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Swimming the Ocean of Emotion

shutterstock_24687391How do you find contentment in despair?

How do you stay afloat in an ocean of emotion?

How do you find relief when you cannot spell it? or define it?

How do you think clearly when your head is aching-throbbing-with-unbearable-pain?

Letting temporary, fleeting feelings, deceptive emotion(s) rule thought(s) and action(s)/choice(s) is unstable, dangerous living!  Stability is found in logic. Stability is found in self-control.

Emotions: Positive or negative are Contagious!

Some of us are very sick with them, in particular, the negative kind (oxymoron?).  Some are bullied, beaten and overpowered by their emotions to the degree of (seemingly) helplessly throwing all reason, sensibleness and wisdom to the wind.

Chasing after wind…it tosses you here, there and everywhere. It tosses You against rocks….against sharp objects, etc. Don’t lose respect for wind. Gentle breezes quickly whip up into destructive tornadoes. Self-regulation or self-control is VITAL for wellness. Controlling one’s thoughts, emotions and actions is critical. Without any self-control one is ultimately drowning in the ocean of emotion.

(Water is power…The more you drink…The more you know. Salt? or Fresh? Contaminated? or Pure?)

Spirituality and faith: can serve as an anchor.

My faith is:

Freedom from

Affliction caused by lies

Integrity to

Truth based on reasonable, clear, intelligent evidence/ progressive, practical facts

that bring


Faith takes WORK. Not everybody likes work.

Faith is acquired. Faith is trust. Faith is earned.

Nobody makes you faithful or faithless.

Actual faith is not credulity. (That would be stupidity-lol:) Faith is organization of beliefs.

Excerpt from my post Plat-”O”…didn’t know!:

Everybody lives their faith…whether one is religious or not! You have faith, the sun will come up tomorrow. You have faith, at Starbucks–you’ll find coffee. You have faith, the daily news will be shocking and sad. You have faith, you do your job, you’ll be paid. You have faith, if you cross the street at a green light–you’ll get hit by a car…

What kind of faith, IF any, are You building?!

As Partners in Wellness, achieving “wellness” whether that is mental, physical, emotional or spiritual involves a measure of Faith aka “accurate knowledge.”  IF our information/knowledge on any subject is misinformation that is misleading us into poor choices…we are endangering our life and possibly the life of our partner/friend/relative/fellow-fragile-life.

THANKS my Reader(s) for reading these thoughts on organization!

Self-control is basically self-organization. Some of us are more organized than others…personally, I’m always learning/working on organization and expressing it more fully in various aspects of my daily living. For example, Hubby is very structured with certain stuff/elements of daily living that I admire and respect. My children are learning responsibility.

Don’t get me wrong: My functioning is organized (to me), but it’s not rigid, inflexible…i’m not super structured about timing of events in my life…it’s more of a “purpose” rather than a “plan”  in my daily living/daily goals, etc. and not necessarily a letter of the law, etched in stone-type thing. Some function with everything scheduled in their life from the minute they wake up to the second they go to sleep. (Wow, amazing self-control, eh?) I manage my flow of time and flow of responsibilities differently. It’s sorta like whatever needs to take place when it needs to take place…takes place. Takes priority. It’s very movable. (It can quickly change or quickly stay.)

“Make sure of the more important things.” Phil. 1:10

“Pour que vous puissiez verifier les choses les plus importantes” Phil. 1:10

I LOVE organization in all its various forms. (It is a general topic of fascination.) The organization of the Universe. The organization of education. The organization of daily living. A lot of things in life simply boil down to: love and organization and compassion.

 “Supply…to your knowledge self-control.” 2 Peter 1:5-8

Self-control aka self-organization is a vital quality for elevated quality of living. A lot of pain and misery can be avoided IF we learn to exercise self-control.

(A fuller measure of wellness can be achieved through mastering self-control…Just thinking (virtually out loud): IF we, as partners/fellow-fragile-life, exercise more self-control: our interactions/dealings could be more gentle and refreshing, comforting and compassionate instead of: OUCH! biting and abrasive or hurtful.)

I will take that advice: exercise self-control and end this post…NOW!

PEACE to YOU! Happy Swimming..the ocean of emotion with self-control!:)


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Swimming the Ocean of Emotion

Joan Winifred

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