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Rocking On

shutterstock_145795847My last post: Sick of Numbers? leads me to (now): Sick of Crunchers?! For clarity: not talking accountants.

(Warning: this post is kinda…no, i’ll own it: an emotional rant of frustration and exhaustion.)

Crunchers?? You know! 7 ate 9! munch, munch munch or attempting to crunch crunch, crunch…and not talking lunch!-lol🙂

Yeah, i can laugh a little (at my situation).

I’d like to rock down to: “E”..lectric Avenue!”  E = Escape!

I’m just sorta tired/sick of having to survive/function/(keep compassion integrity) among (some)…(who act like)

narrow-minded, self-saving, appearance-judging, power-junkies…that are suppose to serve/help and/or educate the underdog aka lead with their so-called “expertise” or “title” they’ve so-called earned in their given field and yet…

their “concrete” mission is to mercilessly crunch/kill/put out of commission anyone w/a far-sighted abstraction or blind anyone with clear, 20-20 vision!🙁

(Some don’t like 20-20 vision that puts c-o-r-r-u-p-t-i-o-n in a not-so-nice light, eh? Not a pretty sight? those filling up their pockets full when kids’ bellies are empty!)

Their seeing ain’t seeing. How do (non-compassionate) corrupted eyes look/wear compassion (pure) glasses?!

Also, life can be tough/frustrating for the sensitive in skirts (or pants).

Cause you’re in a skirt (a woman), and talk sweet…some “think” they can crunch/stomp you with their big-bully feet!

Cause you’re meek and don’t flaunt say:

your knowledge, your know-how, (your gadgets) or your job description (which btw: is not anyone’s actual worth description!)…i shouldn’t care IF these “crunchers” think i’m (brain) limited or stupid! and don’t know ANY logic(s)/number(s) whatsoever… (cause i care about process and not just performance)

and it seems…like

All they want to do is hold onto “their job”/i mean pay check…when they don’t know (understand) what their job/value/pay REALLY is!

Is it me and my value/vocabulary system? i thought “priceless” and “worthless” are not interchangeable??!

They’re looking condescendingly…cause they got the latest toys (calculators)..and can whoop it up and make some, that makes them tough to beat aka as “the” winner??…ya, right!  (OOPS! sorry, THANKS for the reminder: i am working on NOT being sarcastic!;)

Actually, I’m feeling somewhat emotionally better now (about earlier)…and I’ll shut up/stop ranting after acknowledging:

It’s not always a fun thing: having to explain/teach “crunchers” that “meek” isn’t WEAK!!! 

Honestly, it’s frustrating when you compassionately “try” to live: Hey, I got your back and I mean it…and some are “trying”/living: “back” let me walk all over Yours and they mean it (as in cruel)!

It’s infuriating to my sense of justice (and frustrating) how some remain in power by walking on the backs of the vulnerable (i.e. children, women, the sick)…

I’m reminded of comforting, ancient, verses where God promises pure/true justice eventually for the maligned/mistreated/maltreated/abused of Breathing-Fragile-Life:

Awake! Awake! Clothe yourself with Strength, O Zion

Put on your beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city!


Shake off the dust, rise and take a seat, O Jerusalem.

Loosen the bonds on your neck, O captive daughter of Zion.

For this is what Yahweh says: “You were sold for nothing,

And without money you will be repurchased.”

I will put it into the hand of your tormentors, Those who said to you,

‘Bow down so that we may walk over you!’

So you made your back like the ground, Like a street for them to walk on.”


How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the one bringing good news,

The one proclaiming peace,

The one bringing good news of something better,


O afflicted woman, storm-tossed, uncomforted, I am laying your stones with hard mortar and your foundation with sapphires. I will make your battlements of rubies, your gates of sparkling stones, And all your boundaries of precious stones. ~excerpts from Isaiah Chapters 51, 52

Today like everyday: yet another opportunity to learn (and express) forgiveness, compassion, patience, justice.

Fellow-Friends of Compassion: Let’s ROCK ON…aka not allow any crunchers to eat us up or keep us down!

Please Keep Promoting Peace and help for the meek!🙂


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Rocking On

Joan Winifred

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