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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring: The Old Man IS

shutterstock_106330676sneezing! (betcha thought he was snoring, eh?) and I’m not saying anything after.

YEP! you may think otherwise (IF you follow my blogs, which tend to offer something spiritual, at least, I hope so) that after somebody sneezes, I would automatically say, ‘bless you.’ I don’t follow that superstition. 

I believe: we all can BE a BLESSING by LIVING COMPASSION!:)

Oh, AND btw: it is raining today here in Florida. It’s most likely raining wherever you happen to be.

{Raining could also mean dealing with something wet or heavy or snowy or liquidy pouring on your head. (I’m soaked!) Coming down in buckets? Say a challenge/problem needing solving or something pleasant/unpleasant you must deal with that is touching your head (brain).}

Some brains are mathematical/logical…mine enjoys spirituality. Spirituality is divinely poetical…and I LOVE poetry.

WHY?! Who knows. My brain just works like that. Your brain works like? “that” too…your definition of that.

My brain is keeping me from a shower, dirty dishes in my sink, laundry, and various cleaning and organizational projects that are silently screaming JOAN!!

My brain won’t stop…thinking, meditating, worrying, solving??

I wish I could just shut off this brain of mine a bit.

My relentless-learning-meditating-brain-work IS prioritizing my other (physical) work I have to accomplish.

It’s brain bubbling and I cannot resist.

I’m trying to pop this bubble…for now, it’s growing and growing and growing and when it stops or pops: i just don’t know; yet!

I wish I could understand the meaning of “boredom”…or being bored; having nothing hanging over me that needs accomplishing or solving.

Living Compassion Keeps my Brain/Body Busy!:)

This post is a sneeze of snorts (I was thinking sorts and automatically typed ‘snorts’ -lol  I just made myself laugh as I reread what I quickly typed:)…my brain and mind and fingers jumping all over the place, eh? but arriving at the same point of understanding simultaneously together. Boy, and I thought my problem is timing. I feel like I’m always running late or may be ? I’m jumping ahead or too early??!!

I must sneeze these words/thoughts/particles out: before I can get to other responsibilities today…has now turned into night and I haven’t finished all that needs finishing…sneezes are interruptions…and I’ve had a bunch taking me away from (?) and my writing.

This (particular) post is a camouflage and a d`i~s*tract-i-on from pain/aggravation. It’s me coping with something(s)…cope (i am on tract!)...and wanting things to end up copacetic!

Things ? i.e. made a difficult decision, following-through on said decision and also…Tangerine/Tangy the Cat is Very SICK!🙁 For pic of Tangy see: 96 Reasons For Happiness!

Deep down, I believe (hope) things will turn out positively–though, I’m feeling (emotionally) ill (worried/concerned about my kids/cat/etc.) and am finding comfort-help in prayer/ancient-poetic-song/psalm:

With the pure you show yourself pure, But with the crooked you show yourself shrewd. For you save those who are lowly but you abase the haughty. […] With your help I can charge against a marauder band; By God’s power I can scale a wall. […]The true God is the one who clothes me with strength, And he will make my way perfect. He makes my feet like those of a deer; He makes me stand on high places. […]You will rescue me from the faultfinding of the people.~portions of Psalm/song 18

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring: The Old Man IS

Joan Winifred

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