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Slurping Up Sunshine: Sunrise and Sunset


I will continue to slurp…it all UP…sunshine: sunrise and sunset!:)

Slurp, slurp, slurp and a big BURP!…OOPS, excuse me!;)

Lots to drink in the cup of compassion…today, everyday, eh?

How did You do? (I’m into following-up and following-through.)

I’m asking You aka the Readers:) of my latest blog: 168 Reasons for Happiness!

…How was your day? NICE?! THANK YOU MUCH for helping fellow-fragile-life crossing Your path!:)

Well, I couldn’t just encourage You to get out and go do something kind IF I wasn’t going to do it too. Each new day I have a purpose…whatever or whenever anyone needs anything, I will be open to giving. I will stop and be aware of what may be going on in the life of those who touch my life and If I can lighten their load a little, tiny bit…will try my best.

For example, it could be a simple smile, it could be a firm handshake, a bear hug or a comforting word. A listening ear, a plate of physical or spiritual/mind food, etc., etc., etc.,…it could involve back breaking work …IF i am able to give something small or something big…will try my best and let God do the rest.

It could mean being inconvenienced. It could mean being in pain. It could mean laughing. It could mean crying. It could mean reading. It could mean talking. It could mean cooking. It could mean building. It could mean forgiving.

Compassion means a lot of different things on different days to different fragile-life!

It’s privilege to breathe, to live and to aid in anyway within my abilities.

We all need support or help or comfort to make it each day. It’s really nothing special on my part…it’s called being humane. It’s just attempting to live love and reach an over-flowing capacity of compassion. Honestly, let me call it what it is: Unlearning selfishness and considering others’ needs and not just my own. Keeping an eye on the personal interests that benefit my neighbor/fellow-fragile-life and not just what benefits me personally. It’s just learning to be willing…A willing attitude. A willingness to volunteer. A willingness to care. It’s the opposite of apathy/indifference.

We can all make a positive difference in our respective family, neighborhood, community, state, internet site, country, globe, universe.

Thanks for making a positive difference in the lives of others. Isn’t that what being a true friend is about?!

BUSY day??…my feet, head, back ache, but not my heart -lol. I’m feeling content and satisfied with today’s work.

We were able to help our neighbors today. 1 who lost her Mom and had to suddenly move, back to the M state of her origination, with various tasks. I’m sad she’s gone and I wish her well. (I know You were able to help someone today.)

Happy Compassion Adventures to YOU! Wishing You Well and MANY…

many sunrises, sunsets and big-belly-BURPS -lol:)




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Slurping Up Sunshine: Sunrise and Sunset

Joan Winifred

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