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The Game of Life

shutterstock_151135412HELLO-O-O-O-O-OOOO…any body out there?????

Greetings. FellowBreathingFragileLife. Hope all is WELL!

Life. Love. Living. Dieing. Is it all just a game??!

Somebody out there has got to be laughing-lol…and not just me. Correct??..I can’t cry all the time.

Life:It’s more than an intellectual exercise for some of us. (It’s a compassionate one.)

I’m giggling to myself. I’m finding the funny in the irony of my little, puny existence in the Universe here on planet Earth…specifically, here in Florida. And the compassion intrigues in which I find myself enmeshed…within my own neighborhood and elsewhere.

Never judge a book by its cover; nor a neighbor by his/her appearance, cats, dogs, overgrown or pristine yard.

For example, recently learned our neighbor recluse behind the jungle..,who has since started chopping it down including a (small) tree in my yard!…Oh NO!!…oh YES!…Hey, I’m not upset, his gardening work has improved the landscape somewhat. And peaceful co-existence calls for forgiveness, understanding and putting up with whatever, eh?

Turns out, after compassion communication/interaction/inquiry…aka figuring out why? this so-called strange-old-guy is chopping away in my yard and putting up pink measuring string everywhere?…he’s actually chopping away at/managing the overgrowth of his own yard…over time, the property boundary has blurred and he’s exercising his ownership aka sovereignty and putting up a fence. Hey, I respect ownership. I respect boundary. I respect someone’s property.

Neighbors, neighbors, neighbors near and far and behind the brush, jungle of my backyard, elsewhere and globally. Seriously, I don’t have to go far, leave home to find many opportunities to express a value: compassion culture.

Actually, get this: This older neighbor is highly intelligent, highly educated, anti-war, anti-fake-religion, a history/bible scholar of sorts. He’s studied Koine and classic Greek, Hebrew, likes cats, etc.

Go figure?!…LOL So, you see, we may have more (interests) in common with our neighbors, who we (initially) may think we don’t because we find them doing something shocking (aka different then how we may do something). Taking the time to get to know someone/fragile-life can make a stranger a neighbor. Taking the time to understand brings peace.

Living Love what a trip…adventure in AGAPE that is…Growth. Overgrowth. Maintenance and Organization. Self-Control.

Talk about games. Do You play chess? I learned as a young kid. (Hubby is way more adept than me, for sure, and then some!) The basics, you know are: learn the pieces and you know how they move. (Everybody wants to think they’re a mover and a shaker, eh? -lol:) But is everybody a grand master of their life??


Pieces: strengths, weaknesses and sadly, some exploit these in the real game of life to their advantage. Some are so into strategy, opportunity, agenda. Some want to win aka get what they want!…(money, power, fame, you name) no matter the cost, suffering or who they hurt in the process of their process.

As Partners, Friends, Fragile-Life: can’t we peacefully play?!

Players. Gamers. The Insincere. The Sincere.

Me:I’m into truth, compassion and keeping it real. My agenda is compassion for ALL Fragile-Life especially the sick i.e. physical, mental, etc.! I really don’t need to be queen or king or any piece specifically. (Just a survivor/worker of compassion.) I don’t have to win any game(s)…most days I’m a l-o-s-e-r including today!

(I know/appreciate/get what can be lost aka consequence of choice.)

It’s funny or may be ? really sad…some pieces have no idea who/what they truly are. Some so-called leaders (“kings”) are actually “pawns” being blindly manipulated on the game board of this life, world!

Some are just so predictable. E.g., Pawns. Their moves are limited. The queen: now that’s the piece everybody wants to hold onto, eh?! But, she moves wherever she wants, when she wants. May be she’s the mvp?

Still giggling…not keeping score (aka forgiving). Funny, how any who do..when numbers not going their way aka getting their way (highest score)…quickly gotta remind you of the rules…like they made ’em up.

Does a Queen need a Knight in Kevlar?

Thinking of “Knight(s)” catching grenade:test of compassion:living agape...agenda IS protect and not screw…i mean pin.

Of course, there are varying levels of play. You know the players, the ‘fishers’ and some who THINK their label is “Bobby!” They enjoy showboating brain, braun or beauty. No matter who, what we think/know we are…wearing a paper crown doesn’t make one a real king…or a real partner or real friend in real life!

(Yo, my Real King:the first and the last:wears purity:snow wool white with gold crown.Take a bow!)

Should living be a competition? Do all competitors talk smack?

Overconfidence finds some thinkin’ they’re just so sizzlin’…hot…they’re the solver..but they forgot…they’re NOT…GOD!…they’re just DUST or really rust…playin’ jockey for places…gotta be number 1 no less or they melt/make a mess…kill instead of chill.

Choosin’ Chillin’ or killin’… a Piece or PEACE? My choice always: PEACE!:)

An ancient actual “King” very wise…once said:

“There is something distressing that I have seen under the sun, the sort of mistake made by those in power: Foolishness is put in many high positions, but the rich* (or the *capable) remain in low positions. I have seen servants on horseback and princes walking on foot just like servants.” (Ecclesiastes 10:6, 7)

All of You, my readers, are superior to me in one way or another. I know I can learn something from You!

THANKS for sharing what is helpful and kind! PEACE to YOU…ALWAYS!:)

Humility/modesty puts me in check. It constricts/confines/freezes like Ice. It protects like neutrality.

Knowing ownership, boundaries, sovereignty and compassion (directions) game board/game principles: keeps one (me) in CHECK: a-l-i-v-e!

Good thing;) before game over: Check Mate!

Ready to play?? Chess? Life? or Love?

What (.) (?) (!)

Don’t Know? Know (oh, you spell it “no” ) (?)(!)



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The Game of Life

Joan Winifred

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