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2 Touchy Topics: Anger & Alcohol

shutterstock_80992672(1)Oh, I know You want to…but, should You? Will You?

Honest, deep, self-examination will help all of us discover: our attitudes, feelings, goals, belief systems/standards for living/values.

Thinking honestly about the person we are on the inside is crucial for wellness.

For example, what kind of Partner, Friend, Caregiver am I? Am I kind? Do I value compassion? Am I helpful to the less fortunate? Am I quick to respond to my partner’s or friend’s needs? Am I honest with myself and with Others in my life?

For example, what am I allowing to influence me? Are my influences positive or negative? Am I allowing myself to be molded by hate? Am I allowing myself to be molded by greed and materialism? Am I allowing myself to be molded by love? Am I allowing myself to be molded by the culture of conservation? Am I pursuing anger? Am I pursuing peace? Am I pursuing wellness?

For example, what kind of communicator am I? Do I really listen? Am I tactful? Am I abusive in my speech and actions toward others and/or myself? Am I sound in mind? (By ‘Sound in Mind’ I mean: Able to control my thinking and feelings so as not to endanger myself or someone else.) Am I making wise decisions? Am I making decisions big and small that are not endangering my wellness or the wellness of someone else? Am I benefiting myself by heeding wise counsel/direction that protects me from hurting myself or someone else?

Transformation can be critical for success. Adjusting, modifying, tweaking, changing our thinking and action can help us attain a broader degree of Wellness. Then, living up to those decisions and promises we make ourselves (and to each other) can be challenging; not impossible.

Am I dropping the ball?

No denying the importance of follow-through and follow-up on what we say we will do!🙂 Who enJOYs tennis when Your partner or friend i.e. server or receiver refuses to hit the ball? No ball hitting, no game.

Let’s begin with meditating, reflecting deeply, about just two areas possibly needing adjusting for achieving greater wellness.

It’s as easy to figure out as basic addition and subtraction. 1+1 = 2…correct? -lol That’s the idea...correct!:) Correcting or modifying faulty thinking can correct/modify faulty acting. 

2 areas that profoundly affect our wellness: what we consume i.e. eat and drink e.g., alcohol and how we handle anger and stress including anger/stress we encounter within partnerships/relationships, etc.

Mishandling anger and stress can lead to misuse of alcohol.

Formula for Transformation:  molding by meditating and putting into practice:

“Let all anger and wrath and screaming and abusive speech be taken away from You, as well as everything injurious. But become kind to one another, tenderly compassionate, freely forgiving one another…” ~Ephesians 4:31,32

Please notice the modern-day practical application of this ancient verse:

TAKE AWAY: Wrath, screaming, abusive speech, everything injurious.

ADD: Kindness, tender compassion and freely forgive!

 “Wine is a ridiculer, alcohol is unruly; whoever goes astray by them is not wise.”  ~Proverb 20:1

“Santé!” “Salute!” “Za vashe zdorovye!” “Chuc suc khoe!” Whether in France, Italy, Russia, or Vietnam, similar salutations ring out before friends take a drink together: “Good health!” Yet, paradoxically, millions of people worldwide are drinking themselves into the grave. ~ Alcohol Misuse and Health

The Encyclopedia of Alcoholism says: “Studies have shown that alcohol causes degeneration of driving skills, including reaction time, coordination, attention, visual awareness and judgment.”

“A key to avoiding the dangers of alcohol abuse is knowing where to draw the line, not between overindulgence and drunkenness, but between moderation and overindulgence. Who can determine where this line is for you? Since many factors come into play, there can be no strict rule about how many drinks are too many. Each one must personally know his limit and stay within that limit.” ~Maintain a Balanced View of the Use of Alcohol

“Do not come to be among heavy drinkers of wine, among those who are gluttonous eaters of flesh.” “For a drunkard and a glutton will come to poverty, and drowsiness will clothe one with mere rags.” ~Proverbs 23:20, 21

Take Away: Stop Misuse and Abuse of Alcohol. Stop Negative Association and Avoid Negative Influences i.e. places and/or peers that may pressure us to over-eat and/or over-drink.

ADD: Honest Limits! Know Your own personal limits on consumption of food and alcohol. Stay within those limits of moderation. Find and associate with True Friends those who help/encourage You to stay within your moderation limits.

  • Let’s learn to benefit ourselves by knowing ourselves.
  • Let’s learn to benefit ourselves by humbly acknowledging areas of adjustments (such as anger or alcohol).
  • Let’s learn to benefit ourselves by following-through on needed adjustments.

Peace and Good Health to YOU and me!:)


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2 Touchy Topics: Anger & Alcohol

Joan Winifred

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