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176 Reasons for Happiness

shutterstock_105605423It’s 10:10 a.m. on the 23rd of January, 2014. (Coordinates of time.) Coordinating is a feat. Coordinating minds and hearts to the same beat, same space or on the same page to the same note/thought/time = Compassion Coordination.

Agape Agility? The ability to let agape love govern thought(s), choice(s), action(s).

Agape accomplishes (pure) Justice.

Here is 1 description of the Greek term Agape Love and Phileo Love:

“The definition of agápe, as given in Strong’s concordance, contrasts it with the verb philéo, which is affection as for friends. Then it says that philéo is “chiefly of the heart,” but agápe chiefly “of the head,” and defines agápe as, “the judgment and the deliberate assent of the will as a matter of principle, duty and propriety.” “So it is love based on principle, involving primarily the mind, not one’s emotions. It may or may not include affection and fondness. It is not unfeeling and cold. Yet it is not ruled by feeling or sentiment, but is guided or governed by principle.”

I also understand it to mean: a person does good (well) to the object of his love because it is the right (correct) and (well) good (unselfish) thing to do. (For further context please read: A Leader’s Language: Are You Fluent?)

Unity boils down to education. Reminds of a rhyme: a verse of ancient song: “Look! How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in Unity.” (song/Psalm 133:1) I enJOY this ancient songbook.

Song(s) and music has a distinct way of uniting minds, hearts and voices. Who doesn’t love a love song??

(In particular, one written, dedicated or played personally for You!:) 

IF the whole world read and sang these ancient-wise-agape-love-songs-Psalms…would we hear global unity?!?

Would we see a world-wide Brotherhood of BreathingFragileLife singing (aka living) together in PEACEFUL HARMONY?! 🙂 

Agape Music Education

Did You know? [This songbook (Psalms) found in the ancient writings of the] Bible is considered by some millions as a love letter from a (heavenly) Father to his (earthly) Children…instructing them in ways of happiness, peace and longevity of life. (As a Mom of 4, who wants the best for her children, I find that belief interesting.)

I wish YOU and the Whole-Wide-World PEACE, HARMONY and HAPPINESS!:)

Right now, right here: at Partners in Wellness our watches are coordinated.

It’s TIME: to count, reflect and ruminate our MANY Reasons for Happiness:

176. Agape Agility

175. Playing ping-pong with my kids: fun!

174. Home-baked biscuits by Hub-by-YUM-MY!:) -LOL (i’m not cryptically talking about any bun in the oven)..just describing my breakfast: biscuit bundles stuffed with vegan Mexican style seasoned veggie protein crumbles (zero fat) and soy (cheese alternative) flavor mild cheddar and garlic, etc.

Wishing I could actually share breakfast/these biscuits with all of You, along with some of my Red-Goji-Raspberry-Green Tea. Yeah, I’m chowing while composing!;)

Hoping this blog will be Yummy Breakfast Brain Food for YOU! (or lunch depending on when I publish or depending on how many work interruptions there may be.)

173.Yucky?! (Nah?!) Agape Autopsies aka honest self-examination and honest self-interrogation, etc. of honest reality. (See Post: Agape Autopsy)

172.Winter and…white rooms (can be aka clean minds or cleaning minds or organizing minds or coordinating compassion).

171.Writing with a red pen (passion, inspiration, encouragement, truth, pure heart)!!!

170. Goose bumps and chills up spine and chattering teeth (cause cold).

169. Invigorating Cold and Burning Heat…experiences from extreme weather/climate/habitat…physical, emotional, mental, spiritual…(growth and/or change of heart/mind/thoughts/actions). Weather is transforming or Minds transforming weather. (Or Coordinating Mind(s) and Heart(s) with agape/compassion education.)

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176 Reasons for Happiness

Joan Winifred

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