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Don’t Judge this Blog by its Title!

shutterstock_161486987I have roughly/approximately 75+ drafts in limbo*…waiting to be published, deleted, or edited. I WISH…oh, that would be a FUN game!

You like games, right??

How about I randomly list some blog titles and You, Dear Reader:)…can choose which one(s) You like. Then, according to Your preferences/responses, I will tweak/work the “specified” draft-post(s) and publish.

Mind You: some of the draft titles were just “quick” brain bubbles/ideas/thoughts. (Some needing popping.)

IF You choose NOT to participate, this bleeding heart may just cry -lol:) THANKS for leaving a comment/participating aka helping me organize and decide which blog(s) You would like to read!! I say: Give the reader power over what they want to read, eh?!

Power to The Readers!:)

AND remember, don’t judge unjustly any bfl: BreathingFragileLife by outer appearances and THANKS for not judging any blog by its title!;)

Here’s my draft-blog random list:

 I’m NOT rolling my eyes!

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12 Ways to Help a Bipolar Loved One Cope

My Gratitude List #25-37

The Humble Wife

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45 Things I learned in 45 Years of Living!

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Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder

Homeless & Honest

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Neem Tree

Feeding My Animals

No Ogling Objects Here: Keep Your Eyes & Comments to Yourself: PLEASE!

Coping with Emotional Pain

Green Tea Therapy TV: Q & A with Joan Winifred


PEACE & THANKS again for Reading & Choosing! 🙂

P.s. Here’s why I don’t like limbo*…(aka don’t believe in unscriptural doctrine: made-up stuff designed to scare/manipulate):

In 2007, the Catholic Church officially signed Limbo’s “death certificate” in a document mentioning “theological and liturgical reasons to hope that infants who die without baptism may be saved and brought into eternal happiness.”–International Theological Commission.

 Why this change in position, this theological U-turn? Basically, it allowed the church to free itself from what French columnist Henri Tincq called “a burdensome inheritance, defended, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, by a manipulative Church, only too happy to use the threat of Limbo to incite parents to baptize their children as quickly as possible.” But the demise of Limbo also raises other issues.

 Tradition or Scripture? Historically, belief in Limbo resulted from 12th-century theological debates relative to purgatory. The Catholic Church taught that the soul survives after death, so it had to find a place for the souls of children who could not go to heaven because they were not baptized but who nonetheless were not deserving of hell. Thus was born the idea of Limbo.

The Bible, however, does not teach that the soul survives after death. Instead, it clearly states that rather than being immortal, human souls that sin can be “destroyed” and “shall die.” (Acts 3:23; Ezekiel 18:4, Douay-Rheims Version) Since the soul is mortal, such a place as Limbo cannot exist. Moreover, the Bible, speaks of death as being a state of unconsciousness, similar to sleep. The teaching of Limbo was truly an insult to God, depicting him as a cruel tyrant who punishes the innocent, rather than the just and loving Father that he is. ~excerpted from: A Theological U-Turn

Questions for Consideration: Who or What is Manipulating You/Us?!
















None of the Above?

Some of the Above?

All of the Above?

Wellness involves discerning who or what is manipulating our minds and thereby our choices and actions! Are we being manipulated by education or propaganda?!

 “By clever and persevering use of propaganda even heaven can be represented as hell to the people, and conversely the most wretched life as paradise.”—ADOLF HITLER, MEINKAMPF.

PLEASE read this important piece of writing: excerpted from: The Manipulation of Information

For example, in times of national crisis or conflict, demagogues may use such slogans as “My country, right or wrong,” “Fatherland, Religion, Family,” or “Freedom or Death.” But do most people carefully analyze real issues involved in the crisis or conflict? Or do they just accept what they are told?

In writing about World War I, Winston Churchill observed: “Only a signal is needed to transform these multitudes of peaceful peasants and workmen into the mighty hosts which will tear each other to pieces.” He further observed that when told what to do, most people responded unthinkingly.

The propagandist also has a very wide range of symbols and signs with which to convey his message–a 21 gun salvo, a military salute, a flag. Love of parents can also be exploited. Thus, such symbolisms as the fatherland, the mother country, or the mother church are valuable tools in the hands of the shrewd persuader.

So the sly art of propaganda can paralyze thought, prevent clear thinking and discernment, and condition individuals to act en masse. How can you protect yourself?

The World Book Encyclopedia says, in a climate where ideas circulate freely, “propaganda differs from education.”

How THANKFUL am I for All of Us that: as Breathing-Fragile-Life & Partners in Wellness a free/educating climate exists here at Psych Central!🙂

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Don’t Judge this Blog by its Title!

Joan Winifred

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