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Veterans, Suicide, War and Peace

shutterstock_124583140“If men could learn from history—what lessons it might teach us! But Passion and Party blind our eyes, and the light which Experience gives is a lantern on the stern which shines only on the waves behind us!”—Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

WARNING: Please Read at Your Own Risk! The Topic(s) of  Suicide, War, Death may paint too graphic a picture for some of us sensitive folks (like me). If these topics and word pictures could be an emotional trigger for You, please use your own discretion about reading any further.

What are we learning as InterdependentBeautifulBreathingFragileLife in need of one another and in need of our home, this beautiful planet, Earth??

What I’ve learned as Fragile Life, Partner, Caregiver, Mother, Friend??

Read on If You care to find out;)

The so-called sick need help! The so-called healthy need help! WE ALL NEED HELP (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) including Veterans!

All of us need Peace and no more war!🙂 We all need Wellness! and anger, war, fighting, conflict will not bring us there!  All of us need Peace and no more war IF we wish to achieve Wellness and Longevity of Living!

Levi Derby, who hanged himself in his grandfather’s garage in Illinois on April 5, 2007 […]was haunted, says his mother, Judy Caspar, by an Afghan child’s death. He had handed the girl a bottle of water, and when she came forward to take it, she stepped on a land mine.

When Derby returned home, he locked himself in a motel room for days. Caspar saw a vacant stare in her son’s eyes. A while later, Derby was called up for a tour of Iraq. He didn’t want to kill again. He went AWOL and finally agreed to a dishonorable discharge.

Every day, 22 veterans take their own lives. That’s a suicide every 65 minutes. As shocking as the number is, it may actually be higher. The figure, released by the Department of Veterans Affairs in February. Who wasn’t counted?

~excerpt: Why Suicide Rates among Veterans may be more than 22 a day, Cnn

As Partners, Caregivers, Family and Friends, we must learn to get along! We must learn to freely express compassion small-scale and large-scale IF we hope to achieve wellness and peace!

Are we blinded by our own emotions, passions and desires, dreams of glory, personal causes or causes of our mother nation that we mindlessly repeat tragic mistakes of recent years or of generations long ago??

Are we indeed following a pattern of compassion? Or a pattern of self-inflicted-sorrow-and-suffering??

Please Check out these deep-thought-provoking-points excerpted from article: The Nations are Still Not Learning

One who was “a master of crowd psychology as well as a brilliant orator” was Adolf Hitler. Like many demagogues of the past, says Dick Geary in Hitler and Nazism, Hitler believed that ‘the masses were swayed not by their brains but by their emotions.’ He played on this human weakness by cleverly exploiting the age-old technique of directing people’s hatred against a common enemy—as when he “turned the fears and resentments of Germans against the Jews,” says Purcell. Hitler vilified the Jews, saying, ‘The Jew is the corrupter of the German nation.’

What is horrifying about this whole era is that millions of seemingly decent people were easily incited to mass murder. “How could the people of a supposedly civilised country not simply tolerate but become implicated in the horrific barbarism of the Nazi state?” asks Geary. And it was not just a “civilised” country but also supposedly a Christian country! They were drawn into this because they preferred the philosophies and schemes of men to the teachings of Jesus Christ. And how many sincere, idealistic men and women have been led into horrific atrocities since then!

“What experience and history teach is this,” says German philosopher Georg Hegel, “that nations and governments have never learned anything from history or acted upon any lessons they might have drawn from it.”

“The Biggest Diplomatic Disaster of Modern Times”

“Britain’s declaration of war put the final seal on the biggest diplomatic disaster of modern times,” wrote historian Norman Davies. Fellow historian Edmond Taylor wrote that after Austria declared war on July 28, “sheer muddle played an increasingly significant role in generating [war]. Too much was happening too fast in too many places…The keenest and most orderly minds could no longer digest and assimilate the raw data that were being fed into them.”

More than 13 million soldiers and civilians paid the ultimate price for that disastrous “muddle.” Optimism about the future and human nature also suffered a mortal blow as so-called civilized peoples armed with powerful, mass-produced, newly invented weapons slaughtered one another on an unprecedented scale. The world would never be the same again.” ~Blunders that led to World War

Are we paying for our blunders? Are we paying for the stupid blunders of so-called smart leaders both past and present? Check out this excerpt:

Could a third world war begin by accident? Could statesmen and their military advisers grossly miscalculate risks and cause the loss of millions of lives?

We do not know. But we do know that this very thing has occurred. […] European leaders launched their nations into the Great War, later called World War I, unaware of the magnitude of the horrors to come. “We muddled into war,” confessed David Lloyd George, British prime minister from 1916-1922. Consider some of the key events that led to that horrific slaughter.

“None of the statesmen wanted war on a grand scale,” wrote historian A.J.P. Taylor, “but they wanted to threaten and they wanted to win.” The czar of Russia felt that everything possible must be done for the sake of peace. He did not want to be responsible for a monstrous slaughter. Somehow, though, beginning with two fateful shots fired at about 11:15 a.m., on June 28, 1914, events slipped out of control. ~Blunders that Led to World War

What raw data are we being fed? By digesting insufficient or misinformation are we inviting pain and grief in our lives? Do we want a diplomatic disaster or demagogue destroying our partnership, family or future like in generations past?

All of us can enumerate the centuries long list of negatives regarding war…as well as the mostly glorious? or rather, the mostly horrific outcomes of war! Many Veterans who have survived the battlefield are struggling with a daily/life-long battle/war of mental health issues and/or physical health issues to endure. Their loved ones and caregivers are suffering in different ways right along with them. (Can we be more compassionate to those suffering among us?)

Most of us would like more out of life than just suffering. Do we really want more conflict or more harmony?! Do we want more pain? Or more Peace?? For further context Please read: A Peaceful Mind is a Neutral Mind!

Choose Compassion. Choose Life. Choose Peace.

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Veterans, Suicide, War and Peace

Joan Winifred

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