shutterstock_107413697(1)Happy Greetings BeautifulBreathingFragileLife taking precious moments of Your precious life to read this.

THANKS for reading on…Welcome to Your New Day!

It’s a new day, a new month, a new beginning…ahh, time for a fresh start: a nice change. 

To continue being Partners in Wellness, fresh starts essential, eh?!;)

A new day is a new do over. Couldn’t we all use a do over?? My hope each new day is…

I learn something new/wise that will take me further along in my compassion course which will make things a little easier for my next new day aka tomorrow. Learning skills of compassion is a requirement for peace. 

And All of Us want more…(Peace) skills. Peace at home, in our neighborhood, community, globe.

More Peace = More LIFE!

On this first day of November, I was reading something interesting. I love nature. I love transformation. I love learning about courageous acts…acts of change. (That encourage/inspire me to self-examine and tweak my weak/week.) Healthy mental change/thinking leads to healthy physical change/acting. (Just a little tweak could mean so much.)

We think then we act. Guarding our thinking. Guarding our acting…

Think PositivelyAct Positively!

I came upon a life lesson from a…”hermit” crab-lol:)

Check it out:

Read this powerful point: “strip off the old personality with its practices,” just as a crab sheds its old shell so that it can grow.” ~*Is it weak to be gentle?  {Good question..what do you think?}

Gentle qualities: friendliness, warmth, kindness, tact, forgiveness, helpfulness, openness, compassion are NICE!

Nice to experience thereby making everyone’s day pleasant/Nice/refreshing! We all need refreshment. Refreshing interaction is helpful.

Gentleness and tenderness is NOT weakness. It is a strength. It takes mightiness on the inside to display gentleness on the outside, especially when under a provoking crisis situation or dealing with a not-so-nice person.

Sand belongs on the beach not in your eye…it’s an irritant. However, Nice is nice..(speaking of sand/beach been to the French Riviera?) Beautiful, right?! Never taking Nice for granted, I try NOT to be an irritant…emphasis on “try.” My friends’, readers’, kids’, hubby’s reactions may tell me otherwise, however. -lol:) Sorry, oh well, I’ll just keep trying.

“Unlike a crab whose body soon hardens again after the old shell is discarded,”* […] “clothe ourselves permanently with “the tender affections of compassion, kindness, humility, mildness and patience.” (Ancient modern-day practical wisdom found in the Bible at Colossians 3:12. I like ancient wisdom that has proved true (over long periods of time) through application and helpful for relationships.)

Using your vocabulary of choice, what words would you choose to describe Nice?

How about: some description help from Dictionary on-line:

“pleasing, agreeable, delightful or amiably pleasant, kind…characterized by showing or requiring great accuracy, precision, skill, tact, care or delicacy.” “Showing or indicating very small differences, minutely accurate as instruments, minute, fine or subtle.”

Everybody likes to play. Sadly, not everybody plays nice. Can we play nice people? Sure we can with a little gentleness.

Sometimes, in my view, gentleness is patient generosity.

As Partners, Caregivers, Friends, Breathing-Fragile-Life: Let’s be finely-tuned-tactful- instruments-of-gentle-precision…Helpful Instruments-of-Tender-Compassion! What sweet music we will make and All relationships/partnerships will benefit, for sure! 

Anyway, I know You’re having a Nice day…cause…You’re Nice!🙂

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