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Archives for December, 2013


152 Reasons For Happiness

Hey! How are YOU?!


My flow of time has been a (I'm dizzy) brain is recovering; I think! -lol

Life has been super-duper busy and then some (and some more). I've been meaning to get to this list all day. Just jumping over obstacles, phone calls, kids and cats, (tears) in my path to the keyboard. It's that time of the of year round up of (work/projects) loose ends, unexpected event(s).

Besides being active...
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Swimming the Ocean of Emotion

How do you find contentment in despair?

How do you stay afloat in an ocean of emotion?

How do you find relief when you cannot spell it? or define it?

How do you think clearly when your head is aching-throbbing-with-unbearable-pain?

Letting temporary, fleeting feelings, deceptive emotion(s) rule thought(s) and action(s)/choice(s) is unstable, dangerous living!  Stability is found in logic. Stability is found in self-control.
Emotions: Positive or negative are Contagious!
Some of us are very sick with them, in...
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My Gratitude List 13-24

Peace Psychcentral & Beyond!

Partners in Wellness have lots for which to be Grateful!


Today is December 24th and here's my Gratitude List:13-24: (For related context check out: My Gratitude List 1-12)

Special THANKS to my Son, L-P, for helping me video the evening of the 23rd. THANKS to Hubby, Chato Stewart, Mental Health Humor for...
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coping tools

144 Reasons For Happiness!

144! I'm liking that number: a LOT! Counting and wondering IF I'll make it to 3 zeros?!

I started this Happiness List as a coping tool in the aftermath of a not-so-happy (August) 7th day.

Thankfully, off the top of my head, I can't recall "any" specifics which had me sooo upset and why I was shedding sooo many tears that distant day. It is a "forgotten" mystery the precursor to:

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Compulsory Giving or Cheerful Giving?

Getting older, one notices pains and aches in different places. Places/muscles you never fully realized existed. In other words, never fully appreciated.
The pain, the ache suddenly flares out of nowhere.
It's hard to pinpoint exactly the trigger. (Did I overdo it (exercise) this week?) I pushed myself as always. (It's probably due to a lack of enough sleep.) I'm feeling my 44 years that's all (or stress).

Getting older, one notices pains and aches in...
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Wanted: Deserted Compassion Island

Wanted: A Deserted "Compassion" Island.

Must have warm breezes whispering sweet sayings in your ears at all times.

A deserted, isolated, balmy location where one can be lost in anonymity and quiet, peaceful solitude.

Island activity: A pleasant walk along a sandy beach that gently massages your feet.

Prohibited: any big, powerful feet to trample your tiny, delicate, underdog toes.

Prohibited: any big, powerful hand to twist your tiny, delicate, underdog wrist.

Unlimited time to read one unlimited book...
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Feed Me More

Cut it Out! I knew it!

Hey, I'm not trying to be a (k)no(w) "You" sorta make it easy and you sorta make it difficult!  (Don't take this as a "I told Ya so"'s not that!) It's sorta a plea for PATIENCE PLEASE!!

Come on, I KNOW YOU meaning of patience! Is it my fault, you don't like the meaning??

Learning patience does not mean learning word that does not exist in my...
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coping tools

136 Reasons For Happiness!

Happy Week-end!

, December 14th, we get to discuss our 136 Reasons For Happiness!

It's been a whirlwind of special activity this week!  (I almost forgot about today's post.)

Finding surplus time to speculate about (special) stuff while stuff is going on can be a struggle.

Busy Saturday: Volunteer work and laundry, etc.  Mountains of Laundry with 4 kids. I don't use/own a dryer. Living in Florida with warm love clean, fresh...
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Apathy and Indifference

Moving The Wheel

Listen, OBVIOUSLY, I didn't invent the wheel. I wasn't case you need reminding of this "obvious" truth!

Is it my wheel may run you down?! or over?! Am I the force behind this wheel?! (Do I really give this force energy?!)

not really

I'm not into taking credit for what I haven't

May be ? that's a cop be ? that's me not taking responsibility? May be ? that's just avoidance. May be ? NOT!

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Bring “It” On and Bring “It” Out!

Are You feelin' it?!

Oh yeah, I'm feelin' it!!

And what is "it"'re wondering, huh?!

You kinda need to know what "it" is before answering my initial question, eh?! ;)

"It" is other than a big sneeze, though my allergies are acting other things acting

the daily PRESS-URE IS ON!!! (pressure can also be subtle, seductive gradualism aka erosion)

And I'm resisting the squeezing, sneezing (and melting)!...a big bear hug is...
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