184 Reasons For Happiness!

shutterstock_133545767I still exist! Yipppeeeeeeeeee

Obviously, YOU still exist🙂 because You just read:I still exist!

(i wonder how many past readers do not now exist??) Impossible for me to know because I don’t personally know most of my readers.


Tears for Tangy

Tears for Tangy

How many have i shed?

surging rivers fed

why?…he’s dead:( 🙁 🙁


Tears for Tangy

The Amazing Feral Hero of the Neighborhood!


Sick of Numbers?

shutterstock_168922493I’m sick of numbers (hopefully momentarily)!

I sorta have this love, like, dislike and hate (strong dislike) emotional entanglement with numbers. An attraction,


176 Reasons for Happiness

shutterstock_105605423It’s 10:10 a.m. on the 23rd of January, 2014. (Coordinates of time.) Coordinating is a feat. Coordinating minds and hearts to the same beat, same space or on the same page to the same note/thought/time = Compassion Coordination.


Agape Autopsy


Dirty, muddy, grassy feet: shoeless running to goodness…over glass.

Clean hands surgically tear inside out…my precious organs: my brain, my heart, my kidneys,


Less is Strength

shutterstock_92746561Less is strength. More is weakness.

WHAT???!!!! are you talking about girl (unnamed mind) behind the boney fingers typing this text?!

Oh, wouldn’t you like to know.