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128 Reasons For Happiness

shutterstock_102364993Hey & HOORAY! Today is December 6th. We have 128 Reasons for Happiness to contemplate!

1 week of time living/learning = 7 days + 1 day/next day number 8…buying out time for stopping, reflecting, meditating, recording, listing, ruminating, appreciating, expressing, rejoicing:

HAPPINESS FACTORS/CONTRIBUTORS multiply and no matter what the matter??! whatever the unexpected/emergency weekly circumstance(s) or weather (fleeting/changing emotional climate or otherwise) that may arise in our lives.

*Please Take Note: This on-going (at times non-thematic, random, rambling or poetic) list/reasons is a Coping Tool for Partners, Caregivers and Others

Counting or attempting to measure our Happiness: Here we go…

128. Parents who Protect and Provide for their Kid(s).

127. StrongBondslikeSuperglue (including and aka active covenants aka Compassion  Expressions e.g., AGAPE)

126. Sharing Pizza and/or Groceries with Friends (or those in Need).

125. Genuine Friends/Brothers & Sisters who are Generous (with Love, Forgiveness, Patience, Guidance and Help)!

124. Trimmed bangs that don’t impair one’s vision aka figuratively cutting off what impairs functionality of positive living (with sharp scissors to get the job done aka abilities, skills, mindset: determination, fortitude, follow-through, wisdom to know what, how, why and when, etc.)

123. A clean house and a messy house = organization and various stages of learning and growing in skills

122. Quiet Younger Ones and Talkative Younger Ones : Talkative Older Ones and Quiet Older Ones = Direct or Indirect Communication among BreathingFragileLife

121. Clouds …all kinds! “Can You raise your voice to the clouds to cause a flood of water to cover you?”

“Can you send out lightning bolts? Will they come and say to you, ‘Here we are!'”

“Who put wisdom within the clouds* (or *within man) or gave understanding to the sky phenomenon (or “to the mind”)?”

“Who is wise enough to count the clouds, or who can tip over the water jars of heaven when the dust pours into a mass and the clods of earth stick together?”

“Do you know the laws governing the heavens, or can you impose their authority on the earth?” (Biblical excerpt: Job 38:33-38)

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HAPPY– Sunny-Cloudy-Day…to YOU!🙂


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128 Reasons For Happiness

Joan Winifred

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