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My Gratitude List 13-24

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Partners in Wellness have lots for which to be Grateful!


Today is December 24th and here’s my Gratitude List:13-24: (For related context check out: My Gratitude List 1-12)

Special THANKS to my Son, L-P, for helping me video the evening of the 23rd. THANKS to Hubby, Chato Stewart, Mental Health Humor for his editing today: December 25th!

13. Flowers: fresh and silk

14. Snow

15. The Genuine aka Pure in Heart: The non-deceivers.

16. Minds on Music

17.Tradition Breakers and Truth Seekers aka SURVIVORS…YOU!:)

18. Guitars…air or other

19.FREE Outsiders living (AGAPE aka Real Love) outside popular boxes shaped by conformity and fake ritual (that’s a mouthful)(i.e. box(es) of non-compassion, materialism, fake religion, etc.) notice: it’s just an empty box stripped of its fancy wrapping paper…worthless…a box worth tossing and not worth recycling, eh?!

20. Non-compulsory giving aka Year-round Cheerful givers (and cheerful receivers)!:)

21. Silver rides aka safe family transportation that picks up only compassion (hitch) hickers

22. Long-lasting classic, (Bubblicious) sugarless gum…i pop my own bubbles. Come on, you know you have some bubbles to pop…go for it!

23. Token(s)…of affection(s)

24. Hot Chocolate/Coco…YUM…mmmmy!

Going my way? I’m looking for compassion riders: Let’s leave this violent/dieing/selfish/deceptive town behind, okay?? Choose Narrow (Authentic) LIFE HIGHWAY…now!:)

Ready? to pop some bubbles? say (toxic) soapy ones…Sure, You are: with toxic soap in your eyes, how can you see clearly or clearly choose??

For me, the pursuit of accuracy or honesty IS the pursuit of compassion. It’s the pursuit of shedding (discarding) the false/fake. It’s choosing the REAL life…real/awake living/awake choosing.

(Well, IF you’re not up for any bubble popping right now–PLEASE don’t read on.)

The roots of Christmas are found, not in Scripture, but in ancient pagan festivals, such as the Roman Saturnalia, a celebration dedicated to Saturn, the god of agriculture. Likewise, according to their reckoning, devotees of the god Mithra celebrated December 25 as the “birthday of the invincible sun,” says the New Catholic Encyclopedia. “Christmas originated at a time when the cult of the sun was particularly strong at Rome,” about three centuries after the death of Christ. ~ excerpt: Christmas Sun-Worship Renamed

Children the world over adore him. In one recent year, the French postal services received nearly 800,000 letters to him–mainly from children between three and eight years of age. With his bushy white beard and red robe edged in white fur, the affable figure of Father Christmas (Santa Claus) seems one of the most popular aspects of the holiday festivities. Can you imagine, then, burning an effigy of him? That is precisely what took place just over 50 years ago in Dijon, France. On December 23, 1951, Father Christmas was “executed” in front of some 250 children.

What was his crime? The newspaper France-Soir reported that this execution was “decided upon with the agreement of the clergy, who had condemned Father Christmas as a usurper and heretic” and had accused him of “paganizing Christmas.” This was a “symbolic gesture,” a communique declare…”falsehood cannot awaken the religious feelings of children and is no way a method of education.”

Indeed, in the March 1952 issue of Les Temps Moderns (Modern Times), ethnologist Claude Levi-Strauss called belief in Father Christmas “one of the most active hotbeds of paganism among modern man”  and stated that the church was justified in denouncing this belief. Levi-Strauss also noted that the origins of Father Christmas can be traced back to the king of Saturnalia. The Saturnalia festival was celebrated in ancient Rome from December 17 to 24. During that week, buildings were decorated with greenery and gifts were exchanged. ~ excerpt: The Myth that Refuses to Die

The Encyclopedia Americana says: “Most of the customs now associated with Christmas were not originally Christmas customs but rather were pre-Christian and non-Christian customs taken up by the Christian church. Saturnalia, a Roman feast celebrated in mid-December, provided the model for many of the merry-making customs of Christmas. From this celebration, for example, were derived the elaborate feasting, the giving of gifts, and the burning of candles.”

Check this out: (I’ve highlighted noteworthy points.)

In his book the The Trouble With Christmas, author Tom Flynn “set out conclusions reached after years spent researching Christmas”:

  “An enormous number of traditions we now associate with Christmas have their roots in pre-Christian pagan religious traditions. Some of these have social, sexual, or cosmological connotations that might lead educated, culturally sensitive moderns to discard the traditions once they have understood their roots more clearly.” – Page 19.

“After presenting a mass of supporting information, Flynn returns to the basic point”: “One of the great ironies of Christmas is how little of its content is truly Christian. Once we dispose of the pre-Christian elements, most of what remains is post-Christian, rather than authentically Christian, in origin.” –Page 155. {You know what i’m questioning: Has Pope Francis read this book or the New Catholic Encyclopedia which acknowledges: “The date of Christ’s birth is not known.” ? Also, I’m wondering IF: he has indeed studied/researched the life of Jesus Christ or the Bible ? because no where to be found is any historical or sacred record/any evidence indicating Jesus taught his followers to celebrate Christmas.}

Pursuing Compassion means pursuing authenticity and accuracy! (Personally, I’ve spent years researching this topic myself–i encourage You to research “Your” own belief system for accuracy and authenticity as well!) For related post Please see: “In” formed & Un-in-formed

Hey, shouldn’t so-called leaders (religious or otherwise) value authenticity and accuracy aka honesty?!

REAL leaders do. (Any authentic leaders out there?!)

You’re REAL right?!..You’re an Authentic, Compassionate Person, right? aka an EducatedCulturallySensitiveModernBreathingFragileLife!🙂


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My Gratitude List 13-24

Joan Winifred

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