?

Would you describe your particular set of eyes: highly efficient and stereoscopic or disabled in some way?! Our eyes are an amazing channel of communication to our mind. Our emotions and actions are influenced MUCH by what we watch, read, view. It makes sense to guard/protect our eyesight and turn away from worthless things that negatively affect us. A slow and steady diet of prejudiced propaganda and violence leads to non-compassionate choices. Why invite grief?!

My eye is weak from my grief. It has dimmed because of all those harassing me. (Psalm 6:7)

Technology and media harasses us…among other things. My miscellaneous is harassing me… to tackle it…. and preventing me from publishing this piece…just yet!

An eye check-up IS important. All senses are interconnected and what our eyes see (can) comes out our mouth…(e.g., this post). What we talk about is indicative of what our mind/heart/eyes are set on. So, checking up or evaluating our frequent topics of conversation can tell us much about our eyes…(and our partnerships, etc.).

Interesting questions for self-examination I read today:

Do we often talk about material things and secular achievements? Or do our conversations frequently center on spiritual things? Rather than advertising the mistakes of others, are we lovingly inclined to cover them over? Do we tend to talk a great deal about people and the goings-on in their lives but little about principles and ideas?

Peace & Healthy Eyesight to You!🙂


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Random Miscellania about…Nothing?

Joan Winifred

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