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Opening Up Options

shutterstock_161086148Exploring options is comforting (to me). Sometimes we are faced with seemingly either/or choices.

When we take the time to fully think things through and explore options, we may learn we are not as limited as we may initially think.

Our minds must dilate like our eyes. Depending on light and darkness… based on accurate knowledge or misinformation, we act accordingly or we think accordingly. We can be trapped in one way of doing things or one way of thinking or one way of seeing. We get comfortable working in our comfort zone. Learning to work outside our comfort zone may enable us to explore various options and choices we didn’t know existed!

1 description I read of:

The opening in the colored Iris of the eye. It appears black because behind the pupil is the dark interior of the eye. The pupil changes in size as the iris adjusts to existing light conditions. Light enters the clear cornea, passes through the pupil and into the eye’s lens.

Of course, I’m not encouraging anyone to endanger his/her/it life in any manner. I’m just encouraging learning to be flexible and adjustable. Explore and discover. Learn and live. (You have a pupil, but are you a pupil?!)

I was reading/highlighted/bolded this “insight” on ancient Biblical Wisdom: ‘I.shin’ when used with ‘a’ yin (eye) in Hebrew, literally means “little man of the eye” (Deuteronomy 32:10; Proverbs 7:2), similarly, bath used at Lamentations 2:18 with the idea “daughter of the eye,” both expressions referring to the pupil. The two are combined for emphasis at Psalm 17:8 (‘I.shin’ bath-‘a’yin), literally, “little man, daughter of the eye” (“pupil of the eyeball,” NW). The reference is evidently to the tiny image of oneself that can be seen reflected in that part of another’s eye.

Open Eyes/Open Minds…Learn!🙂

Pursuing compassion fully forces me to constantly face things I wouldn’t otherwise. For example, here in Florida there are countless, millions of bugs. Through exposure and education, I’ve come to appreciate bugs even spiders. There are various methods of ridding or removing them from your field of vision or from your house.  Lots of people spray frequently because to them bugs are nothing more than pests worthy of death. I used to feel like: let them live somewhere else and they are not invited in my home. On some level, I still prefer bugs/spiders to stay outside. Yes, spiders can be deadly. Be careful! Personally, I carefully remove any bug I encounter and gently escort him/her/it outside. Yeah, you may be thinking it’s just a bug… why waste time, energy, thought or post on something so small?!

My primitive method of removal… hands on -lol… disposable/recyclable cup and piece of paper. I’ve successful removed countless bugs/spiders this way -lol…I sneak up on the bug, quickly trap in cup, then gently slide paper under cup and take outside and lift paper and bug escapes to ecosystem conducive to bug life longevity…hopefully.

Come on joanie, I have way more important things to worry about than saving a little bug’s life! I’m sure you do. I wish You Well and Success with all your endeavors. For me, it’s comforting to know that there possibly could be somebody out there who would care about a bug. Cause my life is like a bug. I’m inconsequential and a little nobody… there are bigger, more popular and more powerful people… and to them, their field of vision/power…I don’t even exist. And if I happened to cross their field of vision, etc. or path: would they simply stomp on me cause I’m in their way cause I may threaten their comfort zone in some manner? People/humans can easily be killed by word(s) or deed(s). Or we can choose to be kind to anyone or anything no matter how big or small or seemingly scary or squishy!:)

Is my comfort and life more important than someone else’s?! May be ? bug(s) feels threatened by me, but too small to say so or do anything about it!  Why do we have to resort to the extreme in our dealings with others?! Hurt or be hurt?! Kill or be killed?!

How about KIND and BE KIND!:)

We may not like/prefer spiders and bugs or another kind of life different from us, but we can respect it and the skills it possesses that we do not… Back in 2001:

German researcher Peter Jaeger of Mainz University “has identified 50 new varieties which flourish in the snow and ice of the Himalayas, at altitudes of up to 3,800 meters [12,500 feet],” says the newspaper The Asian Age. “Though they can be up to four cm [1.6 inches] in size, the giant crab spiders pose absolutely no danger to humans.” They lurk in crevices in the rocks or under tree bark and feed on insects, which they are able to locate easily because of their sensitive hearing. But why do these spiders not freeze in winter? Unlike their relatives in warmer climates, the Himalayan species are equipped with a “biological antifreeze,” says Jaeger. “They store highly-concentrated alcohols in their body fluids and this enables them to survive temperatures below freezing.”

Hey, as a Floridian, I cannot survive temperatures below freezing… so, the fact that a crab spider can fascinates me! Amazing. Any Northerners surviving winter… Congrats, and I admire your skill-set! (However, I’m not encouraging storage of highly-concentrated alcohol usage.;)

When we take the time to discover and learn and think about various options we may have within our particular set of circumstances… we can be encouraged to keep moving positively forward despite any seemingly obstacle in our path… whether it’s a bug or spider or other.

What/who is reflected in your pupils?!

Ancient Proverb for pondering:

Keep my commandments and live; Guard my instruction like the pupil of your eye. (Proverb 7:2)

Keeping our Options Open (aka staying/being alive)…means being Pupils (life-long learners)! -lol:)



(p.s. “school” can also mean “life” and learning outside of one-size institutional/conventional-type education/classrooms)

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Opening Up Options

Joan Winifred

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