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Afraid of Answers?

shutterstock_101633860Not afraid to ask the questions, but afraid of the answers?!

Some are use to asking or reframing in an abundance on every topic under the sparkling sun…it makes one wonder IF they are running from answers? Or at least, from the answers that plainly and clearly do not confirm their most treasured beliefs!

So, instead of humbly admitting they could possibly be “WRONG” (a word/term/meaning people don’t like too much these days)…cause everybody’s gotta be right…(excuse me, another word some don’t like)…i mean “correct” or in the know…they just ask another question or they go and change the meaning of all words…in the question.

I really got a problem with those who refuse to answer or aka tell the truth! We all gotta answer to someone at sometime. The perpetual: “I don’t know” or silence is, in actuality, indecisiveness or apathy and running from the truth. Is it running from accountability or responsibility?

WHY would somebody be “afraid” of knowing…or understanding the “actual” meaning/truth of something important? Oh, yeah, that’s right…i mean “correct”  because that would result in may be ? a loss of money, prestige, power, pride, control, freedom, sovereignty?

The humble of heart or the lowly of mind don’t just ask the tough questions..they ACCEPT the tough answers. They acknowledge, hey, I guess I need some reeducation or unlearning on a particular topic.

That’s courage…willingness to unlearn or reeducate. Admitting a mistake or admitting being misinformed…takes courage. Change is courage.

Are You Courageous enough to Answer? Can You Handle the Truth?

Running around in a prison cell…could be an exhausting exercise for body and mind…but, it’s just avoidance/distraction…it’s not freedom from reasons you’re in the cell (answers)! You’re still locked up. Those of us, who have had schooling in the hard knocks of compassion or have been set free to a degree,…know that prison/incarceration doesn’t always mean bars and cells. And running doesn’t always mean getting anywhere.  (Or reaching safety.) Overexertion and distraction can be deadly on all fronts.

And: asking questions doesn’t always mean you get the answers you want or anticipate. Sometimes, that means accepting NO! And sometimes, that means not giving up till you find satisfying/logical answers.

Sometimes, it’s accepting a difficult diagnosis such as Bipolar Disorder, etc. Sometimes, it’s just accepting the road/the race set before You…the long haul ahead to wellness. (Sometimes, it’s a matter of learning contentment/appreciation.)

My road is compassion and I know its boundaries…the boundaries of agape love. Any so-called “answer” that tells me to cross the boundaries of compassion and abandon it…is not freedom. (That much or little, I do know.)

Finding meaning and purpose, order and security or certainty in life can be viewed as protection, safety and knowing one’s limits is useful in avoiding danger, actual prison bars or premature death. Accurate knowledge/Truth can be life-saving and life-prolonging.

Accurate knowledge could mean accurate treatment. Accurate relief…not just talking the obvious.

{Yeah, and OUCH!!! I’m learning mine, my limitations…it’s like getting kicked in the stomach or having an ice ball thrown/whipped in your face while your heart’s being ripped out–is that what it takes for me to realize fully or for me to learn??…(stupid girl)…may be, I’ll just retreat now into my quiet little corner of oblivion–never to write again or publish this piece of ? and cry myself to sleep (and not with pitiful word tears all over this post).

It’s painful/it stinks big time…when you realize that you want to fly or THINK you can fly but alas, you’re not a bird and can never be one…fly? how about walk? yeah, and how does a skeleton keep warm/move/walk when she needs a belt and can’t find one for her size 0 pants???

That’s when…that’s when you supplicate!…that’s when whatever inner strength you have, you muster up by prayer/meditation…mental, (spiritual strength) takes over for limited physical strength and you pull yourself up…or at least, you crawl…you fight your way back on your feet…and you learn contentment and you learn to appreciate and be thankful for what you do have and what you can do even if you can’t fly…cause

Life, no matter what the lot, is PRIVILEGE!:)}

SORRY and THANKS to You: any reader who happens to still be patiently reading this whatever you want to call it of a post…Enough of my emotional editing interjection. I’ll get back to some logical/poetic point now; hopefully:

Oh, yeah..what was it?;)

I may own a cool car: I want the freedom to drive it anywhere I want when I want!…however, is it freedom or just plain stupidity/recklessness to go against the car manufacturer’s manual?…and for example, decide to fuel it with whatever is laying around close at hand i.e. banana peels or orange rinds, garbage instead of gas?! (It may work in Back to the Future, but this is NOW and sadly, I’m not driving a time machine.) How far will I get?? I may put my foot on the gas… If my hands are not directing the wheel, where am I headed? Off Course! Of course, IF wisely decide to put “necessary” fuel requirement in aka gas…yet, I’m not watching where I’m headed and not steering the car, ending up…off course and of course, I’ll crash and most likely–get hurt or possibly die or possibly injure or kill fragile-life in my path.

(Compassion can be a heavy burden to bear (for Partners), but going against compassion is a bigger one.)

I’m thinking/reminded of this piece of ancient wisdom that puts over-confidence in its humble place:

“Let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall.” (1 Corinthians 10:12)

Accurate answers, truth (though painful) brings protective structures, boundaries of safety, stability and self-discipline/self-organization that (in my belief) enhances brain/body positive functionality/wellness. With accurate answers to rely on and knowing your limitations–you know North. You know your next move. You’re not lost. You have the power of truth backing/supporting your choice…making it a wise one. A compassionate one.

You’re breathing Pure Air because You’re AWAKE! (Awake can mean fully living COMPASSION.)

To Stay awake: AVOID toxic-chemical-air aka lies, falsehoods, misinformation, deception, liars, cowards and supporters of non-compassion.

Go ahead, ask me?! Go ahead, answer me?! Can You handle it?!

Sure, You can!🙂 (Can I?)

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Afraid of Answers?

Joan Winifred

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