This is a test. This Is Only A Test

A Test of the Compassion Emergency (Sunshine) Broadcast System.

If this had been a real compassion emergency: You would not be smiling right now and tapping your sneaker-clad foot to the above tune. Oh, you were clapping your hands and snapping your fingers…that’s okay!:)

Whatever our test (You know Your test) as Partner, Caregiver, Friend, Fragile-Life, Member of Global Family/Brotherhood of Humankind… Let Us Live…(at home).  Home = Compassion :)

THANK GOD for compassion. THANK GOD for love. THANK God You can crawl, walk on…

“The one walking in blamelessness (in integrity) will minister to me. No deceitful person will dwell in my house, and no liar will stand in my presence.” (Song/Psalm 101: 6,7)

Keep Walking on Sunshine…(living agape love) by compassionate honesty and forgiveness

Walking that gets You somewhere…brings You to PEACE.