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Feed Me More

shutterstock_162653261Cut it Out! I knew it!

Hey, I’m not trying to be a (k)no(w)-it-all…but “You” sorta make it easy and you sorta make it difficult!  (Don’t take this as a “I told Ya so”…it’s not that!) It’s sorta a plea for PATIENCE PLEASE!!

Come on, I KNOW YOU KNOW…the meaning of patience! Is it my fault, you don’t like the meaning??

Learning patience does not mean learning boredom…a word that does not exist in my vocabulary as a busy Mom/Partner/Fragile-Life. Learning healthy patience is the ability to keep busy with worthwhile wholesome activity and deeds while waiting.

Inactivity is a dangerous zone. It’s a sedentary state of logistics: mind, emotion, physicality and spirituality locality. Being stagnant and/or festering are 2 places a mind/body should avoid in the pursuit of wellness aka compassion.

How can one be active in a state of starvation? (In particular, spiritual starvation.) When a person is spiritually starved, a lack of compassion manifests itself…in a rut of inactivity…manifesting in a lack of compassionate words and in a lack of compassionate deeds.

Is it my fault, you’re learning to acquire some: patience? Can a tool of any kind help being a tool? I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed…but nevertheless, I am what I am…(for now). (I didn’t create myself.) I didn’t create tools. IF You’re not entirely convinced of this, please read: Moving The Wheel

Why don’t You like to wait? With a fast metabolic rate, how can you help being hungry?! Who wants to wait to eat? We all need food…and…processing is living plus:

You’re like a little chirping bird…chirp, chirp, chirp. Tweet, tweet, tweet, eat, eat, eat…feed, feed, feed…me NOW!…cause I’m hungry cause I’m growing fast!

Though, I do enJOY a “good” bird tune. Yeah, some of my favorite music comes from birds…nature’s benevolent music plays wordlessly even when not asked.

Baby birds need lots of food, huh?

Sorry, shall I call You Seymour?? -lol…My label’s not Audrey and my life, Yes I do have one, sometimes involves others things than writing/feeding…(for the record…whatever one is playing: L-P or not).

Well, You already know I LOVE birds. SO! cut it out and don’t use that against me, please!:)  I’m NOT falling for a Venus Flytrap either. (If my blood is required…than it is required. I mean, I don’t want to be blood guilty for somebody’s blood/life.) And If I have the means to feed and withhold food…that is a terrible error on my part against compassion.

A Mother’s, A Woman’s, A Writer’s work is NEVER done, eh?!;) It’s a lot of work, responsibility…to help feed! (To feed is to comfort.) Well, when you do care that is and about nutritious brain/body/bird food..or spiritual food. Cause spirituality is an important component of wellness. It’s appropriate nutrition at the appropriate time for healthy mind, healthy emotion and healthy body.

My brain/head is cooking: Thinking! Feeding: reading and writing and writing and reading and Digesting/Dispensing, etc., etc., etc,…meditating, applying energy as I compose this…birdie blog food.

This (somewhat abstract) blog conversation, thus far, pops to mind…or (in other words) reminds me of: a man who humbly ate food given him by Ravens. A powerful prophet described as a person “with feelings like ours.”

He knew what it felt like to be afraid. He knew what it felt like to be hungry. He knew what it was like to be in hiding for your life. He knew what it felt like to be exhausted. He knew what it was like to feel spent (and not talking shopping). He knew the weight of compassion. He knew the burden of living it!

Would You feed a crying birdie? Would You accept food from a Raven? To be a cheerful, gracious  giver or to be a cheerful, gracious receiver requires humility, pure hunger, honesty and patience, eh?

Have You heard about Elijah before?! Actually, he’s an intriguing, Biblical person/ancient person/leader who felt modern-day feelings. Any modern-day person or leader could learn something of value from him.

I’ll explain aka share a little tidbit: cause this post will be nothing more than a snack for you: Some don’t get snacks or often and certainly not by those who dispense fake food or who could care less.

I’m always grateful for mine, my nutritious snacks…when they do come my way!

Would You give Thanks for a snack, a little morsel of sustenance??

Some snacks are pretty tasty…talking concretely now: my 8 year old daughter and I tried this new snack thingy: we took rice paper and sprinkled it with grated cheddar/mixed cheeses…nuked it in the microwave for a minute 30 seconds or so…yummy! It turns out like a crispy chip.

Back on track: what can I tell You about this spiritually minded man named Elijah?! For 1: “how” can learning something about this long-gone dead-guy…help me in my partnerships/relationships/life I’m living right now?! Good question: I’m not sure IF I can answer that fully with this little snack of “a” post.

Bon Appetit & Here goes:

A person with feelings like our own is an ally. A person who gets it and gets us. A person who knows pain. A person who knows suffering. And to know suffering and pain means you might just know how to alleviate it. Teachers of compassion must know and experience pain and suffering, on some level, in order to understand relief and compassion to a greater degree. You cannot teach what You do not know. And to really know it, you have to taste it. That’s just how it works…no getting around it. We all have to taste the repugnant/the sour, at sometime, IF we want to know and delight in the sweet, eh? A person who knows weakness, but is not helpless. A person who knows power, but is not abusive.

Here’s a very intriguing question! A question I read in an article about “Elijah” regarding “power”…notice this excerpt of points I enJOYed:

 If you had unlimited power, do you think you might, at times, be tempted to make people do things your way?

Imagine meeting a man so huge and powerful that you feel intimidated by him. However, in time you notice that he seems gentle. He is ever ready and eager to use his power to help and protect people, especially the defenseless and vulnerable. He never abuses his strength. You see him slandered without cause, yet his demeanor is firm but calm, dignified, even kind. You find yourself wondering if you would be able to show the same gentleness and restraint, especially if you were that strong! As you come to know such a man, would you not begin to feel drawn to him?

The prophet was on the run, fleeing for his life. He felt alone, frightened, and discouraged—as if all his hard work had been in vain. To comfort the troubled man, God/Yahweh/Jah vividly reminded Elijah of divine power. The wind, the earthquake, and the fire showed that the most powerful Being in the universe was there with Elijah.

Elijah claimed receiving power/super-human strength/energy (from a True God he worshipped) to endure difficulty. (Thus, Elijah’s name.)

A compassionate God who’s power was uncontainable…it wasn’t in fire, earthquake or wind aka nature’s forces. As the creator of fire, wind his power could not be contained in any of his creation. A God whose power is stronger than any fire, any wind or any earthquake…could certainly help Elijah in unexpected ways including the simple act of feeding him when hungry and if necessary by Ravens. Ravens carried him food twice a day while he was in hiding. (BTW: Ravens are considered by some the most intelligent of birds. “For a bird, they display ability in problem solving, as well as other cognitive processes such as imitation and insight.”[71])


All of us are in hiding in one way or another, eh?…we may be hiding from a diagnosis, hiding from a problem, hiding from the truth/reality, hiding from grief, hiding from someone or something difficult to face (i.e. parent, boss, partner, etc.)…hiding in words, hiding behind letters, hiding behind masks, hiding in cliffs…

As Partners, Friends, Caregivers of One Another and Caretakers of Our Beautiful Planet and All-BreathingFragileLife inhabiting it: Let’s use whatever power/smarts we possess to help each other in times of need. We all get hungry!

In particular, are the unhealthy hungry for comfort. Feeding our hearts, our minds, our bodies with nutritious, wholesome food is a survival must…whether that is physical food or spiritual food.

When we cultivate qualities such as patience and humility, we wield our power kindly…we render/accept help or give/accept food from unusual places/unusual breathing life e.g., even from Ravens!:)


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Feed Me More

Joan Winifred

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