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168 Reasons for Happiness!

shutterstock_107413697Hi Psych Central & Beyond!:) You know the deal. You know what day this is??

It’s the day you: WAKE UP!

It’s the day You get out of your comfy bed and toss your comfy pillow.

Toss what’s keeping you down.

It’s the day for shedding some sticky skin. (It’s a day to get fresh skin.)

Don’t worry, shedding some tears is good for you.

It’s time to sweat! It’s a day of NO REGRET! It’s a day for Compassion Action!

(Passively sitting on the sidelines gets you nowhere…you must move. Move mind then move body!)

We all need some exercise including me…let’s flex our Agape (Brotherly/Sisterly) Love.

Whether we watch the clock or not…it’s still ticking. Are You a clock stopper?! Sunset will come even for you.

What will you accomplish today?! Your life/time is too precious to waste on the irrelevant, mundane and petty.

So…forgive and

Get out there and do something kind and not just for yourself!:) You know who needs You. You know who needs something only you can give… A smile, a hug, a word, a gift.

Please: GIVE it. You’re a giver: We need more givers like You:) in this desperate world of despair run by takers, takers of time, takers of life, takers of money, takers of homes, takers of family, takers of preciousness!

Whose heart can you help heal?! When you help, you heal your own heart too!🙂

It’s the day to venture out of your drowsy, comfort zone that’s keeping you tired and exhausted mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually down. Get UP! Get Happy!

It’s time for a diet change aka mind surgery. Cut out the negative. A change from the negative and violent to the positive and peaceful (aka healthy spiritual food) will add to your wellness and the wellness of AllBreathingFragileLife.

Today, you don’t take lies for answers and fake medicine for your real pain. Today, you control yourself. You don’t let yourself be negatively manipulated by junk-food media or scheming-selfish liars.

True (accurate) Science and True (accurate) Spirituality will help you manage accurately what’s important: time, life, top priorities, compassion choices, relationships, family.

Today, January 15, 2014: OH YEAH!!…We’ve got plenty of Reasons for Happiness: 168 of ’em!!

Help me count? THANKS!

168. Rising before Sunrise

167. Accomplishing Compassion before Sunset

166. Life-Saving Mind Surgery: 1 instrument needed: steel crowbar. 1 surgeon needed: precise teacher.

165. REM aka Rapid Empathy Movement

164. Emotional Tears aka Healing tears

163. Accurate Science and Accurate Spirituality aka Progressive Truth…

(Beware: not found from phony oracles, fake fortune tellers aka lieing spirit mediums aka tricky ventriloquists looking for your money or more!)

162. Reset buttons that change brains for the better! 🙂

161. Shelter and shield…”You are my shelter and my shield, For your word is my hope.” (Psalm119:114 so sings a biblical poet to his True Friend/God-Yahweh who cannot lie nor disappoint.)

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168 Reasons for Happiness!

Joan Winifred

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