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184 Reasons For Happiness!

shutterstock_133545767I still exist! Yipppeeeeeeeeee

Obviously, YOU still exist🙂 because You just read:I still exist!

(i wonder how many past readers do not now exist??) Impossible for me to know because I don’t personally know most of my readers. Which is sorta getting annoying;) This one way conversation…Oh you’re right, i talk enough for most people anyway. And am attracted to quiet ones. (And not just because I can do most of the talking.) Quiet I respect. 

Reminds me of 1 way streets…getting lost in a labyrinth of 1 way only turns with no way out. Unless, you get out of the car and fly like a bird high-above the one way streets. Height is fresh perspective.

That’s why I find spirituality necessary. (Without it you’re stuck and may be ? headed no where or in endless circles of hopeless frustration.)

We are surrounded by the concrete. Material things smack us in the face everywhere we turn. Stuff, items, things we can see and touch are like 1 way streets that trap us and imprison us. You cannot see wind, it freely flows everywhere. It flows in and out of any tree labyrinth, mountain, house in its path.

It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around quiet when there is just sooooo MUCH to say. Maybe, when I run out of thoughts, and words and feelings…I will find quiet. I search for it. It eludes me. I can’t catch it for long. But I’m happy about the chase…cause to chase means to live.

Full of words, do I live life to the full?

Tangy is now quiet. Yet his food bowl and his pleasant places scream out to me. His meows are silent. Before, I couldn’t hear his bowl, now I hear it loud and clear.  SHUT UP BOWL!!!

I wonder how the rodent, lizard, snake, frog population here in our neighborhood will be impacted?

May be I will be silent now?…or before long ? and will any population be impacted?

Well, IF You stop reading my posts…do I cease to exist?

My hearing has changed…I don’t hear my next door neighbors any longer. But when I see their house, it talks. The sweet neighbor who recently died (BTW: she was a chain smoker) and her daughter moved back home. She did want to quit, I just tried to comfort her and encourage her in her life journey. Tangy, he lived his life and his flame burnt out. I wish I had some matches to reignite some sparks.

All I can do is fan any flame that now exists…or comfort, encourage or understand or help…a little. The one who started the original fire/flame (aka God) owns the matches…not me. The owner of the fire/matches can choose to ignite or reignite or snuff or not.

I know You don’t need my help…what can I offer?? You have what you need. Be content with what you have while you have it! Take care of what/who you have. And don’t pursue what you “think” you want down a dead-end 1-way street. Taking on more materially or otherwise is just more responsibility. Please! continue in your spiritual journey of compassion!🙂

Appreciate All BreathingFragileLife that crosses Your path and IF we could all be a little kinder and encouraging and helpful…may be we can help each other keep the flames of Agape love burning bright!:)

Today, January 31st…Time to count Reasons for Happiness:

184. Flame(s) and Fire(s) and Match(es)

183. Cat Meows and Knowing Tangy

182. Talking and Silence and Hearing and Height: Mapping Labyrinths

181. Colorful New Sneakers (aka running shoes that cushion reality’s impact)

180. Competent and Caring Pediatricians (i.e. Dr. Cromer & Dr. Hegarty) that helped me stay well as a kid and are now helping my kids (all kids) stay well!

179. Vacations (mental or otherwise) from worry and stress and the meaningless mundane

178. Florida Winter…(shorter and more tolerable than winter anywhere else.) Winter can also mean immediate challenges that are smacking or kissing me in the face. Winter is a temporary season. Each season has its beautiful surprises.

177. VERY Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong-wick Flames aka wellness: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical!🙂

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184 Reasons For Happiness!

Joan Winifred

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