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Less is Strength

shutterstock_92746561Less is strength. More is weakness.

WHAT???!!!! are you talking about girl (unnamed mind) behind the boney fingers typing this text?!

Oh, wouldn’t you like to know. (insert wink now)

Let me think. How to explain in less than…words.

Well, words are all I have to work with for now.

Well, words are all You have to read with for now.

(Hey, we all gotta work with what we got…an obvious truth.) My mind may need more words to find understanding/clarity/explanation/peace. Your mind may need less words. It’s all about vocabulary. Differing minds needing differing vocabulary. United minds use United vocabulary. 

Don’t be fooled, I’m into simplicity.

Rabbit Fence.

WHAT???!!!! are you talking about girl aka being (unnamed mind) behind the boney fingers that just typed “rabbit fence.”

Yes, I love rabbits and Yes, my neighbor almost finished his fence. NO! I mean something else figuratively/abstractly…

It’s aboriginal.

It’s a first love. Change is about losing that first love. IF that first love is healthy: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually than you fight to keep it burning. You hold on to it. This first love fences.

Some like visible fences. Some are comfortable with fences that are tangible. Some like invisible fences. Some are comfortable with fences that are intangible. (Each kind of fence serves a kind of purpose.) Some do not like fences whatsoever. Each way of living with fences or without fences is learned.

Fence Rabbit.

Oh, you need more words for clarity of this post. Here’s 1


Unless You have proof…no one abandons a first love aka comfort zone aka place of refuge (and not just talking person you first loved i.e. Mother, Father, God), it could mean any long-cherished belief or practice, habit, ritual, thought, house, tradition, religion, country, state, school, institution, ship, mind-set whether negative or positive.

Some neighbors/fragile-life need fences for protection. Some carry weapons and guns for protection too.

I carry the intangible.  My neighborhood/globe is a mine/mind field. Walking through my mine/mind field carrying my protective gear?! I have never owned a gun and never will. Yet, my intangible gear (wisdom/compassion/spiritual sword) protects me. It’s guiding my path.

 “You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its strength, how will its saltiness be restored? It is no longer usable for anything except to be thrown outside to be trampled on by men.” (Matthew 5:13)

Compassion education starts in the womb. Change and growth continue in increments. Physical growth may be the easiest to measure or observe, but how can emotional, mental and spiritual growth, wisdom, strength be charted?! May be ? it’s charted by choice…demonstrated by choices that are positive and compassionate. Choices that heal and not harm.

Clear evidence/proof is progressive over time. The tangible cannot trample the intangible. 

You start shedding the unnecessary. Your spiritual needs outweigh your material needs. The compassion walkers aka sages of peace/sages of compassion didn’t carry much tangibly. Didn’t own much. They, perhaps, walked this earth in sandal or barefoot or with the clothes on their back or naked and a morsel of food for the day. They were content with what they had when they had it. They shared, they helped, they facilitated change (aka growth) through example and not force, through gentle-kind word and not through punches or bullets. (i.e., Ghandi, Jesus, etc.) They were packing peace-lol:)

My mind thoughts bring me to 3 young girls: Molly, Daisy, Gracie…small, seemingly weak in appearance. …

Yet, able to walk. 1,500 harsh miles…home: a Courageous Trek. At 14 years of age, obviously, Molly did not lose her first love (aka first education) for her Mother, Grandmother and for Jigalong/her culture. Molly would not be assimilated or reeducated by force, pressure or lies/tricks. She refused to abandon home. Which well illustrates a piece of ancient wisdom:

“Train a boy (or child/youth) in the way he should go; Even when he grows old he will not depart from it.” (Proverb 22:6)

Molly’s walk of courage (or depending on one’s point of view: stubbornness?) teaches much, eh?! It teaches us to examine our daily walks: habits, rituals, etc. ways of thinking and doing. Have we acquired these in our youth? Are they helpful or harmful, unhealthy or healthy? It’s about learning to love what is good for you and learning to hate what is bad for you. Love effectuates change!

(I respect certain positive traits found in Molly and Daisy. The old, experienced tracker could not catch clever Molly.

Also, Gracie’s walk and how she was tricked and taken; never returning to Jigalong…teaches much as well.)

Walking the path of Wellness is about learning to hold onto what leads to compassion and abandon what takes you away from compassion.

As Partners, Caregivers, Family, Friends, Fragile-Life: it’s important to examine our (daily) walking.

Where am I walking?!

Why am I walking?!

What am I carrying?!

What am I packing?!

Is it a spiritual walk?

A walk of Compassion?!

A short walk?!

A long walk?!

A feet walk?!

A mind walk?!

A tangible walk?!

An intangible walk?!

What is my destination?!







Is it a walk of change?!

Or am I walking in circles getting nowhere?!

What is my compass?!

What is my course?!

What is my fence?!

Watching how/where we walk/run is crucial for wellness. For example, chasing my kids today…concerned about their safety and panicking/reacting instead of thinking or watching where I was going…i took a face-first fall…before hitting the hard surface, tried turning so as not to break teeth/nose…the unforeseen fall came too fast to stop/cushion much…a bloody lip will heal. No breaks, may be? bruises.

If we take time to self-examine and think things logically through…perhaps, we can progress through our compassion walks with just bruises and no permanent any Fragile-Life.

If we do unexpectedly fall/trip, get back up and don’t give up!



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Less is Strength

Joan Winifred

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