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Getting to K(no)w One


You’re just an ant crossing my path. I could stomp you. (Who would know?) Who would care? Who really cares about ants?! huh? Tell me…


You’re just a bird tweeting an undescribable sonnnnnnnng in my invisible, virtual ears. I don’t have to listen. May be? I’ll cover my ears. That’s what I’ll do: IGNORE.


You’re just a cloud passing by my sky. Clouds come and go…what makes You so special I should stop and look?! Shape changer?…rain-er or reigner of words/(deeds)…or is it chameleon? What do I call…


(don’t k(no)w?! No? or is it YES? Guess?)

You’re just you and then: there’s just me…

How can you love an ant, a song, a cloud, a chameleon (or a god)…you don’t know, eh?..

I’m feeling bright and breezy…How about YOU??:)

and it’s easy (for me) to love…an ant, a bird, a cloud, a chameleon (and/or a God)…that I’ve taken the time to get to know…to learn about. And NO, my conscience aka compassion compass won’t let me stomp anyone or anything…intentionally, anyway. (Sometimes, sadly we stomp unintentionally. It takes awareness and (compassion) education and IF we happen to have big feet…we just may have to learn to be careful and gentle so as not to hurt.) Uh-oh my shoe size is 8. 😉

Day by day…”who” are you learning?!

For example: Don’t cha think: IF all of us got to know our partner(s), child(ren), immediate family, neighbor(s), community, global family of breathingfragilelife in human or animal form (or organizer of the universe better) by learning to appreciate our strengths…we could find???

“So, then, let us pursue the things making for peace and the things that build one another up.” (Romans 14:19)

Dear Reader: I’m hoping/wishing/praying YOU get your “precise” cup of tea or coffee!:) 


Getting to K(no)w One

Joan Winifred

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