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Obvious Truth!

shutterstock_157864709(1)Weather affects us. DUH! An Obvious Truth.

“If you live in a country like Sweden, with five, six months of snow, and the sun disappears totally for like two months, that would be reflected in the work of artists,” he said. “It’s definitely in the Swedish folk music, you can hear it in the Russian folk songs, you can hear in the music from Jean Sibelius or Edvard Grieg from Norway, you can see it in the eyes of Greta Garbo and you can hear it in the voice of Jussi Björling. And you can hear in the sound of Frida and Agnetha on some of our songs too.” ~Benny Andersson

Obvious Truth UNDENIABLE!

(Actually: Obvious Truth is a title to an old poem of mine way back when. At the time, I thought the title quite clever.)

Realistically speaking, we live in a world where we cannot put complete trust/faith/confidence in so-called places of trust, faith, confidence (i.e. government, religion, media, economy, etc.). As Partners/Caregivers/Fragile-Life when making important choices, trust is critical.

Sadly Trust isn’t so commonplace. Obvious Truth: We need to build trust.  We need to carefully examine source, we need to carefully examine spin.

Doesn’t every body like to spin it like a spinning top or like a spider…where will it stop?!

Here: excerpt from an (not-for-profit) article: “Can You Trust the News Media?” {SMART question, eh?}

“Even if facts are as solid as bricks, how they are presented depends on the judgment of the journalist. What facts should be included in a story, and which should be left out?”

“Not all reporters are honest. Some journalists fabricate their stories.” […] Photos can also be manipulated to deceive the public.”

{Scientists and Researchers: do they fabricate and spin??}

Obvious Truth: Times have changed. What shocked GrandPa and GrandMa back in the 40’s and 50’s is quite lame/tame by today’s standards/examples. (Are there any hard or fast rules/standards today/anymore?)

What did parents worry about back then? Their kids smoking or drinking? Their kids’ education?…Chewing gum in school or skipping class or how about food fights in the cafeteria? How does that compare to what parents worry about today?

A “classic” description of a Rat: (specifically: “Templeton” from Charlotte’s Web copyrighted 1952:

That rat had no morals, no conscience, no scruples, no consideration, no decency, no milk of rodent kindness, no compunctions, no higher feeling, no friendliness, no anything. He would kill a gosling if he could get away with it–the goose knew that. Everybody knew it.

Decay happens gradually and one may not notice it occurring.  Has the moral climate of society/humanity decayed? For example since the writing of Charlotte’s Web?

Tooth decay may not become apparent until the pain is unbearable and You need a root canal or oral surgery. Obvious Truth: Decay is dangerous.

Same with moral/ethical decay. Dishonesty hurts everyone. It hurts partners. It hurts caregivers. It hurts society. It hurts all Fragile Life. The combined global weather of extreme violence and extreme unethical aka non-compassionate behavior makes one consider: where is this world headed??

Historic example of (possible/plausible) moral breakdown/decay and/or loss of compassion leads to collapse of nation/society i.e. Rome.  Modern examples of decay: Kids being gunned down at school and/or You read about: “Two teenage high school students in Georgia face misdemeanor public indecency charges after a sex act allegedly was performed during lunch in the school cafeteria, a school official told CNN.” Of course, it was (allegedly) recorded by spectators’ cell phones.

{Well, kids do go to school for an education, right? 21st. century sex ed in school, eh? What are  kids really learning these days and at school? Compassion?? Deep down does any compassionate parent who has taught their child any self-respect… want their child performing public sex acts in school cafeteria as lunchtime entertainment?? Speaking of so-called shocking entertainment, I wonder IF the teens involved in the cafeteria incident watched the VMA’s?! I wonder how many are Miley fans?!  I wonder if any of those teens when younger read Charlotte’s Web as required reading?}

Way back when: did people openly compete for being the most brazen, cutthroat, ruthless or fierce?! Way back when: did people publicly wear indecent/shocking behavior like an “honor” high-achievement badge?!

Do You personally believe everything You read or hear?! A 2012 Gallup Poll asked “how much trust and confidence” people have in the news/media: TV, radio, etc. regarding “accuracy, fairness, completeness”…”6 out of 10 people answered not very much or none at all.”  Is that how You feel?

Obvious Truth: “Does not the ear test out words as the tongue tastes food?” ~ Ancient yet modern-day-practical-wisdom found in the Bible book of Job12:11

Apathy, indifference, fear of commitment, unreliability, uncertainty, instability, skepticism, absolute relativism (there’s an oxymoron for Ya!) extreme agnosticism, pessimism, dislike of categories/labels, pride of having to be in the right/correct and other general and/or specific issues, factors, perceptions and attitudes:  combine in countless ways to make some blind to OT…OBVIOUS truth!

May be ? some have not tasted stability or certainty or much compassion in their lives. So, they have come to believe certainty/stability and/or compassion doesn’t exist.

Some of us aren’t so into dogma or dogmatic statements or absolutes or black and white or “right and wrong.”

You gotta respect an agnostic attitude where a person “humbly” feels like: well, there is just not enough information/evidence available to decide either way.  It’s healthy to admit: I don’t know!🙂 (It’s quite another thing to give up knowing cause you’re too lazy and/or apathetic to take the time to find out or learn something new.)

Could some of us, however,  be taking things to the extreme? (I believe this is possible because extreme weather (climates in which we live and learn, cultivate and develop) exists.  All of us are affected by the climate/weather in which we live…including you name it: social/political/ethical climates.

Some may have adopted and/or nurtured extreme points of view where there can never be any black and white or any grey or any rainbow or any truth or any morality or any justice and/or any compassion?

Some topics are a mixed bag. As humans, we don’t know it all about everything! Yet, some things do fall into the category of Obvious Truth!


Can You name Obvious Truth?

Let me try–off the top of my head…random list: What would You add or take away from this incomplete list?! What do You consider as Obvious Truth? Please, let me know in a kind comment: THANKS!:)

Wind is invisible whereas the affects of wind visible

We need air to breathe

We need food to eat

Apple seeds grow apple trees

Orange seeds grow orange trees

Sex is usually the preferred method of procreation

Pleasure can be temporary and pain can be temporary–both exist

Hot and cold

Light and Dark

Day and Night

Happy and Sad

Love and forgiveness stay/belong together

Everybody/Everything on the planet needs COMPASSION

Compassion is the best approach to any problem/challenge/situation/circumstance

Young and old

Cause and effect

Consequences of choices

There are both relatives and absolutes in life..figuring out which is which: tricky chicky (chiqui).:)

“Like one who removes a garment on a cold day and like vinegar poured on soda Is the one who sings songs to a gloomy heart.” Proverb 25:20

Just because one may feel hopeless doesn’t mean hope does not exist!

Obvious TruthNever Give UP!

“The ear of the wise ones seeks to find knowledge.” Proverbs 18:15

Obvious Truth is important for multi-level wellness and multi-level wellness choices.

Obvious Truth: “Computer users generate enormous amounts of digital data that has to be stored for access as needed.”

“Scientists are hoping to revolutionize current methods of digital storage by imitating a far superior data-system found in nature–DNA.”

“Scientists have synthesized DNA with encoded text, images and audio files, much as digital media stores data. The researchers were later able to decode the stored information with 100 percent accuracy. […] Potentially, this system could store the whole world’s digital archive. DNA has thus been dubbed “the ultimate hard drive.”

“Could the storage capacity of DNA come about by evolution? Or was it designed?” ~The Storage Capacity of DNA

A Designer–Obvious Truth


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Obvious Truth!

Joan Winifred

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