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What are You Engineering?

Happy Saturday Readers!

Swirling subjects are twirling in my mind like a baton. What topic will stick and adhere…here on this post?

Or hit me off the head and hopefully knock some sense into me.

What do You think? Wellness sense: should it be SIMPLE to understand, common and easily accessible and facilitated?

Personally, I like simple organization/solution. Things often get overcomplicated unnecessarily. I “try” to live: simplify, simplify, simplify.

2013-11-22-115641I’m trying to simplify, organize, consolidate and collate my drafts. Perhaps, they will be published or deleted. Time to take out the trash and/or recycle. I’d rather recycle when/if possible/reasonable.

THANK YOU for recycling when possible…i.e. stuff and relationships, etc.!

What can you recycle? What can I recycle?

Recycle happy, positive thoughts! Throw the negative, toxic thoughts AWAY!!

I’m all smiles (in this recycled/old photo) taken, not too long ago, by my son on the day I received a useful tool from my local town…a BIG recycling bin!!…the size of a trash bin.

(FYI: Actually, my clothes and accessories pictured here are all recycled items.)

For the longest time, I had been complaining (mostly muttering to myself)… Yeah, this talker talks to herself too! Better I mutter to myself, eh?! ;)… about how ridiculously illogical our city provided HUGE trash bins and tiny recycle bins…which sorta encouraged more trash throwing than recycling. I sorta have the same problem with the way food is packaged, labeled, etc.

What are We Engineering?! What are We Encouraging?!

Am I a food engineer?! Are You a food engineer?!

As stated by Fung et al. in the revision to the classic engineering text, Foundations of Solid Mechanics:

“Engineering is quite different from science. Scientists try to understand nature. Engineers try to make things that do not exist in nature. Engineers stress invention. To embody an invention the engineer must put his idea in concrete terms, and design something that people can use. That something can be a device, a gadget, a material, a method, a computing program, an innovative experiment, a new solution to a problem, or an improvement on what is existing. Since a design has to be concrete, it must have its geometry, dimensions, and characteristic numbers. Almost all engineers working on new designs find that they do not have all the needed information. Most often, they are limited by insufficient scientific knowledge. Thus they study mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and mechanics. Often they have to add to the sciences relevant to their profession. Thus engineering sciences are born.”[31]

Each day we eat.  We live to eat. We eat to live! We work to eat. We strategize, we plan, we choose what we eat and how we get it. We think about our food, we purchase ingredients and concoct recipes, we prepare, we cook. We know what we like! Yummy, yummy, yummy! 😉

I’d rather cook than bake. I’d rather prepare and make brain/mind food over body food. Hubby is the chef in this house. (I’m the short-order cook.) He loves cooking for his family and as an artist, his creations and presentations amaze and delight me!! He cooks with love and I consume with love!:)

I like to sample different foods. I’m not too picky when it comes to taste. Personally, I’m not into huge portions of body food. I eat when/if I’m hungry or it’s more like: IF I find the time to eat when I’m hungry. I always take digestive enzymes (with probiotics) before eating, as well as supplemental enzymes, for my health. Please, do your own personal research on the multi-benefits of enzyme supplementation.

For me, my mind/spiritual food is priority over my body/physical food. Super selective as to what goes into my mind. I’m not as super selective as to what goes into my body…however, I always strive to make the best healthy choice whenever I eat with the choices in front of me: whenever or wherever. I’m more of a snacker and grazer type eater. I love variety and I love appetizers.  I love any meal made from our local organic/health food store or by Hubby or Dear Friends…:)

Hubby recently made the best Lasagne I’ve ever eaten in my life! (Thanks Chato!)

Too bad, it’s too expensive to eat super-duper-healthy. It’s inexpensive to eat unhealthy for a big family. The food industry and the power and money and government behind available food…does NOT make it easy, for any of us, to be as healthy as we would like to be.

I’m grateful for any food I have because I know somebody is starving somewhere. And I gratefully pray for my food and appreciate the time and energy put into any meal prepared for me. So, I’m a partial-omnivore who mostly and very gratefully accepts whatever anyone prepares or makes for me, except I do not eat blood because I HIGHLY respect life and to me: blood is a very special fluid symbolizing the sanctity/sacredness of life and the beautiful-fragile-life to whom the blood belongs. 

Like clean water, a crucial element, I respect and would not want to waste or misuse it.  

My personal capacity of compassion  will not allow me to misuse blood. I can’t take another’s sacred life-force. Each day I strive to make compassionate choices that do not make me personally blood guilty. I’m an advocate for bloodless surgery as well. I would encourage any reader to research the multi-health/wellness benefits of bloodless surgery for themselves.

We all make our own personal choices of consumption and please don’t feel like I’m judging You because you may make different consumption choices than me. What you choose to eat or not eat is your choice, your business.

As a tweaker-adjuster-grower-changer who is working on more fully expressing compassion in my choices…I’m always tweaking, adjusting and growing/making changes and having…many dreams and ideals of veganism. I do love cheese and eggs and nuts! With a VERY fast metabolic rate, I need lots of protein. I would love to bulk out a bit (from being a skeleton -lol), but I don’t think with my very active lifestyle and eating/living habits I will be able.

When you think about it: Sadlya lot of us can’t help being junk food junkies. The governments serve up junk food/propaganda aka mind-lies (laws, etc.) wanting us to believe they really care for us: the people. Religion serves up junk food/propaganda aka mind-lies about god and man-made damaging doctrine/dogma/superstition that enslaves. Media/big business serve up junk food/propaganda aka mind-lies-hype, inaccuracies, advertising and a lot of violence. Then, you have the industralized food industry serving us up actual junk, contaminated body-food. These combinations of consumptions take away from our wellness and contribute to various mind/body eating disorders.

What will I eat???

As Partners, Friends in Wellness: it’s helpful to kindly encourage one another to make healthy eating choices. Won’t we all live longer?!

THANKS for Listening & Enjoy healthy food!!🙂

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What are You Engineering?

Joan Winifred

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