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AEIO…YOU & Sometimes WHY?

shutterstock_61057867 Do You know Your Vowels? -lol

Of course, you say!

Vowel sounds are very important to some languages. (The vowels to which I refer are the vowels of compassion.)

Compassion is a living language of choice. Living in the sense of an awake state of the mind, a conscious choice of beneficence. A language that is not only written upon the tongue, but indelibly written upon the heart and upon the mind. It consists of vowel tone quality that is pure. Vowels or expressions of compassion are freely and fluently expressed without hindrance or prejudice to all BeautifulBreathingFragileLife. This is no fake fantasy. It is a real reality to those who speak it, those who live it. (We live what we speak, eh?)

In other words, we speak about what we love, what we do, what we know, what fills our time or how we live our life.

Don’t we all need on-going and continuing compassion language lessons? (If you’ve read any of the disturbing news this past week, you would readily agree.)

Choice is power. We are not powerless partners. We can wield our personal power appropriately. (Appropriately wielded power means not misusing or abusing our power. In other words: exercising self-restraint or self-control in thought, speech, action.)

We can choose compassion and make wise decisions that don’t hurt anyone including our Partner, Caregiver, Friend and that positively impact our lives and the lives of those we touch either by our words, our actions or…our posts -lol🙂

Please, read on for further explanation weaved and patched throughout this colorful quilt of a post. Remember, quilts are piece work. Fragments of fabric finds left-over and carefully constructed, weaved and sown together to make a comfy blanket. I will attempt (for clarity: an attempt is not a promise) to weave some pieces together to, hopefully, provide You a comfy virtual blanket of compassion.

Let the sowing begin:

Back in 2008, (read somewhere? Sorry didn’t record reference), that scientists claimed the secret of Stradvarti’s violins…uniformly dense wood made better (excellent) sound. (I know for sure it was back in 2008 because I wrote myself an e-mail note recording this point.)


Check out this current conclusion of 2012:

“In conclusion, based on the well-understood relationships between density, wood stiffness, and internal damping, our results indicate increasing difficulty in sustaining the notion that the classical Cremonese violin makers such as Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu had access to wood with significantly different material properties than what contemporaneous could, or modern makers can, access.” ~Wood Densitometry in 17th and 18th Century Dutch, German, Austrian and French Violins, compared to Classical Cremonese and Modern Violins:

Please check out this interesting article (IF You choose) highlighting violins mimic human voice reciting vowel sounds: Violins Can Mimic Human Voice

Here’s another interesting article and quote: Why Some Languages Sound So Fast

“The DNA of speech — like our actual DNA — makes us a lot closer to one another than we think.”

What does any of this have to do with anything relevant to me and my life and my partnerships, my relationships, my friendships, joanie??

Good question: I’ll “attempt” to answer the best I can. THANKS for Your patience.

A beautiful instrument such as a Stradivarius and highly-skilled-violinist plays a beautiful sound! However, we cannot play on broken strings. If the strings are broken, the quality of sound or if any sound produced is compromised. The tone quality is lacking or non-existent.

Basically, our minds and hearts, the seat of intellect and the seat of emotion…what we play to make sound…or in other words, what we think and feel before making decisions/or living our broken strings.

None of us are completely “sound in mind”…what I mean by that: none of us experiences a perfectly healthy functioning mind and/or body. Each of us has some sort of health concern: emotional, physical or spiritual, mental that needs addressing. Because of this “imperfection/negativity of sound, thought, feeling, health concern”…we, at times, make very poor choices. That’s WHY our vowels (expressions and deeds) get messed up…

“Identifying strengths and weaknesses… A sound analysis system is the most reliable learning tool for improvement of tone quality.” ~Dr. Joseph Nagyvary

We are all broken/weak in one way or another and we all need fixing/help of some kind or another to continue living and progressing toward wellness and longevity aka improvement of tone quality. We are all trying to live or play with broken strings in need of repairing or tuning. Thus, at times, our hearts and our minds steer us or sway us in the wrong direction with disastrous consequences of harmful, poor choices. Poor choices can be foolish choices or choices not based on unselfish agape love/compassion. Choices which ultimately hurt ourselves and others: either intentionally or unintentionally.

“The way of the fool is right in his own eyes, but the wise one accepts advice.” ~Proverb 12:15

Fear not, we are not doomed to poor choice or poor performance…aka being controlled by run-away, negative, selfish desires/emotions/injurious thoughts/injurious practices.

We all need Stradivarius aka sound advice to make sound decisions. Advice based on truth aka clear, thoroughly investigated evidence gathered over time. Millions of Readers who have benefitted by reading an all-time-best-selling-book conclude: Ancient wisdom found in the Bible offers sound advice for modern living.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, But in the end it leads to death.” ~Proverb 14:12

You may be wondering: how is this post a comfy quilt, joanie?

Hey:) you can go read another post that will tell you what you want to hear aka counterfeit comfort. (Too much candy rots teeth.) You know the kind of posts that say: do whatever you want, whenever you want regardless of the hurt, pain or misery caused by being selfish aka Listen to Your heart and follow your “i gotta feel good every moment in time no matter what the cost to myself or someone else” motive (i.e. over-drinking, over-eating, over-consuming, etc.) I have confidence in You my Reader!:) You are powerful! You can take hearing what you need to hear. Which is: don’t trust a heart with broken strings.

 “Whoever trusts in his own heart is stupid, But the one who walks in wisdom will escape.” ~Proverb 28:26

It’s comforting to know wisdom provides escape!:) You and I, All of us, can learn self-control and self-restraint. We can become wise. We are capable of lots of compassion based on applied accurate knowledge/wisdom!

We need self-control. We need to control/eliminate negative thinking and replace it with positive, compassionate thinking. Positive, compassionate thinking leads to positive, compassionate choices/actions.

A lack of self-control is a seriously dangerous place to be (e.g., Tornado, Tsunami effect in real time). No boundary, no limitation, no control, no protection = death! (e.g., Check out any daily news and you’ll find tragic examples of people behaving injuriously due to no self-control, no boundary, no limitation of action that causes their own death or the death of someone else.)

We need to cultivate/learn compassion. We need to learn our compassion vowels well…

a = AGAPE cultivate & express it! Appreciate & analyze situation, choice, consequence, habits and avoid unwholesome association aka corrupting influences that corrode our agape love for fellow-breathing-fragile-life/ aka Influencers or influences of non-compassionate choices.

e = empathize and endure…endurance also means forgiveness. Be forgiving and show some empathy.

= integrity and avoid indecisiveness aka apathy and indifference

o = open mind and open heart and open ear to wisdom and obey it: “one Greek verb expressing the idea of obeying (hy·pa·kou′o; noun form hy·pa·ko·e) literally means “hear under,” that is, to hear submissively or to attend” ~Insight on Scriptures

u = understanding gained through reading/meditating on practical wisdom found in such places as: the Bible

shutterstock_122169271 Why?!?! BECAUSE 🙂 we all want to get betterfeel well, choose well & Be Well Inside and Out!:)

Inside = compassionate thinking

Outside = compassionate doing 


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AEIO…YOU & Sometimes WHY?

Joan Winifred

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