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Bring “It” On and Bring “It” Out!

shutterstock_145381219Are You feelin’ it?!

Oh yeah, I’m feelin’ it!!

And what is “it” …you’re wondering, huh?!

You kinda need to know what “it” is before answering my initial question, eh?! 😉

“It” is other than a big sneeze, though my allergies are acting up…among other things acting up…

the daily PRESSURE IS ON!!! (pressure can also be subtle, seductive gradualism aka erosion)

And I’m resisting the squeezing, sneezing (and melting)!…a big bear hug is 1 thing and this is quite another and I will NOT conform!…I will e-x-p-a-n-d…I will f-l-e-x…I will meditate…I will pray…I will work…at throwing this anxiety/burden ? off my mind and shoulders…I will try or die…HOPEFULLY not!

I object borg: “resistance is NOT futile!”:)…It’s survival, it’s life!

And may be? You’re thinking: what else would you expect joanie: it’s Monday: start of a new work week, new stresses, new caring and giving-compassion challenges/responsibilities…aka learning new skill(s) opportunit(y)ies…

Please God: help make my life lessons easy today…

Over the week-end, kids and I went with some friends to an educational event Sunday. To my delight, I met this Very older-wise-gentleman…he gave this incredible lecture/motivational talk that I found encouraging (and was hoping the kids would learn something valuable, too).

Who couldn’t use a sweet-genuinely-caring-wise grandpa in your life?!

A “real” grandpa I would describe as:

A wise and protecting grandpa is not a fake character in disguise…uttering ho-ho-ho. This “real” grandpa whispers words of wisdom. A grandpa who doesn’t require you to sit on his lap and doesn’t care if you’re naughty or nice before passing out presents. A “real” wise grandpa plants trees and avoids centuries of cutting customs that endanger your breathing and/or the health of our planet. The kind of grandpa that is always in town to help and doesn’t just show up for a party or a cookie.

(Personally, I enJOY learning a lot from older folks/elders with years of  living wisdom/experience to help us younger folks..not sure ? how old he/the smart grandfatherly above-mentioned speaker is… 80’s+?) I took some hieroglyphics…trying to decipher my notes to share an interesting point or 2 with You.

For me, I’m into growing my mind and growing my spirituality (may be ? that’s why I’m too skinny)…which is an aspect of my wellness. I have come to believe through the taste and see method/approach of acquiring “accurate” knowledge/understanding/evidence/wisdom that my over-all well-being/wellness must include not only my mental state, emotional state, physical state, but most importantly my spiritual state.

The grandfatherly-sweet-speaker used the illustration of trying to know/describe a banana to someone who doesn’t know banana.  None of us really know banana till we taste it, eat it ourselves. When we taste it and experience it’s nutritional value, it’s flavor…that it’s good for us…only then do we accept banana! We learn to love banana.

BTW: bananas are 1 favorite fruit of mine. I enJOY the taste and texture…I could live off bananas. When we taste and experience for ourselves that the “banana” (or whatever you want to call it) is good…we are not deceived nor scammed by others who may tell us…hey, banana is bad for you. Or IF offered/tempted by a counterfeit banana…we refuse because we know/have gained through taste and digestion/energy the benefits of banana.

So through taste/experience/energy, we learn what we love or what is good for us. Through experience “taste” we learn what is not-so-good for us…what we hate or are repulsed by. “We are not tempted by what we hate.” An example, some hate the taste of liver. YUCK!!

Another example he gave was smell…some don’t like the smell of skunk…when offered skunk shampoo or parfum would you accept?? (oops, sorry speaking/writing English…I mean perfume) Or say, the smell of decaying flesh..No, we don’t seek out what we hate, what repulses us…what is offensive or repugnant.

So with this illustration in mind: As Partners, Caregivers, Friends, Fragile-Life…what can help us along our path of wellness and the needed adjustments we all need to make (including myself very much!) in transforming our dominant mental attitude/state…from negative to positive…from unhealthy to healthy or from not-so-good/bad to better/good for us?…is hating what is unhealthy, negative, not-so-good/bad for our well-being…our mental well-being, our emotional well-being, our physical well-being and our spiritual well-being!

Hey, it’s not easy to hate over-drinking, over-eating, over-medicating, violent or non-compassionate entertainment, over-partying or etc., etc. If we learn to hate what is bad for us…we pursue what is good/healthy for us! e.g., We avoid junk food whatever form it takes…either for the mind or for the body. We choose…


Learning to love what is good/compassionate for us is half the battle–may be ? the easier part (depends)…the other part is learning to hate what is bad/non-compassionate for us.

I’ve been meditating about this lecture/talk and it’s true: when we learn to pursue what is healthy for us and avoid or hate what is unhealthy for us…we may, for a time, feel like we are just exchanging one set of challenges for another set of challenges…however, the outcome is different: it’s positive! We learn to stay within healthy boundaries…that protect us: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We learn to avoid what endangers, hurts or damages us or our relationships/partnerships/family/friends/global brotherhood.

So, does that make me FREE to do whatever I want, whenever I want?!?

What kind of freedom do I choose? Healthy freedom? or Unhealthy Freedom?

Reality check: my choices make me a  slave to the freedom I want/desire…

Am I free to smoke? Am I free to drink? It’s my choice:

Do I want to be free to experience lung cancer or emphysema?! Or do I want be free to run a race and breathe properly?

Do I want to be free to experience liver damage? Or do I want to be free to experience liver function?

Am I free to have unprotected sex and/or sleep around?

Do I want to be free to experience STD’s or unwanted pregnancy/parenthood? Or do I want to be free to experience sex that is safe/stable relationship and a wanted pregnancy or wanted parenthood?

Everyday we are confronted by pressure(s) to choose and/or pressure(s) to conform to customs that are popular or not…or choices that bring us closer to wellness or bring us further from it. Choices that give us more time, more life, more air. Choices that bring happiness, pleasure and peace or choices that bring pain, heartache, needless suffering.

You cannot chose without consequence!

So IF we must choose: Be careful. Be smart. Be safe.

Desires can be deceptive. (Fodder for another post perhaps)…Unhealthy freedom is aka slavery to suffering.

As Partners, Friends, Fragile-Life: can’t we help and encourage the pursuit of freedom that is healthy and adds to our global happiness, global unity and global peace, global compassion?!

“Unleashing Power”: Practical Proverbs: Try it: Taste it:

 “The plans of the diligent surely lead to success (or advantage), But all who are hasty surely head for poverty.” Proverbs 21:5

“The Shrewd one considers his steps.” Proverbs 14:15

Quick Take Away: When the heat is on, bring it out…be shrewd, be diligent, be wise! Love what is good/compassionate/healthy for you/fellow-fragile-life/our planet and hate what is bad/non-compassionate/unhealthy for you/fellow-fragile-life/our planet.

PEACE and Longevity to YOU!🙂

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Bring “It” On and Bring “It” Out!

Joan Winifred

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