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SOS Dealing with Difficulty

Water liliesGimme a Break, will Ya??…

(PLEASE!) every now and again IF possible.

You’re being difficult and You don’t even realize to what degree. You’re oblivious. (You’re obvious.)

You can’t help it, though…I know. (It’s the nature of the beast…and I love beasts!🙂

It’s my own fault. WHY…do I let myself care and so much??? (Life must be easy? easier? for the so-called apathetic and indifferent and the so-called cold and the heartless and the ignorant/the know-it-alls… of it all somehow.)

Your head’s in the clouds–come back to earth before you fly off lost into unknown space. My “real” reality/(bubble pop) is checked  and often…

every moment and not always by You.

It’s checked by a bird singing, the wind blowing, my head pounding, my heart beating, my tears flowing, my kids yelling “mom!”

(It’s checked by the morning sunlight peeping in my window and the midnight moonlight smiling at me.)

It’s checked by numbered words on numbered pages. (What number am I?)

The last shall be first and the first shall be last. First, last…the same thing. Top, bottom…the same view.

You’re slick. You’re smooth. You’re cunning.

You hide.

But love has eyes that see…the invisible and ears that hear…the unspoken…the impenetrable. (True love is the mystery solver you need in your life and you know it!…it understands your riddles when you don’t understand its’ riddles.)

STOP speaking so LOUD–ly. Will Ya?? I’m turning down your volume. I’m escaping. I’m amputating my mind. I’m plugging my ears. I’m blinding my eyes…

I’m running to PEACE..that’s my race and your just 1 obstacle...I will jump over You. I will not trip. I will not stumble. I will not fall. I won’t look back and I won’t look behind.

I will resist. I will make it…I will. I WILL.

Acknowledging the difficulty isn’t negativity…it’s facing the biting wind in your face (without a mask) and without wimping out.


Oh, and you’re very smart.  You’re very clever. A thinking thinker!  a Well deep, in your own mind– anyway and to me, too. I may be labeled sweet (by some)…don’t be mistaken, because I speak truth (and I speak vulnerability) that I’m bitter or weak.  No, I refuse to swallow. I refuse the poison. I will not bite your apple. You can’t make me. Snake??

I’m not in that line. (Who likes standing in line.) I don’t mind waiting…

I choose to be better. I choose life. I choose freedom fingertips.

I am a surviving strategist just like You and I hope/pray remaining innocent… I “try” to play fair/just and not manipulate, too much. (I don’t make the rules of the game.)

I’m an opportunist…a compassion opportunist.

I will not be controlled by you. I will not be exploited. I will not be pressured by you. I will use my free will. I will use self-control. I will use my mind. I will use my heart. I will use my hand. I will use my foot. I will use my clear power of reason. (I will use my acquired-through-pain-compassion-skills.)

You presume. You ask the impossible!! You are expecting from me what I cannot give… (and I’m a giver) and You know…that, I would die for you…and I am… inside! I’m laughing and I’m crying. It’s beautiful and It’s tragic and It’s scary. It’s a wonderful dream and an awful nightmare…it’s a swinging pendulum. It’s a sharp guillotine.

and I need some cake. I can subsist. I know the lack of sleep. I know the lack of warmth. I need no pillow.

I know full and I know barren. I know plenty and I know nothing. (A skeleton doesn’t require much, eh?) Though, I hope my bones are not brittle or breaking.

I know truth. I know consequence. I know cause. I know effect….yours!

I am bound by promise. I am bound by compassion. I am bound by rainbow. I am bound by love…to do what is best…for You.

AGAPE is the only logically choice (ALWAYS before me)

I accept my chosen and given destiny. I cannot deny it. But I can deny YOU.

I cannot deny HOPE.

I cannot deny compassion!

I refuse. I won’t accept the unacceptable: hatred, violence, delusion, death, propaganda…NO!

You, this, that, whatever….all of it my pop quiz, eh/aye?…it’s all spelling…all of it my standard test,

all of it a fake, all of it a counterfeit, all of it a ruin leading to ruination…breaking into bits the second you try to touch it…it disappears cause it is nothing at all! Nothing but mist…dissipating.

You’re mist wanting immortality. (But searching for it in all the wrong places.)

(My temperature?? Take it. I’m alive and burning up…compassion thermometer reads/measures up or down, high or low, hot or cold? left or right? am i well or ill?)

I’m an “A” student…or I was...till

I knew You….till I knew

You Mr. pusher of my compassion…………………………………………………………………….to its……………………………….. limit….to its height, depth, width, breath? (Cut it out already….please!)

It’s all a state of SOS…me, You, this whole planet, this whole life, this whole system of things…

needs HELP, understanding, relief, truth, translation! (Like my above-writing, huh?!…a symbolic-composite-like-poem regarding STUFF-lol)

(Who?? What will save us?? from ourselves)

You noticed, right? This song w/ lyrics typos/timing messed up/off…and inserted unexpected images at weird places: well illustrates a few things.  For example, some days are more off than others. Mood swings and unexpected events can throw us off balance a bit and mess up our day(s), our emotions, our heart songs.

Those living with Bipolar Disorder or Depression or other illnesses (and their Partners, Caregivers, Family and Friends), may be trying to communicate their distresses and their need of help, but we just don’t get it. Are we listening or distracted?

Also, If You’re the partner of a person with major mood swings…when something is slightly off…you can’t quite figure out the timing…you try to follow along…IF you know the song/person well-enough…no big deal…you can translate and figure it out/sing along/fill in the blanks, etc….but if not, you’re lost and confused, helpless…and you want to enjoy the song/life but it’s a nuisance and too difficult.

Sometimes when Bipolar Disorder takes over, the person we love becomes a stranger we don’t easily recognize or understand. Communication becomes difficult. We go through the motions of living.

Sometimes when pain takes over, the person we love becomes a stranger we don’t easily recognize or understand. Communication becomes difficult. We go through the motions of living.

Sometimes when selfishness takes over, the person we love becomes a stranger we don’t easily recognize or understand. Communication becomes difficult. We go through the motions of living.

All of us, so-called healthy or not, grapple with many things daily: illness temporary or chronic, pain, selfishness…we all act under influence. IF we could all better communicate, listen, understand each other and act under: AGAPE— we could timely answer each others’ S.O.S.

Here’s an ACT to follow:

“There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” ~ Acts 20:35

To All BreathingFragileLife: “Don’t Worry Darling, I’m listening!”

p.s. and I’m having a NICE Day…and I know YOU will: Have a Nice Day: Being Gentle, Tactful & Helpful

PEACE Psych Central & Beyond!🙂


(Photo source: Found on Daughter’s Computer; don’t know attribution.)

SOS Dealing with Difficulty

Joan Winifred

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