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160 Reasons For Happiness!

shutterstock_148016636I don’t feel like writing this post entry!

As fragile-life “attempting” to live up to my word, and show any “sincere” reader(s) that I do what I say (e.g., this Reasons for Happiness coping tool every 8 days)…here I am composing.

Trust building is a value to me…anyway.

It’s been a tough day on a few fronts! (Various details I will keep private.)

1 front: early, (very cold for FL) morning wake up to Sad news. Hubby goes out to get the paper, I notice out the window a twenty-something neighbor crying and him consoling. Immediately, I run out the door bare foot (and not appropriately attired for a skeleton with the drastic FL temperature drop that greets me once outside). I know something dreaded has happened! Her Mother, my next door SWEET neighbor, died. She passed away today…very early morning. I feel so sad for this young woman who has to face life without her Mom whom she calls her best friend.

Well, we tried our best to comfort and console our neighbor. Tonight, the kids and I got her food and flowers. Her Mother had been sick before she became our neighbor. She moved here from one of the M states…I think “Michigan” ? in hopes that Florida weather would help her. (We’ve known her relatively short time.)

This morning I was feeling badly for not getting to hospital to see her before she passed away. We’ve had some previous very nice, in-depth conversations and as with most conversations of mine…IF in my control…I “try” to leave on a positive, high, peaceful note. Cause who knows when/IF I will see or speak with this person or anyone else again?!

Hubby, kids and I sent card and drawing up to hospital for her via her daughter…but, still I wanted to see her and wasn’t anticipating her dieing…well, not in this time frame. I regret not making the opportunity sooner to see her. Hubby reasoned that getting the card and drawing from the kids…was sufficient to express our love and concern considering circumstances, etc.

It’s funny cause around noon time I notice out the widow another neighbor…1 I’ve been avoiding, he’s 91. (Our family has been neighborly kind to him numerous times and I have had neighborly conversations in the past giving him plenty of benefit of the doubt. He has help and I see folks check in on him, etc.)

Today, I made it a point to wish him well and told him about our neighbor passing away. (Keeping it brief, I don’t have to put up with a creepy, great grandpa making any moves on me!) My compassion conscience/compass is clear and  at 91..he could possibly be the next to go.

I know my sweet neighbor is resting in peace and not hurting and suffering any longer! I view death as a sleep-like state of inactivity/non-existence/non-suffering.

Her head is quiet.

Not to offend anyone, but I don’t believe she’s in heaven or hell. (Just like a flame burns out and is no more.) For any further context, please read: Plat-”O”…didn’t know! or 152 Reasons For Happiness

My head is pounding and my heart aching. Plus, my 10 year old daughter got very sick this afternoon–among other happenings today. Just one of those days, eh? I hope the homeless here in Fl (and elsewhere) have shelter tonight! I hope You have shelter and are well. May Your Flame burn long.

Hope You, my Reader(s), are having a pleasant day/night…or IF not, perhaps, this forth coming list will help us both feel better?

I want to get some rest in peace.

Here goes: my Reasons for Happiness: 160 and counting (on a tough/exhausting day) January 7, 2014.

160. Tough Days that provide many compassion opportunities!

159. Cold days to express warmth through compassion

158. (Forgiving and) Respecting Older Ones’ Lives and Deaths

157. (Forgiving and) Respecting Younger Ones’ Lives and Deaths

156. Neighbors who are Kind and not Creepy

155. Comfort and Consolation

154. Cold Air, Dark Night and Moon Light…bare feet, warm heart

153. Done Day, Good Night and Pleasant Dreams!…of ?🙂

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160 Reasons For Happiness!

Joan Winifred

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