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Shedding Thick Skin


When grass is tall, you cannot easily spot a snake. Time to cut some grass?? Short grass protective.

I don’t particularly like snakes, I respect All fragile life. Snakes fall in that realm of existence.

I’m careful to avoid them, though. Are You? I’ve learned over time to appreciate certain things about snakes. (Doesn’t make them my preference, however.)

Over the years, by exposure, I’ve shed my phobia. Can You blame me for not liking them so much when as a young preschooler, almost had a rattler bite me in the face. During my formative years, my family moved from the city to the country, though I spent my schooling years in the city. Growing up in Somerville, MA, then we would vacation/camp in the mountains of NH during the Summer. (Best of both worlds?!)

I have vivid memories of playing in the woods (of Virginia) out in the boonies as a small child. Mostly of warm sunshine filtering down upon me through the shadows of leaves from beautiful, big trees or memories of a horse named “Molly!” …and a scary snake -“unnamed” lol:) (Oh, and the red clay dirt and making many mud pies.)

I picked up a round abandoned container in the woods behind my house, curiously put my face close to see what was inside and out pops a mad snake! Dropped container and remembering seeing a snake slither out and away while hearing a noise.

See, outgoing-friendly-curiosity aka fearlessness or lack of scary experience can get ya in trouble, eh?;)

Guess, years later, I haven’t completely learned my lesson?? Being a friendly outsider looking curiously into containers…watch out, joanie.

I’m exhausted (not defeated: BIG difference) trying to expand the non-thinkers. The boxers keep boxing. The conformers keep conforming… (aka Close-Minded-Thinking-Claustrophobia-Sufferers who keep on resisting new thoughts!)

Obviously, I’m suffering too…THANK God not from that!!

The beaters of a different drum keep beating… away and the non-hearers just don’t wanna listen, no matter how loud or beautiful the sound cause to them: it’s just NOISE!!! To me, it’s MUSIC. (i love pure music.)

Instead of learnin’ to listen–they tell ya to STOP! or shut up! go away!:(

May be, those are the only tunes/words you know when you’re a precisely choreographed industrial robot…you can’t find your own rhythm (mind to transform to another way of thinking and doing/being.)

(Gimme a break…get Your hearing checked.)

Some will never have/know/achieve perfect pitch, eh?…Cause they only listen to themselves sing off tune.

Living like a transparent 3d (compassion) cube ain’t easy in the land of flat-liners. All the cubes out there know what I’m sayin’ …even when I don’t spell it right/correct (insert ly if you need too).

Fact: The living and the dead don’t know (understand) each other, eh? This I’ve learned…you can attempt resuscitation, but You cannot communicate with the dead. WHY ? waste words on tone deaf ears??? (Cause I care about all ears aka all fragile life. I believe in resurrection of the mind.) In particular, the kind with the capacity for greater compassion.

A crystal cube and a boring box may seem similar, but are so different! A box has solid, visible sides that stop and contain. A transparent cube has no seen sides/boundaries that extend outward into infinity! Yes, a cube has structure and organization, parameters…yet, the structure is not cumbersome; it’s maneuverable. That’s Agape Love, that’s compassion…ever growing, ever moving, rotating, flexing, extending and expanding, transforming, unfolding, jewel faceted…an invisible, infinite compassion cube.

It’s an invisible powerful force.

(“The things seen temporary, things unseen everlasting.”)…That’s 1 description of HOPE. A well-founded hope is worth living for.

Why flexibility and life like a cube?…how else do you live/survive with the stiff ??

Shedding tears and shedding skin essential for wellness. I was reading about tears: 3 different types…”emotional tears that we shed when we feel a strong emotion contain a 24 percent higher protein concentration than reflex tears.”

There are few other ways to say so much in such a brief interval,” explains the book Adult Crying.

Not drowning sorrow/reality much…just enJOYing a rare treat, a mouthful (of black raspberry chocolate chip gelato: Thanks for the gift Chato)while reading-writing/writing-reading this Monday abstraction(s)/reflection(s) of current event(s)/interval(s).

Oh no! Brain Freeze…

“Material that has a transition from a stiff outside to a flexible inside can distribute an impacting force over a larger area,” says researcher Marie-Christin Klein.” ~Snake Skin

In summary of some snake skin…points:  “Snakes need robust skin that can withstand constant friction.” “The unique structure of snake skin allows sufficient traction between body and ground for the snake to be able to move, and at the same time, it evenly distributes pressure from sharp-edged stones so that there is less damage to the skin.” “Material with the properties of snake skin may be useful in the field of medicine, in manufacturing slip-resistant and extra-durable artificial implants.”

Any Take-Away from this rambling You ask?? ummmmm…YEAH: this piece of wisdom:

“[…]so prove yourselves cautious as serpents and yet innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10:23)

in our “compassion” (cube-like) dealings with one another…we are all on the same team: HUMAN/BREATHING-FRAGILE-LIFE…let’s truly listen to and help one another patiently!

I’ll confess: I’ve shed a tear or two for YOU!:(

I’ll cry: GO TEAM!:)


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Shedding Thick Skin

Joan Winifred

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