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It’s Hammer time…and joanie’s got one!…and you/u can’t touch this! -lol:)

(Well, that’s what the Wiggles & MC tell me anyway.) What do You tell me? What do Scientists, Leaders in their Field(s) and/or Religionists, Doctors, etc. tell me? The truth?? hmmmm…(the jury may still be out?)

It’s time to hammer some truth. To hammer, “zax” or … beat, forge, shape, form, mold, fashion, make…hammers good for making things and driving nails in place or breaking things up or aka in 1 on-line dictionary: “attack or criticize forcefully and relentlessly…”

{Schools in: Pay attention PLEASE!! or go play…(you need some exercise/brain or other, don’t ya?? As you know, sitting in front of the computer screen or other screen/filter too long, reading my stuff or other stuff, is not too good for Ya…get up and move-okay?! You can start by moving Your mind! 🙂}

1 quote about a topic of fascination: MIND:

“For those who have eyes to see and minds accustomed to reflect, in the minutest cells, in the blood, in the whole earth, and throughout the stellar universe . . . , there is intelligent and conscious direction; in a word, there is Mind.” ~ (Word(s)/noteworthy point(s) bolded by moi) Quote in mid-1800’s by: British biologist Alfred Russel Wallace who agreed with Charles Darwin on the theory of evolution by natural selection.

A Divine Mind?!

4 (or more): Related things about this topic: Intelligent, Conscious Direction: Mind aka Divine Mind:

“For [God’s] invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship.” ~ Observed 2,000 Years before Wallace, in 56 C. E., written at Romans 1:20 by Paul aka Saul, a distinguished lawyer who studied under the famous lawyer Gamaliel.

Science, Fiction, Allegory, Discovery, FACT?!

Many people, however, are unaware of the fact that Christendom’s leaders, including so-called creationists and fundamentalists, have spun the Bible account of creation into numerous tales that deviate from what the Bible really says. These interpretations fly in the face of scientific fact. Even though those tales are not found in the Bible, they have caused some people to dismiss the Bible account as mythical allegory.

The real Bible story of creation has gone largely unnoticed. This is a shame, for the Bible actually presents a very logical and credible explanation of the beginning of the universe. What is more, that explanation harmonizes with scientific discovery.

The Bible states that God created “the heavens and the earth.” This broad statement, however, makes no reference to the length of time involved in creating the universe or to the methods he used to shape it. What about the widespread creationist belief that God created the universe in six literal 24-hour days? This concept, widely rejected by scientists, is based on a gross misunderstanding of the Bible account. ~excerpted from The Untold Story of Creation

Points to Consider:

  • The Bible frequently uses the term “day” to designate various periods of time. In some cases these periods are of an unspecified length. The account of creation found in the Bible book of Genesis is one example of this.

  • In the Bible account, each of the six creative days could have lasted for thousands of years.

  • God had already created the universe, including a lifeless planet Earth, by the time the first creative day began.

  • The kinds of animals and plants created by God have obviously undergone changes and have produced variations within the kinds. In many cases, the resulting life-forms are remarkably different from one another.
  • The Bible account of creation does not conflict with the scientific observation that variations occur within a kind. ~excerpted from The Untold Story of Creation

Behind every mind or within every mind, personality is to be found, eh?!

Some personalities are likeable or unlikeable, loveable or unloveable, attractive or repulsive. The way Christendom (through words and actions through the centuries) as so-called reps (representatives) of “The MIND” or “Divine Mind” aka “God”…make this mind/personality/God illogical and unloveable to millions! Christendom’s abuses of power and authority, the mass murder of millions, so-called “shepherds” who skin/fleece the flock of all their money and control minds through robotic ritual and so-called “holy” days, abuses against children, women and various religious agendas make this “divine mind/divine personality” as depicted/spun by Christendom–totally unapproachable and repulsive to most.

Like any famous or infamous person, there is a lot of hype and circulated rumors/falsehoods. To know anyone well…you dig deep, you research, you communicate, etc….some are buried by lies. A question for contemplation: is the actual/REAL Divine Mind/Personality/God hidden by Christendom??

So, joanie, WHY are You hammering away at this topic of Divine Mind??…as a Partner to a Person with Bipolar Disorder, I have learned (over time and with education, patience) to separate or distinguish the “REAL” person or real Mind/personality from the disease or disorder or “symptoms” of Bipolar.

Bipolar Disorder can manifest in unattractive, repulsive ways…but, this is NOT who the real person is…the person/partner we love is NOT the disease! Compassion teaches: You attack the disease not the person, you treat it, you destroy it…your loved one recovers.


When You contemplate the Amazing Universe and our Beautiful Planet Earth and all of its organization, order, beauty and complexity of design, Unity, Love, etc….Could this be the same sort of thing happening with the Divine Mind: is the Real Person (aka God) being hidden/concealed/camouflaged by the disease/disorder/disunity/hatred found in Christendom?!

Whatever ails us, Bipolar Disorder or Other Disorder…wouldn’t You agree, fake (aka counterfeit) science, fake (junk) information, fake (junk) government, fake (junk) medicine, fake (junk) religion, fake (junk) food…is NOT the cure!

The sick..all of us…turn to many places for help and comfort, answers, recovery including: science, education, government, medicine, websites, blogs, religion…You name it. Let’s just make sure what they offer is what they deliver. In other words: their “yes” means “yes” and their “no” means “no!” Does anyone mean anything IF their word means nothing?! Do their actions back up their words?! 

What kind of “mind” will any of us prove to be: likeable, unlikeable, lovable, unloveable, trustworthy or untrustworthy, attractive or repulsive?! What discoveries will any of us make concerning any mind (including the Divine Mind)?!

Here’s utterances attributed to the Divine Mind:

 “So my word that goes out of my mouth will be. It will not return to me without results, But it will certainly accomplish whatever is my delight, And it will have sure success in what I send it to do.” (Isaiah 55:11)

And God said: “Let there be light.” Then there was light. (Genesis 1:3)

All i’m sayin’: Discard the Fake and Keep the Real. Some choose to make all sorts of resolutions/promises/words for the new year. Will any of our words prove true or successful or delightful?

BTW..nothing compares to true words (and the benefits of compassion they bring)…cause (the) fake just can’t touch this: (the) real (deal)!

Personally, among Family, Friends and AllFragileLife, i’m into: Keeping it REAL in 2014!🙂




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