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Archives for January, 2014

Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

184 Reasons For Happiness!

I still exist! Yipppeeeeeeeeee

Obviously, YOU still exist:) because You just read:I still exist!

(i wonder how many past readers do not now exist??) Impossible for me to know because I don't personally know most of my readers. Which is sorta getting annoying;) This one way you're right, i talk enough for most people anyway. And am attracted to quiet ones. (And not just because I can do most of the talking.)...
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Tears for Tangy

Tears for Tangy

How many have i shed?

surging rivers fed

why?...he's dead:( :( :(


Tears for Tangy

The Amazing Feral Hero of the Neighborhood!

A Hunter, a Provider, a Giver of Gifts at our Doorstep stood

TALL like a King!..a Lion with a ringed-tail in a...
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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring: The Old Man IS

sneezing! (betcha thought he was snoring, eh?) and I'm not saying anything after.

YEP! you may think otherwise (IF you follow my blogs, which tend to offer something spiritual, at least, I hope so) that after somebody sneezes, I would automatically say, 'bless you.' I don't follow that superstition. 

I believe: we all can BE a BLESSING by LIVING COMPASSION!:)

Oh, AND btw: it is raining today here in Florida. It's most likely raining wherever you happen to...
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Apathy and Indifference

Rocking On

My last post: Sick of Numbers? leads me to (now): Sick of Crunchers?! For clarity: not talking accountants.

(Warning: this post is , i'll own it: an emotional rant of frustration and exhaustion.)

Crunchers?? You know! 7 ate 9! munch, munch munch or attempting to crunch crunch, not talking lunch!-lol:)

Yeah, i can laugh a little (at my situation).

I'd like to rock...
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Sick of Numbers?

I'm sick of numbers (hopefully momentarily)!

I sorta have this love, like, dislike and hate (strong dislike) emotional entanglement with numbers. An attraction, distraction, fascination and aggravation of mind-wrapping relationship with math.

I prefer words. I love words more. Numbers I tolerate. Numbers I like less.

I love facts. Sometimes, brain just jumps to the solution/answer and doesn't want to bother with calculations, estimations or projections. (Statistics are alright.)

I live in a world of try to take...
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coping tools

176 Reasons for Happiness

It's 10:10 on the 23rd of January, 2014. (Coordinates of time.) Coordinating is a feat. Coordinating minds and hearts to the same beat, same space or on the same page to the same note/thought/time = Compassion Coordination.

Agape Agility? The ability to let agape love govern thought(s), choice(s), action(s).

Agape accomplishes (pure) Justice.

Here is 1 description of the Greek term Agape Love and Phileo Love:

“The definition of agápe, as given in Strong’s...
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Agape Autopsy


Dirty, muddy, grassy feet: shoeless running to glass.

Clean hands surgically tear inside precious organs: my brain, my heart, my kidneys, my lungs, my muscles, my meat true-blue-blood is all splattered bright-wine-red on this (blog/elsewhere/grass) and

dripping wet and fresh for any Irises that see.


My inner essence--naked and and still: searching for peace (**** * precise *******) .

To be seen "as is"..."what it is"...a glorification? or a humiliation? or a...
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Less is Strength

Less is strength. More is weakness.

WHAT???!!!! are you talking about girl (unnamed mind) behind the boney fingers typing this text?!

Oh, wouldn't you like to know. (insert wink now)

Let me think. How to explain in less

Well, words are all I have to work with for now.

Well, words are all You have to read with for now.

(Hey, we all gotta work with what we obvious truth.) My mind may need more words to find understanding/clarity/explanation/peace....
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