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Cutting Up Some Sunday Rug(s)

shutterstock_35115004Howdy Sunday Readers!:) Hope YOU are having a Pleasant Sunday!

I LOVE Sundays!…though, I’m a workaholic...yes, I LOVE WORK!!

Especially compassion work and am always super busy on Sundays interacting with many. I really don’t know what a day off means…a day off means (to me) just a change of pace or place…(say from my typical kind of daily chores and/or work to maintain existence as Partner, Parent, Friend, Fragile-life, etc).

(I need to learn to relax more, but I find JOY in all kinds of jobs even the dirty ones.) Good for you work gets your brain, mind, heart, hand, feet moving and thinking and yes, dancing and grooving in the right direction of Wellness!

Learning to get off our butts a bit…is good for us. Nothing wrong with some hard labor…i can speak from experience and not just because I gave birth to a ten pounder sans medication. And No, I’m not Nuts…yet!;)

Being trapped inside…glued and enslaved by our screens for overly-extended periods of time…days on end, etc is unhealthy. Our classroom and teacher is our beautiful earth and not just a digital picture of our planet we google. We need time outside enjoying our beautiful planet. We all need to find some balance and cut loose…cut the strings that bind us and entrap us in patterns of unhealthy living and thinking and doing…

There are strings we can learn to cut that can help us tremendously in life in our own personal compassion journey of wellness: e.g., negative thinking, fake food/medications that are harming and not helping: whether physical or mental…Fake leaders in any given field that are misleading us with misinformation/lies/media from any given source: i.e. government, science, religion or business.

We all need to clearly identify what is loving and healthy for us to consume and what is dangerous for us that we need to discard. We need to know when and what to cut loose!

Learning wellness principles of agape unselfish love and compassion can help us cut loose from fake laws that are keeping us down and depressed! Those who really love us and care for us in this life whether parent, partner, teacher, leader, president, priest, pediatrician…SERVE US and don’t lord it over us by abusing their authority in our life!! They aren’t busy filling up their pockets with our money and time and life to keep themselves afloat aka in power…actually, they would be helping us and compassionately aiding us so we can stay afloat/alive, well and happy!

Don’t be fooled by all that glitters…strings come in many shades and lengths, etc.

As Partners in Wellness, at times, we need to make seemingly hard decisions…we need to learn what to keep and what to throw away.

A lot in this life involves 1 word: clean.

Do you like cleaning? Hard work, eh? As a Mom of 4, i know lots about housework/cleaning-lol:)

Clean is healthy. A clean house, a clean planet, a clean body. Clean brings many wellness benefits! We need to clearly identify trash, what to throw and what is worth recycling, etc and what needs some cleaning.

Oh, I know it’s fun getting dirty, but it feels soooo good after a nice long shower or soothing bath, eh?! all fresh and refreshed and soft.

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual hygiene is essential to wellness and happiness. Getting, coming and maintaining clean takes work, but is worth it!:) We all know what happens when we don’t bother to brush our teeth…teeth rot. 

(Some things need brushing/scrubbing. Somethings need throwing away.)

Hear some wise ancient words for consideration: That shed some light on how you know who a true leader is and one you should keep or if you should cut strings:

“Look! A king will reign for righteousness, And princes will rule for justice.

And each one will be like a hiding place from the wind, A place of concealment from the rainstorm,

Like streams of water in a waterless land,

Like the shadow of a massive crag in a parched land.” (Isaiah 31:1,2)

You deserve it! You deserve to be refreshed! You deserve compassion! You deserve a hiding place from the wind of this life! You deserve some fresh water to drink! You need some shade…we all do!

Do you need anyone or anything in your life that will NOT provide these basic things??!

As Partner, Friend, Fragile-Life…we all need relationships, leaders and mentors and examples we can trust to look to in times of distress for comfort, help and answers that are satisfactory/clean and healthy aka TRUTH!

What strings do you need to cut??

Get cutting and dance freely by fully living compassion!

PEACE to YOU…always!:)


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Cutting Up Some Sunday Rug(s)

Joan Winifred

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