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Moving The Wheel

shutterstock_39705466Listen, OBVIOUSLY, I didn’t invent the wheel. I wasn’t around…in case you need reminding of this “obvious” truth!

Is it my fault…this wheel may run you down?! or over?! Am I the force behind this wheel?! (Do I really give this force energy?!)

not really

I’m not into taking credit for what I haven’t done..

May be ? that’s a cop out…may be ? that’s me not taking responsibility? May be ? that’s just avoidance. May be ? NOT!

YOU (the one that doesn’t care… or know what I’m talking about: it’s the law of love.)

You’re learning this law

Can I really make you learn anything?! We all learn at different speeds and limits and in different ways…

I’ve been studying law…mostly superlative law: AGAPE…for many, many years…

I didn’t create the laws of the universe! Agape, Gravity was here way before me. I can’t see it, but I sure do believe it!

What did You create?!…OH…

a blog! words on a page…words mean nothing IF there is no value (honor) behind them!! IF the person behind the words doesn’t live up to the words…words drop…hang…prove untrue…these words are meaningless fabrications aka lies…NOTHING!! Nothing worth my time, nothing worth worrying about or editing…whatsoever. Nothing worth reading. Nothing worth caring about, eh?!

Who cares about words, anyway??...we care about the person behind the words or we don’t care about the person behind the words…so, the words don’t always motivate/move us…touch us.

Let’s face this “obvious” truth: nobody cares what I know or don’t know…One cares IF I care…or you care to know IF I care…about you…(that’s how this superlative law is interpreted by me…anyway). Do my interpretations matter…NOPE!

(I hope, You, all my Readers know I CARE about your well-being, your long-term wellness/longevity…or I wouldn’t bother writing).

and that’s why the wheel works…turns, moves forward, energizing onward:….LOVE!!

love is about relationship…it’s words backed up by deeds. (May be ? you have a lot of words and not a lot of deeds…to back up the surplus? don’t know.)

YEAH, Words can mean nothing…or something. To me, my words are meaningful…I don’t waste my words…my words are my tears, they are my blood on this page. They are my sacrifice…of ****! Words could mean my death. Words could mean my immortality.

Time will tell?

and how would I know what the words of an invisible person mean…and for sure?! Without trust, what do I/you have??

w-o-r-d-s…letters/symbols on a page…floating around as a virtual cloud on the internet sky…skies rain or is it reign?

Compassion reigns…and rains everyday!…I’m bowing my head to compassion…I’m surrendering to compassion, I’m submitting to compassion.

(It’s like the kid game of mercy…and i’m yelling: MERCY, MERCY, MERCY…please.)

A person that gets off playing with my mind…? Sorry, no soft and fuzzy, cuddling, coddling word sacrifices today…but you is what it, you have to accept it, right?! (BTW: my name/label designation is j-o-a-n…rhymes with stone, an unmovable stone!…joanie is the softer version that flexes and adjusts and squirms when necessary and bends).

Isn’t that what self-control is: knowing when to stop and when to move…when to stand straight and when to bend…or get out of the way…before say: a wheel runs you over…(is it my fault you don’t know how to move out of the way?! or don’t listen IF i yell: watch out!)

(I wonder what designation or destination: you would call me?)

In life:

You have no choice or do YOU?!…

for you to decide..if that’s what you actually do: make decisions??…you RUN from decision!…you seek comfort in your circles of indecisiveness and indifference. You seek comfort in lies–so, you don’t have to face your truth, your reality of who you really are….You could be a lingerer…oops! sorry is that a judgment?? SORRY, I’m sorry…I’m not meaning to judge…though, it sounds so…Can You handle judgement? It’s like alcohol. Some can hold it down, some can’t. You can handle it. You know it all already. I’m not a drinker. I’m a sipper.

So, I have no problem resisting meaningless words…aka loveless words.

What does paper money mean to you? It’s symbols on a piece of paper…those symbols change and fluctuate, crash…people rest their hope in this flimsy piece of paper: a piece of imagination aka an unreality aka a delusion of unending protection!

All bubbles pop…even the paper ones, even the plastic ones.

That grandfatherly-speaker (referred to in my last blog Bring “It” On and Bring “It” Out!) used a visual aid…held up money…African Money printed with an extremely high value written upon it…equivalent to pennies or not much of anything in American money.

The speaker’s point: governments put a value on their money. Governments change. They come and go…so, does the invented value or their invented paper/money.

I value people over paper!!!

So, when you read these words on this page…you put a value on them/you put a value on me…IF my words mean something or nothing to you. (It’s a good thing I don’t know your value system, eh?-lol:) and that’s the point…sorta.

A wheel set in motion…where it goes: how would I know? Where it stops: how would I know? Unless, you tell me specifically for sure. (i.e. hey joan or joanie or freckled faced girl- that was helpful or not so much.)

The law of love…exists…and

can I really make anyone love me or make anyone hate me or…make anyone live love…or

make you value me or make you devalue me???

If one wants love…try being lovable. Treat and value others like you want to be treated and valued. 

Real love has the real deeds to back the real words…the happy words and (the happy deeds), the sad words…the agony words, the pain words, the pretty words and the ugly words…and the accompanying deeds.

Love is skillful at throwing away FEAR. Love knows what to keep and what to throw away.

Will I throw you away? Will you throw me away? Who knows? May be ? I’m a keeper and may be ? you’re a keeper ….to somebody.

(The maker of the wheel: that somebody….loves me! that I know and for sure. That’s who will keep me…going.) Going can also mean living.

“Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous. It does not brag, does not get puffed up, does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury. It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things…LOVE NEVER FAILS!”

2 songs are simultaneously playing loudly in my head…which one will win out and end up, perhaps ? published in this post IF I publish this?

mustering up energy, motion, love and courage to hit…a button labeled “publish”…making my “private” words under my control, in my head and on my fingertips…out of my head, out of my grasp and out of my control: “public”…

I know love, but I need mercy/forgiveness 2…can you give me some?..just a little, teeny-weeny mercy!..yeah, you did finish reading this post so–THANK YOU!:)

Imagine how far all of us will get…move and go…in life…in relationships/partnerships…with a little more fuel of forgiveness/mercy:


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Moving The Wheel

Joan Winifred

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