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104 Reasons For Happiness

shutterstock_102365020(1)HI & HOORAY! Today, November 12, 2013, we’ve got 104 Reasons For Happiness

1 week of time living/learning = 7 days + 1 day/next day number 8…buying out time for stopping, reflecting, meditating, recording, listing, ruminating, appreciating: HAPPINESS FACTORS/CONTRIBUTORS do multiply…no matter what the unexpected weekly circumstance(s) or weather (fleeting/changing emotional climate or otherwise).

*Please Note: This on-going (at times non-thematic, random, rambling or poetic) list/reasons is a Coping Tool for Partners, Caregivers and Others.

104. First Responders to Disasters and Crises

103. Disaster Relief Volunteers

102. Comforters of the Heart, Mind, Soul using Comforting Words and Comforting Hugs: “When anxieties (or disquieting thoughts) overwhelmed me (or became many inside me), You comforted and soothed me (or Your consolations soothed my soul).” Psalm 94:19

101. Children Laughing🙂

100. Cats Meowing and Doggies Barking

99. Blankets

98. Socks and Gloves

97. Sugarless Gum












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104 Reasons For Happiness

Joan Winifred

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