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152 Reasons For Happiness

shutterstock_102714938Hey! How are YOU?!


My flow of time has been a tizzy…(I’m dizzy)…my brain is recovering; I think! -lol

Life has been super-duper busy and then some (and some more). I’ve been meaning to get to this list all day. Just jumping over obstacles, phone calls, kids and cats, (tears) in my path to the keyboard. It’s that time of the year…end of year round up of (work/projects) loose ends, etc…and unexpected event(s).

Besides being active in our community, and among friends…these past few days…an older gentleman friend of our family passed away. He was 72. Very intelligent, loved music, played guitar and sax….a professional photographer. Most importantly, he was a friend of compassion and an educator. He and his beautiful wife of 50 years set an outstanding example of compassionate living. They both positively helped and touched so many lives including mine!

His memorial/funeral service/talk was different than most…actually positive and uplifting. Though tears were shed…sometimes, these events turn into a family/friend reunion of sorts. We exchanged happy stories about our mutual friend. We ran into so many people we hadn’t seen for quite a while which was encouraging to know they are doing well and happy to see us.

Who wants to go to the house of mourning?! Not me. But, the house of mourning forces You to contemplate deeply and reflect on a life well spent, an example worth imitating…You also reflect on your own life course and choices. This man made a real, lasting “name”…a positive, compassionate one among many. He made wise choices…his time and life was not wasted.

I go to pay my respects and hope to comfort his widow. And she consoles me and encourages me (for feeling badly I’ve haven’t seen them in a while)…with a beautiful poem about friendship recited by heart…about how life keeps us busy (or separated) and we may not always have the time/circumstance we want to physically spend with those we would love to spend actual time with. (I wish I could remember it.) Her poem brings me to many tears, and her inner strength and faith impress/strengthen me!

She needs no tissue. She is at peace. He is at peace. Amazing…grace??!

Besides hugs and comforting words, beautiful music was played and a moving song/poem of faith sung (by His Widow) and Others:

Life, like a mist, appears for just a day.

Then disappears tomorrow.

All that we are can quickly fade away,

Replaced with tears and sorrow.

If a Man should Die, Can He Live Again?

Hear the PROMISE God Has Made:

He Will Call, The Dead Will Answer.

They Shall Live At His Command.

For He Will Have a Longing For the Work of His Own Hand.

Friends of Our God, Though They May Pass Away.

Will Never Be Forsaken.

All Those Asleep Who in God’s Mem’ry Stay,

From Death He Will Awaken.

Then We’ll Come To See All That Life Can Be:

Paradise Eternally.



For He WILL Have a Longing For The Work of His Own Hand.

So Have Faith, And Do Not Wonder,

For Our God Can Make Us Stand.

And We Shall Live Forever, At The Work Of His Own Hand.

(Not a dry eye after that singing, eh?)

Today, Monday, December 30, 2013, Time at hand to reflect, while living, on Our 152 Reasons For Happiness.

Life is precious! YOUR LIFE IS PRECIOUS! 🙂

1 week of time living/learning = 7 days + 1 day/next day number 8…buying out time for stopping, reflecting, meditating, recording, listing, ruminating, appreciating, expressing, rejoicing: another 8…HAPPINESS FACTORS/CONTRIBUTORS multiply and no matter what the matter??! whatever the unexpected/emergency and/or Special weekly circumstance(s) or weather (fleeting/changing emotional climate or otherwise) that may arise in our lives.

Keep Counting aka Keep Living:

152. The House of Mourning (and not just the party house/house party)! Opportunity for change and growth and deep reflection of life choices. (For sorta related post see: Mourning or Morning?)

151. Moving Music that touches all your senses…including Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Fingertips and Your Toes.

150. Time with Family/Friends (Reunions)

149. Tears and bearing/enduring the weight of love, life and death

148. Togetherness and Separation = endurance

147. Unity of Heart and Mind among Fragile-Life: produces multiple beautiful things beyond words.

146. Singing!

145. Sleeping/Resting in Peace: alive or dead…(preferable alive).








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152 Reasons For Happiness

Joan Winifred

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