Joan Winifrid is using shutterstock images of balloonsWelcome: It’s a Blog Party here at Partners in Wellness!!

Hope You don’t mind balloons. I love them!

Balloons help make things festive and jubilant! Though, I’m enjoying digital and not actual ones–better for the environment, eh?! And, perhaps, better for any suffering with Globophobia.

There is always a positive reason to celebrate! You’re ALIVE! You’re Fragile Life! You’re a friend! You’re a compassionate person! You reached a goal or a milestone of some kind! You’re on the Path to Wellness! You’re in Recovery…YAHOO!:)

What personal reason do You have to celebrate today?? Find one! cause it’s time to celebrate! May Your Day be filled with Joy and Peace!🙂 Peace brings healing. Healing starts spiritually and progresses physically. 

The kind of partying I enJOY is the safe/healthy kind: NO! abusing booze or over-consuming food.

And what’s a party without music???…no party at all! (But we gotta keep the volume at an ear-saving/hearing-friendly level.)

The gang (YOU:) my Readers/Friends of Compassion) are all here–so, THANKS for making this party Cool:

(by Your compassionate/considerate behavior.)

You know what?! I’m in the mood for CAKE! Oh come on, a little piece of virtual cake…ain’t gonna hurt Ya, right?!-lol Again, what’s a party without any cake, people?? (Okay, we’ll make it home-made with love and sugar-free for any Diabetics.)shutterstock_149762366

Usually, I’m not too into (inappropriate) pda’s (public displays of affection) on-line or elsewhere that may make Anyone feel uncomfortable…however, my personal reason to celebrate: Today, October 6th, 2013 is: my Wedding Anniversary! You can check out Hubby’s post here: Mental Health Humor

To reach this 22 year milestone is a big accomplishment for my family for many reasons. (CONGRATS to YOU for Your big accomplishments as well!!)

Any long-term relationship/partnership/friendship comes with choice and challenge as You know. Sadly, mental health issues as well as physical health issues can bring havoc to any family/relationship. Reaching this 22 year milestone (for us) is a living proof that applying ancient wisdom (i.e. Bible principles) is practical, works and is helpful for modern drama/relationships.

For any family/partnership/friendship coping with chronic illness (and/or chronic chaos) such as severe as Bipolar Disorder can be: It’s quite a feat of forgiveness, love, compassion and work (if I do say so) for the relationship/marriage/partnership to survive and thrive! I’m grateful…

“This is the day Yahweh has made; We will be joyful and rejoice in it.” Psalm (Song) 118:24🙂 Chato Stewart and Joan Winifred wedding photo 22 year anniversary



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